Lunch notes from my permanent roommate (my wife)

Written by Chris Illuminati

I loved calling her pre-wife. I hope the permanent roommate catches fire as well.

Anyway, when we have leftover dinner, the permanent roommate packs us both a lunch. Since they look identical, she started leaving a Post-It note so I would know which lunch was mine. At first they just said Chris but I guess she got bored with just writing my name. She started writing funny messages. I saved my favorites.

Stephen is our cat. Makes it even funnier.

Two things going on here: I was dying for an iPhone and I was having stomach issues and a day away from finding out I needed emergency surgery.

I eat a lot.

26 thoughts on “Lunch notes from my permanent roommate (my wife)

  1. olshan

    Wow, one of the worst articles ever. What a waste.

    Post something interesting next time. And the time after that.

  2. Erin Ulicki

    Your wife’s humor is right on par with my husband’s. Maybe they should get together and write a book.

  3. Tim

    this article sucks.

    if i wanted lame jokes id make them myself, i dont need to look on the
    internet for them.

    not even funny at all – come on.

  4. leslie

    LOVED THIS! Stealing the idea! What’s up with the negative comments? If you don’t like it, just move on.

  5. joe

    seriously, what is these peoples problem? They are mildly funny, but above all they are super cute! I wish my wife would do something like this…I cant even get her to cook dinner, let alone pack up the leftovers for the next day ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Jane

    A nice, pleasant read. Not EVERY article has to be deep and full of angst, so take your ball and go home all you negative-types.

  7. Paresh

    Your article made me smile. I really needed that. Thank you and your lovely wife.

    Warm Regards

  8. corpower

    It’s rare to find anyone under 30 who actually knows how to spell and use grammar correctly. Hang on to her!

  9. J.

    I noticed that too, great and fun thing they have going if its true. I doubt it though with all the differences in the handwriting. Look closely at the letters. Even if you take into account sloppy or fast writing, it does not explain the distincly different writing and letter formations.

  10. Harry

    this was really stupid, I've read more interesting items on the back of a shampoo bottle.

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