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One minute, you’re relaxing on holiday…

Written by butireaditinthepaper

The next, someone contacts you to tell you that you’re in the Daily Mail and you soon realise that whilst you were out of the country someone had grabbed your life, twisted out of all recognition and published it to the world.

Welcome to the story of Hayley Quinn who this happened to in October.

Hayley Quinn describes herself as a ‘dating coach and writer’ and a ‘specialist in the arts of conversation, persuasion and seduction’. The Daily Mail described her as: ‘the matchmaking expert who cannot hold down a boyfriend’. Just one slight problem with that description: Hayley was at the time of publication on holiday with her boyfriend of 10 months. Hayley has been kind enough to go through the entire Daily Mail article and point out just what parts of it were inaccurate or simply an invention of the writer – the byline belongs to one Lauren Paxman, you are all welcome to join me in a slow handclap for her once you get to the end of this blog post.

All the parts highlighted in bold are my emphasis and are tackled by Hayley below the chunks of the Mail article. Bear in mind that Hayley never gave any form of interview to the Daily Mail so the constant ‘she said’ stuff the article uses are either made up or taken from a Now magazine article which you can read in full here – links given at the bottom of the article. If you read the Now magazine article – which must presumably be the source of the Daily Mail article – you can see just how much invention, exaggeration and distortion is used by the Daily Mail to ‘sex-up’ the article and to create a completely different Hayley Quinn than you meet in the Now magazine article.

It’s an age old problem that even formed the basis of Jane Austen’s novel, Emma, the better you are at advising others on dating, the harder it often is to find yourself a partner.

But Hayley Quinn, who has helped teach 100,000 men how to seduce women cannot find a boyfriend for a reason that would have scandalised high society Georgians: she is addicted to casual flings.

The 100,000 figure is inaccurate: more like 10,000. Internet forums have thought that I purposely exaggerated this figure: in fact the paper just made it up.

As for the ‘addicted to casual flings’ accusation: I’m not a saint but I am not a sex addict – and ironically this article came out when I was on holiday with my boyfriend of 10 months in Malta.

The frustrated 24-year-old earns £40,000-per-year as a professional dating expert who teaches shy guys to bag the woman of their dreams.

Made up figure: I also didn’t want any salary released to the public as I didn’t want to appear to be in a better/ worse position than my competitors.

But despite going on more than 200 dates in the past year herself – often as many as seven in seven days – she cannot hold onto a man.

Made up. I have maybe been on 30 but I’ve been monogamous with my boyfriend for some time.

Hayley says she has become so good at seducing men she is ‘addicted’ to it and finds it impossible to settle down.

The pretty brunette, who lives in central London, describes herself as ‘a more extreme Carrie Bradshaw character from Sex and the City’.

She said: ‘My bigger problem is that there’s one client I just can’t crack – me‘.

A fantastic piece of creative writing.

‘Despite what my job may imply of me, I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, and can’t seem to find the right guy for me’.

‘I would love to be whisked off my feet and proposed to but, despite falling head over heels numerous times – often with clients – it just hasn’t happened’.

This implies that I’ve had romantic affairs with my clients, this is untrue and detrimental to my business.

‘I can’t follow my own advice and seem to be able to find love for anyone and everyone but me.

‘I’ve kept a diary of all my dates, work and personal, so I can keep track, and call it my ‘Sexcapades‘.’

This implies I go on dates for work = escorting. Nope I teach other guys how to date women in a theoretical, seminar based fashion.

I haven’t named it this [‘sexcapades’] (in fact working title is ‘first date to wedding bells’ as the diaries mainly describe the progression of my relationship with my boyfriend. I may have used the word ‘sexcapades’ historically but this is anachronistic.

She added: ‘The problem is I’ve become so good at the dating game that I’m addicted to it.

‘Now, if I spot someone I find attractive I challenge myself to seduce him into bed. And I never lose.

‘I simply can’t get enough of the thrill of the chase. I’m addicted to dating and each fling only fuels my appetite for the next.

‘It’s meant that, for now, I’ve had to postpone all thoughts of my dream wedding to Mr Right.’

I don’t think I’ve ever challenged myself to seduce someone into bed. I traditionally have dated mostly women and have only ever slept with 6 men… which is hardly a record breaking amount. Two of those were ‘flings’ four ‘long term relationships’… not salacious stuff. The truth is my luck with guys is a bit rubbish – or it has been – but not because I have an addiction.

‘The irony isn’t lost on me – I train men how to be successful with women, but can’t find the right guy myself!’

Hayley, who grew up in Devon, became a serial dater after the DJ boyfriend she moved to London with aged 18 cheated on her with two women – at the same time.

Cornwall actually.

She said: ‘I was very much a one man woman and wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with him.

‘So when I discovered he had cheated on me with not one, but two women while on holiday in Las Vegas, the revelation shook my outlook on life and love to the core.

John B (my ex) is a great friend of mine and I would never have wanted something so scathing printed about him.

‘I felt like I was out of my depth and I hated the way he’d made me feel so helpless and unable to influence my own happiness.

‘My life had been turned upside down by the man who told me he loved me and had then had a threesome behind my back, and so in a bid to take back control I went on a dating spree.’

This happened when I was 18, we were then together in a monogamous relationship until I was 23, then I began to date again after we’d broken up. His behaviour did not trigger a ‘dating spree’.

Hayley has also been given regular dating columns in men’s magazines and on dating sites, reaching out to more than 100,000 men.

Earning a healthy £40,000 salary from all of her dating exploits, she has turned her passion into a career.

She said: ‘I’ve been so successful I frequently receive messages of thanks andgifts from men I’ve helped find romance.

Many of the guys who come to me are just happy they get to sleep with someone!’

‘But as for me, I’m still single I’m continuing my search for Mr Right.’

Repetition of inaccurate figures.

I’ve received one book from a client- no other presents. This again feels ‘escort-y’.

This REALLY implies that there’s more to what I teach than conversation skills.

I’m not single anymore.

Bonus: LOL

Life! Death! Top tips!

Collected by lifedeathtoptips

My proudest moment.

My proudest moment.

Include some spare post-its in case you need to reroute yourself around roadworks!

Include some spare post-its in case you need to reroute yourself around roadworks!

“This is a crazy idea!”, says Carly, before awarding it star tip status.

“This is a crazy idea!”, says Carly, before awarding it star tip status.

All your mates are liars.

Conversely, why not pop a slipper in your knickers if unprepared for the arrival of your monthly guest?

Hand deliver it straight through their window for a surprise they’ll never forget!

Rule #1: using the magazine will always ensure Star Tip position.

I do want to create a cool statement without splashing out on a pricey rug, but this has left me none the wiser.

Grown-ups call them “cappuccinos”, Charlotte.

Nothing says ‘party’ like Listerine-flavoured vodka!

Next week: how to use up a wasted piece of bread!

Dip your beams when encountering other women.

Maddie frequently wakes up trapped under a chair, with shards of glass in her hair.

Someone really likes shoes :-/

Jade goes up a cup size in the rain.

But…my chicken fillets are now made of rice! This is HOPELESS.

Mhairi, lovey, they have toasters in foreign now.

Rule #2: using the word ‘funky’ will mean your tip is featured. Even if, as here, you are flagrantly misusing the word.

Magazine readers are obsessed with putting sanitary towels in places that aren’t their pants.

The most alarming thing is that Anita is only 50. Oh Anita.

I question how posh this do was.

These is literally nothing fun about this.

Added bonus: it looks like you’ve blacked up. Thrifty AND racist!

How to Stop Your Smartphone from Constantly Tracking Your Location

Written by lifehacker

Your smartphone tracks your location for all sorts of useful things—driving navigation, updating the weather forecast, and even live traffic updates. However, if you’d rather not have Google and Apple tracking that information—not to mention having it available on your phone for thieves to find—here’s how you can turn off location tracking.

Photo remixed from an original byYurchyks/Shutterstock.

Location tracking actually provides lots of useful things to us, but while Google and Apple collect all that data anonymously, it’s still stored on your phone (and in Apple’s case, your computer). Anyone with the right tools could easily find out where you’ve been with your phone over a significant period of time, so if you’re worried about this, you may want to turn this features off. Here’s how.

Disable Location Caching on Android

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Luckily, Android’s location tracking is actually an opt-in feature. You may or may not have enabled it when you first set up your phone. To find out, head to Settings > Location and Security, and uncheck "Use Wireless Networks". This will make applications like Maps a bit slower to grab your current location, and it won’t be quite as accurate, but Google won’t be collecting any location data, nor will it be stored on your phone thereafter.

However, if you want to clear the previously cached locations from your phone, you’ll need torooted your device. Then after installing the free Location Cache app, you can view a map of your tracked locations on it, as well as clear them from your phone and disable the cache with one tap.

Disable Location Tracking on iOS

Full size

In iOS, the situation is a bit more complicated. Turning off location services will stop sending data back to Apple, but it will still cache your location on your phone, so anyone with access to your computer or your phone can see where you’ve been (since iOS syncs all that information back to iTunes).

The only way to do anything about it is tojailbreak your device and install thepreviously mentioned Untrackerd app. Untrackerd is very simple, though, just install it, and it’ll clear your location cache and prevent it from recording anything in the future. It doesn’t even have an icon on your home screen—just install it and forget it.

Location tracking can be a great thing—in fact, we think it’s one of the best things about smartphones. However, if you don’t like the idea of big brother knowing your whereabouts—or if you’re concerned about what could happen if your phone was lost or stolen—these simple tips should help keep your phones clean of location information.

Bonus: Our dog ‘Jack’ has mastered the art of putting himself to bed ………..

Top 10 awkward "Halloween Costume Guess" you’ve ever gotten wrong

From AskReddit


Sooo, my office is letting us dress up today for Halloween (as we are closed on the actual Halloween). Well a few people dressed up, not many. But one guy, a black guy, shows up in black pants and a red polo. I looked at him right as he walks into the office and say, "Dude! Great Tiger Woods!"

He wasn’t in costume. He was just a black dude in a polo shirt.


One year I was an avocado (like one split in half with the pit still intact). Some guy at a party said, "dude, are you the Incredible Hulk’s clit?"


A pregnant Nun.

She wasn’t pregnant.


Back in 04 in high school I dressed up like a hobo once. Got a shitty trench coat, beanie, wore six watches on one arm and a bag on one foot instead of a shoe. To top it off I got a fake beard and an empty root beer bottle. This was some quality hobo-ing.

First house we go trick or treating to, I tell my friends to wait before ringing the door bell, so I can act like I was sleeping on the doorstep. I get in position and they ring the doorbell. The kid that opens the door with his mom yells "OSAMA BIN LADEN" and kicks me in the head.

Cue headache and a slew of "Are you Osama?" questions all night. I guess brown + beard = terrorist.

TL;DR – Osama bin Hobo


Last night my friend had a few too many drinks in him. Just as we’re stepping outside to get some air, a young lady walks into the costume party. He stops and yells to me, "HOLY SHIT. SHE’S HARRY POTTER. THAT’S AWESOME." He then high fives her. She explained to us that she was not in costume. She was a piano teacher coming straight from work. She looked literally nothing like Harry Potter.


I went as a teabag and everybody thought I was a bag of weed. After a while, I just went with it.


In high school everyone would wear costumes to school on halloween. I decided to go with the classic sheet-on-the-head-with-holes-cut-out-of-it ghost costume. Everyone thought I was a klansman.


My best friend is a cute black girl. No matter what her costume is, the majority of guesses are "Beyonce?!".


This wasn’t Halloween, but I once went to work and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was wearing a white short sleeved polo, very blue pants, and black dress shoes with a thick heel. That’s when I realized I was dressed exactly like Homer Simpson.


Me: Oh cool! A slutty vampire!

Her: I’m not dressed up for halloween

Bonus: Best Halloween costume I’ve seen recently

106 Excuses That Prevent You From Ever Becoming Great

Written by chrisbrogan

The following is a rare guest post, this time coming from Tommy Walker. Tommy is an online marketing strategist. If your customer’s aren’t absolutely enthusiastic about what you do, chances are you’re boring them to death. He’s the principal and is currently educating freelancers and entrepreneurs on how to sell in higher paying markets.

Be honest. How often do you sabotage yourself?

On any given day, you have tasks you’d like to finish because you know they’d positively impact your business, and tasks you actually do.

You trick yourself into thinking that keeping up with industry news, and reading the latest “10 tips to ______” post is “working”.

You know better, but some part of you believes that simply reading the article will help you move forward.

That having a deep understanding of all things online marketing will better position you when the time is right. When that time comes, you’ll be the supreme ruler of the internet, because you’re so well studied.

But that time doesn’t come.

Something is holding you back, and you can’t quite put your finger on it. So instead of moving past it and taking action, you make an excuse. You justify your reasons for staying put.

You may have one excuse; you may have several.

What follows are 106 of the most common excuses you might tell yourself.


There’s one word kicks this excuse right in the teeth.


If you can’t find a ton of free information on Google, find a book on Amazon.If Amazon doesn’t work, hire a coach.

Information is more accessible now than any other point in history, and most of it is free.

Spend time to find it.

Commit to learning it. Be equipped to tackle your challenge.


Maybe you don’t have internet, not everyone does (how are you reading this?)

In any case, there are these buildings with a number of books on a variety of subjects called libraries.

They’ll be thrilled to see you, and eager to help.

If you invest the time, a near college level education awaits you.

No it’s not as convenient as the internet, but learning anything worthwhile is seldom easy.

Also reading books will help to fortify your attention span, which is vital to your success.


Like education, people are more accessible than ever before.

Nearly anyone you need to know can be found on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.

Be on a mission they can’t resist being a part of, and you’re half way there.

With a little patience, and an awesome personality, you can connect with the right people.

It won’t happen overnight, but it certainly will happen if you want it bad enough.


Finances are a sensitive issue.

You might not have the money right now, but there are plenty of ways to increase your income.

If you have to scour freelancer sites to aquire a hundred dollars here and there, do it.

Any money you make freelancing, save it to put towards your dream project.

Can’t afford to do that?

Create a strict budget, and set aside a portion of your income.

Don’t believe what the news tells you, money is everywhere, and people spend it every day.

Right now, someone is hiring someone just like you.


If not now, then when?

This excuse is fear of the unknown.

The reality is, you can’t afford not to take a risk right now.

If an idea really benefits people, pulling on the reigns doesn’t just inhibit your progress…it prevents people from improving their lives.


Anything worth doing is hard.

When was the last time “easy” had a huge payoff for you?


Babies all learn the same way, trial and error.

They try, fail, and try again until it becomes second nature.

Anyone with an infant learning to stand, walk, or crawl right now will tell you their kid won’t stop, regardless of the number of times they fall on their face.

Babies don’t get the luxury of learning via webinar, audio, or having the process of written out.

They see others do it, and try it themselves.

As a former baby, I can say being receptive to any and all learning will greatly improve your ability to do anything you want.


Which came first, Copyblogger or Problogger? Dyson or Hoover? Groupon or LivingSocial?

Does it matter?

Not really.


The human brain isn’t designed to process information in a linear fashion.

This is why when you dream, it doesn’t start “at the beginning” and you only remember how the dream ended, but never how it began.

If you’re looking to pick up a new skill, usually “the beginning” will make itself apparent, regardless of where you start.

Even better, because the way you process information is unique to you, your “starting point” could help you form a very unique perspective that people love.

Also consider the other people who “don’t know where to begin.”

By simply picking a place and chronicling your journey, you can inspire others to learn with you.


It’s true, some changes should be gradual.

But if you a drastic change is what you need, your customers are probably already bored and looking for alternatives.

Do you think Apple feared their customer’s opinions before entering the Mp3 player market?

Didn’t think so.


Peer validation is rarely the deciding factor in any entrepreneurial story worth hearing.

If you’re concerned with what your industry peers will think, don’t worry about it.

Sometimes disruption is exactly what your peers need.


If people will buy the “Pet Rock” people will buy what you’re selling.

You just have to figure out how to position yourself, and why they need you.


You’re right, nobody will care, IF you’re doing something for the wrong reasons.

Are you creating a product because you need the cash?

Nobody will care.

Are you promoting others simply to make yourself look good.

Nobody will care.

Are you sucking up to big names so they will promote your stuff?

Nobody will care.

Authenticity can’t be faked, and selfish motivations can be sniffed out from a mile away.

Be on a mission to make an impact.

Somebody will care, because they share your mission.

Now it’s up to you to find them.


Imagine waking up tomorrow on the verge of death.

All your life you played it safe.

You stayed at your job, and did what you were told.

Sure you got promotions, but at your peak you still only made $60,000.

You had ideas, and watched them came to fruition… at the hands of someone else.

They created memorable products; you’re on your deathbed with nothing to show.

You’re unsure how you’ll pay for your funeral. You’re leaving behind a mound of debt, and you never figured out how to just get ahead.

Feel sorry yet?


Realistically, that’s ok.

If people like Naomi Dunford and Johnny Truant are allowed to play, so can you.

Politically correctness isn’t always the most effective form of communication.

Sometimes the non PC person is exactly the breath of fresh air the world needs.


It’s true, not everyone is ready to hear everything.

But if you’ve thought it, chances are you are not alone.

If you believe in it enough, one person at a time, you can build a following.

Truthfully, it’s usually the things people aren’t ready for that make the biggest impact on the world.


Nations were founded on questioning the authority.

Countless Rock stars, celebrities, and political leaders made their mark by disrupting the establishment.

If you start a business to free yourself, then dare not oppose the “powers that be”, you undermine the very spirit of entrepreneurship.

Question the authority! Break the rules!

Just make sure you have evidence to support your cliams, otherwise you’re just being a punk, and not in the cool way.


This is my favorite excuse, because it’s such a cop out.

Let’s look at some of the common milestones in your life that you got through just fine

  • You went to school (hadn’t done that before)
  • Had your first kiss (hadn’t done that before)
  • Learned to drive a car
  • Took up a new hobby
  • Learned to read

Or really anything beyond lying on your back and flailing your limbs uncontrollably.

You hadn’t done anything before you did it. It’s simple, but it’s true.

This excuse is rooted in fear of the unknown.

Now it’s perfectly fine to be afraid, but “inexperience” is by far one of the worst excuses.

Life is built on a series of “firsts” and making the choice to limit your experiences only leads to dissatisfaction.


There are plenty of things people aren’t good at.


A.) Learn and get better or

B.) Find someone who is good and have them fill that role.

You don’t have to do everything alone. The best joint venture projects are simply two people with complimentary strengths.

So if you’re not that good, get better, or find someone who is.


Just like challenging the authority, being brash is sometimes exactly what people need.

Too many people try to “do it right”, so do it wrong just to stand out.

There are plenty of people who make a career out of saying the wrong thing.

Just make sure there’s substance behind your message.


Pure “luck” is a myth.

If someone is “lucky” they are doing stuff behind the scenes you’re not seeing.

Taking action and simply doing something instead of making excuses will do wonders for your “luck”.

Besides, other’s luck doesn’t directly impact you.


Obviously, follow your moral compass. Going against that isn’t what I’m suggesting.

What I will suggest is to seek alternatives that don’t oppose your belief systems.

If a company like Hebrew National can make kosher hotdogs, you can find a way to do what’s holding you back.

But if you’re using this excuse to stay in your comfort zone, I need to ask, “How much are you holding yourself back in the name of something else?”


Gender roles are increasingly less relevant.

There have been women CEOs and male nurses for years. Men can start a daycare and women can start a design firm.

Blaming your gender simultaneously speaks poorly for your gender, and empowers those who refuse to fit a mold.


No doubt, balancing kids with business is tough.

At the time of this writing, I’m a newlywed with an 11 month old son, my own business, and a new house. It’s a balancing act, but it’s doable.

It requires discipline and maximum use of “productive time”.

At the end of the day you may feel shattered.

Keep it up, you’ll build endurance.

It doesn’t just make you a better business person; it allows you to enjoy family time that much more.


Now I’m not one to give marital advice, and you have to respect your spouse, but open communication can go a long way.

It’s important to communicate your passion. Get to the core of why it’s important to you and really open up.

Be willing to have multiple conversations about it, and really hear their reservations.

Come up plan for”worst possible scenario” together and keep your spouse informed on your progress.

Be prepared to let go of some ideas.

But dig deep into the important ideas, it’s a lot better than “Honey, can we do this…?”


really? How old are you?

Ok, regardless of age, people have complicated families, I get it.

Sometimes parents aren’t as rational, or supportive, or open to new ideas as we’d like them to be.

This is no reason to sacrifice your success and happiness.

If your parents require you to show your respect by giving up on your dreams, then maybe you need to weigh the consequences of giving up versus going your own way. (Hint: we each only get one life, and this one is yours.)


Josh Blue is a hilarious stand up comic with cerebral palsy, which most noticeably affects his right arm.

Nick Vujicic is a world-renowned preacher and motivational speaker who doesn’t have any arms or legs.

Kyle Maynard doesn’t have arms or legs either, and is a wrestler, MMA fighter, owner of a gym, a student, and a motivational speaker. Oh, and he’s 25 years old.

I’m 25 and have a rare brain condition, and I’m supporting my family and growing my business.

There are artists who create with their mouths, runners who win races on artificial legs,brilliant writers who’s fingers never touch the keyboard and a host of successful individuals with learning, cognitive, and emotional disabilities who refuse to let their situation hold them back.

Need inspiration? Check out The Badass Project at the website and on Facebook to learn about individuals who refuse to let their “disability” hold them back.


…because they haven’t found a way to make it work yet. Honestly.

Google was a search engine with a silly name back when we were using Lycos or

But they learned, grew, and evolved into something that has completely astounded us.

It’s weird to think that at one point industry leaders said Google wouldn’t work, isn’t it?


I would never encourage you to gamble, but it’s rarely financially sound to strike out on your own.

Maybe you’re afraid that once you’re a Big Name and the money is rolling in, that you will get a few good years out of it before eventually fizzling out.

Do you realize that’s a possibility regardless?


R.O.I is one of those funny acronyms people throw around without fully understanding it’s meaning.

To fully measure your R.O.I you need more funny acronyms called K.P.I’s (Key Performance Indicators).

These metrics help you gauge whether whatever you’re doing is working or not. Common K.P.I’s are more comments, more sales, increased traffic, and higher conversions. Each K.P.I is measured individually, and the number of factors that influence a Key Performance Indicator should be controlled to make testing easier.

Not having a Return On Investment is a perfectly sound reason not to do something. Just make sure you are using the term properly, and really looking at the whole picture before you pull that card.


This one is tricky, because there are two schools of thought.

A.) Market conditions don’t really matter, just do it better than everyone else (Apple iPod)

B.) Market conditions are everything.

Not surprisingly there are also two types of people in the world. People who have money, and people who don’t. If the market conditions aren’t right for marketing to the people who don’t have money, create an offer and market to the people who do.

Don’t let your business fall victim to only one portion of the market.





Not with that attitude, there isn’t.

The point is that you’re helping people. The point is that you’re doing something. The point is you’re being productive and taking action.

The point is you’re not living in premature self defeat. You are taking an idea from concept to actualization.

You’re bringing your ideas to the world.

Even if no one sees it, you can have the satisfaction of knowing you did something you believed in.


If it at some point you believed there was a need, there probably is.

Does it take too much to do it? Is it not convenient?

Is it important enough to let it keep creeping up and nagging at you?

Just do it already.


No you won’t. You never do.

Get to it now, or at least schedule it to get done.

Then do it.

You’ll be a lot more satisfied when you’re finished.

You don’t want to be boring.

What’s boring to some is addictive to others.

People process information differently. If you skew towards boring it’s entirely possible to still find the right audience.

However if you skew towards boring, and you don’t want to, find ways to become more interesting.

Take an improv class, do some live Q&A’s, go bungee jumping… spice it up.


Perfection is a myth.

Nobody actually “does it right”. That’s why there are so many grocery stores, soda brands, religions, and blogs.

It’s not about “doing it right” so much as it is doing it to the best of your ability.

Giving it everything you’ve got, regardless of the outcome, that’s the only way to do it right.


This is my personal favorite, and one I’ve used on multiple occasions.

If you say it, it’s true, you’re not ready for that level of success… right now.

Success is an iterative process, every step leads to the next step.

Every “Overnight success” will tell you the path to success was long, winding, and full of obstacles.

By the time you’re an “Overnight success”, you will have endured so much, overcoming challenges will be second nature.

Only one thing is guaranteed, it doesn’t actually happen overnight.


They absolutely will, and they should.

If you’re positioning yourself as someone who changes lives, expect to play recurring role in the lives you’ve changed.

When you rise up to meet great expectations, you become great.

Of course, you have to manage expectations too. You can’t do everything all the time.

Push yourself to be more but never at the expense of what is most important to you.


Not only to your customers, but to your personal life as well.

This isn’t a bad thing.

New responsibilities that improve people’s lives is a good thing.

Remember, it comes incrementally. It’s up to decide when to say yes and when to say no.

But don’t not do something because you don’t think you can handle the responsibility.

Give it a shot.

If it doesn’t work, be responsible to enough to find a suitable replacement.


You’re not them.

View their story as a cautionary tale.

If you see where they went wrong, you can do it differently.

There are learning experiences everywhere, and seeing someone lose their way can be one of the best.


This excuse is a little deeper.

For some, success can unleash some pretty nasty inner demons.

Proceed carefully.

Watch for the signs, and ask loved ones to keep you grounded.

For some, myself included, success can go the your head real quick.

Being reminded to do the dishes, taking out the trash, or cook dinner go a long way for me.

Remembering success in business doesn’t mean I’m above menial chores keeps me grounded.

Take it a step further and volunteer for a soup kitchen, or an animal shelter to disconnect from any superiority complex you might develop.

Help people without judgement and watch as they enjoy the person you become.


Anyone who’s ever “made it” will tell you they’ve failed more times than they’ve succeeded.

Being destroyed by failure is a choice; the choice is to quit.

If you fail, fail.

Give it everything you’ve got, and let it become a disaster.

Watch it burn.Let it destroy you.

Then recoup, learn from your mistakes, and rise from the ashes.

Failure never completely destroys you, only the parts that weren’t doing you any good.

With every catastrophic failure, hindsight allows you to see where you went wrong.

When you rebuild, you’re that much closer to perfecting the system.


This is one I’ve used many times.

It is possible to be a 1 trick pony, if you don’t strive to dig deeper.

Your messaging has more substance than it’s surface meaning. Draw inspiration from yourself.

Read old blog posts, listen to old interviews, dig for deeper meaning.

Don’t just look for what works, explore why it works, and contemplate the reasons why.

Soon you’ll be digging into the psychology of your customers, and creating content that resonates on levels you could have never imagined.


Fair enough, you have a lot on your plate.

But when can you commit?

Don’t use this excuse to push something aside, if you don’t want to invest the time.

If it’s genuinely interesting, look at your calender and ask “when can I commit?” and put yourself on a productive path.

And if you don’t want to do it, be honest and admit you’re not interested.

People will always respect honesty over being strung along.


See above.


The road map to successful outcomes isn’t always available.

Granted, sometimes all of the steps are necessary.

More often than not, this excuse is to avoid risk.

If you’re presented with a coherent process that makes sense to you, and you still say no…then what?

Do you really need a formal business plan? Not always.

Some of the greatest products started as ideas that just evolved over time.


Neither am I.

So look at the big picture, and find a “details” person.

Between the two of you, you’ll see the overall journey, and the little steps to take to get there.


Totally understand, not everyone is.

But you’re vital to the execution of any plan.

If you don’t see the big picture, find someone does; and rule the world together.


Notebooks, smart phones, voice recorders, and napkins are wonderful tools for idea trapping.

Capture your best ideas, and revisit them later.

You will train yourself to better distinguish the good ideas from the bad, and your ideas will improve over time.

It’s amazing how much stuff you retain once you take the simple step of writing it all down.



First, Failure to commit to a schedule condemns your days to be cannibalized.

Second, when you’re successful, people want a piece of your time, all the time.

Your “schedule” doesn’t have to be super segmented. Just plan for some “production only” time, if you want to get anything done.

Without a schedule, you’ll find you’re often double booked, which makes you look terribly silly and unprofessional.


This excuse enable’s you to be lazy.

Do something, anything.

Take action on your ideas, or stop talking about them.

If it gets people pumped, it’s viable.

So do it.

Otherwise, stop getting our hopes up.


Every thinker needs someone to keep pushing them forward.

If you’re a better doer, find a visionary and collaborate.

There are too many great ideas, and not enough people to execute.

Find a great idea, then help it move forward.

While you’re at it, motivate the “thinker” to start doing stuff too.


Sometimes it’s an obstacle. Mostly it’s just a cop out.

Employers asking for certification are really looking for the piece of paper that proves your dedication.

If you lack proper certification, but know you’re the most qualified, stop at nothing to get yourself in the door.

If it’s important to you, and you’re that good, get certified.

Go to the institution you need, ask about the prerequisite programs for certification.

Then take all the final tests.


Not everything needs to be creative.

Sometimes there’s so much creative crap, all the world needs is cut and dry information.

Not everyone responds to creative and there’s always a need for black and white information.

If you need creativity, find an “ideas” person. They’ll know a creative person.


Tell me one epic story in which the protagonist doesn’t overcome too many obstacles.

To save the princess, you must travel the land, sail the ocean, answer the riddles of the old man at the bridge, and bring an offering to the king.

Only then can you slay the dragon.

It’s going to be difficult, but trust me, the princess (your freedom) is worth it.


Dust yourself off, pick yourself up, and do it again.

Obviously you can’t go about it the same way, so find a new angle.

If it’s important to you, realize defeat is temporary.

With every loss, you gain the experience you need to win.


If the technology doesn’t exist, and you’ve done the research to verify that, chances are, you’re lying.

This excuse is given by pretentious lazy people.

Timing is important of course. If your idea really is “too far ahead of it’s time,” prepare the market, and be ready to launch at the right time.


Learn to be a better communicator. Stop thinking so highly of yourself.

When people can’t understands you, you’re either a bad communicator or talking to the wrong people, or both.

There are more unmotivated creatives than the world knows what to do with.

Creative and driven on the other hand… now that’s a rare combination.


There was a time businesses existed before the internet.

No matter the industry (including online marketing) websites are only tools , not the business itself.


Believe it or not, there are plenty of businesses who are still profitable with terrible websites.

Counter intuitive, I know. But it’s true.

If your website needs a redesign, hire someone to redesign it.

If it’s a matter of money, look back at excuse number 4.

If it doesn’t really require a redesign, stop making excuses and start moving forward.


My customers aren’t on Facebook. My customers don’t watch Youtube. My customers don’t use Twitter. My customers don’t have a phone. My customers don’t get snail mail. My customers don’t watch television. My customers don’t shop at that store. My customers don’t drive on that highway. My customers aren’t human. My customers don’t breathe air.

You’re not doing enough to learn about your customers.


This is another one of those really sensitive excuses.

Obviously (hopefully) if you have a family, you don’t want to leave them for long periods of time.

If you can, make arrangements for them to come with you, or find ways to attend long distance events virtually.

If virtual isn’t an option, be sure to keep an open line of communication, and make every effort to stay connected.

When you return home, commit to distraction free family time.

Explore all of your options, and don’t hide behind your family as an excuse to get out of something you don’t want to do.

You can’t until you have _______.

Money, desk, tools, website, secretary, bank account, more influence or any other number of outside factors.

Make every attempt to acquire the bare essentials quickly.

Plot out your steps and create milestones.

Missions and objectives do wonders for progress.


Find it.

Go for walk. Listen to music. Go outside. Go inside. Hide in the shower. Hang out under your bed.

If you really need the perfect thinking space, learn how to meditate.

Then no matter where you are, you’re always in the right place.


Noise cancelling headphones: $29, Soundproof earmuffs: $26.95, Earplugs: $0.10.

The piece of mind that comes from uninterrupted work: Priceless


Fire up Pandora, go to the coffee shop, or listen to this collection of background noises. That should be more than enough to get you in the proper head space.

If you want to be more productive, listen to any number of the webinar replays collecting dust in your inbox, or re-listen to paid training you’ve taken in the past.


There’s no such thing as “the right words,” only the wrong people.

If you didn’t have “the right words” the people closest to you wouldn’t be able stand you for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Maybe you are an unfortunate soul that nobody can stand talking to, but it’s unlikely.

Stop searching for “the right words”, be exactly who you are.

Of course, learning how to structure headlines, format posts, and write killer closingsdoesn’t ever hurt though.


Put yourself on a schedule, structure your day, and get more rest.

If necessary (and possible) take naps when you can, and remain productive.

Productivity sparks energy.

If you’re chronically tired, improve your fitness, and increase your vitamin intake.

Sometimes a vitamin supplement is necessary, and sometimes you need to suck it up and get it done.


Whatever comes next, but you’ll never know until you start making progress.


Every day is a choice.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy, in fact it can be quite difficult.

But you choose to smoke, you choose to eat unhealthy foods, you choose spend 10 hours a week on Youtube, and $1 a day on lottery tickets.

Breaking habits isn’t easy, but it is doable, especially when you start looking at everything as a choice.

Last year I quit smoking and now I’m cutting back on caffeine. I choose to drink water over Coca Cola.

Granted cutting back on bad habits don’t appear to make a huge difference at first.

But saving $7 a day on cigarettes, and $1.69 on soda, and using that $60.83 a week for paid ads has been a more positive use of the same money.


Instinct or excuse?

Does it not “feel” right because it really isn’t right for you, or is it simply not convenient?

Be honest, say you don’t want to.

Don’t blame your instinct. Eventually your instinct will go cold, and your gauge for “good” and “bad” will disappear.

An entrepreneur’s deadliest weapon is instinct, so keep your’s sharp.

Don’t blame it for things you don’t want to do.


Did you really?

Did you see where you went wrong?

Try again.

Who knows, you might be successful next time.


…yeah? What are they doing?

Why you watching them make moves and not making your own?

Furthermore, are they watching you? Are you doing anything worth watching?


Or Brian Clark, or Sonia Simone, or Jon Morrow.

These names only have weight because they hustled to make sure you remembered them.

No you’re not Chris Brogan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be influential.

In fact, Chris and Brian and Sonia and Jon all give advice that will help you do just that.

Start taking action on the stuff they’re talking about and pay attention to their business models, then adapt it to yourself.


Confidence is a learned behavior.

A long time ago someone told me to repeat to myself “I am the Sh*t” 100 times a day.

Eventually, I started to believe it. There’s a ton of advice on how to be more confident.

You might also take comfort in knowing that 99% of online persona’s are text and images. If you need to create a character to be more comfortable, be who you want, (just be careful not to lie to yourself)


It’s not as black and white as “Leaders” and “Followers”.

Every leader needs a B-team, so even if you’re not the face at the front, you can still lead the people behind them.

A president doesn’t become president all on their own, there are always people leading the charge that get them to office.

You don’t like to be lead.

So you don’t work well under someone else? Me either. In fact, I am terrible at it.

Want to know the truth?

Sometimes “being lead” is exactly what you need to advance..

Think about it.

Someone with more experience can show you the way. Don’t you think it’s worth telling your inner rebel take a back seat?


Shame is a powerful opponent, but it’s all in your head.

Even if people tell you your nuts for trying again, go for it.

If you really believe, who are you to let your past failures dictate your future victories?

Yes, you quit before, you didn’t have the knowledge or experience you do now.

This time will be different, but don’t you dare give up.


Been there, and it’s hard no doubt.

The reality is, if you’re perusing something you truly believe in, give it everything you’ve got.

Fight with every ounce of your being and every fiber in your body.

Your support system will appear.

Others rally for ideas they believe in, and the people who champion them.

Show the world you refuse to accept defeat, and the world will give you the support you need to continue.


All the reason to fight more.

Fallback plans are for those who plan to fail.

Truth is, “Plan B” is usually better mapped out than “Plan A”.

It’s no wonder it also usually works out better.


If you can’t compete, collaborate.

If you can’t collaborate, discover what their customers hate, then do that better.

You might not go toe to to, but you can do small portions of their business better.


Say no, or schedule it for when you can see it through from start to finish.


Don’t stop until you’re done.

And be sure to reward yourself when the task is complete.


If your friends/family think you are crazy, you’re likely to have a good idea on your hands.

The world was made on experimentation. If everyone’s loved ones understood all the insane ideas people come up with, we’d never have innovation.


What’s more selfish; not helping people with a problem because you think it’s too selfish, or making money for solving a problem?


You’re right, you don’t.

You earn it.

Rewards that come from hard and smart work you absolutely earned though.

Remember to always enjoy the benefits of your success.


Understandable. Not everyone is there, yet.

However if you want to do something, you just can’t figure out what, go to the bookstore and see what section you gravitate towards.

If you cook a lot, start a cooking website or a Youtube channel. If you’re religious, document an exploration of your faith.

Do some soul searching to determine what you’ll forever be passionate about.

Write about that.


Next time you’re at the bookstore, spend some time flipping through the magazine rack. You’ll find all sorts of niches that are ripe with readers.

If there wasn’t a market, there wouldn’t be a magazine.


Only if you’ve reached an acceptable goal for yourself.

If you’re not hitting your marks, you haven’t deserved anything.

If you want to say “BUT I’m tired…!” see I’m tired further up on this page.


See above.


Market timing and personal timing are important.

If the timing doesn’t coordinate with your personal life, find time in your schedule when it is.

If the timing isn’t right for the marketplace, help push the market forward towards the “right time”.

This could mean exposing new problems, pushing competitors to innovate, or releasing products that support a bigger idea.

Obviously you don’t want to scare people, so getting them gradually prepared can make them more receptive and likely to buy.


You’ll only going to get so far on your own.

At some point if you want to “level up” you’ll have to work on a team.

Online entrepreneurs are especially guilty of having the “I have to run the show” complex.

But some ideas require many minds to come to fruition.

You’ll have to learn when to compromise, and allows others to show their strengths.

I know it’s tough.

But once you’ve mastered the group dynamic, you’ll wonder how you ever did anything without your team.


Become a better communicator.

Look for resources on remarkable communication and persuasive writing.

If people still have moths coming out their ears when you talk, record yourself speaking, and play it back.

What we say makes often makes total sense, until we hear it from someone else’s perspective.


At the very least, your perspective is unique.

Even when you’re covering the same thing as 5,000 others, your perspective makes you valuable.

Learn as much as you can, then share what you’ve learned, in your words.

Apply what you’ve learned, and share your experiences.

These two things are incredibly unique, and if that’s all you can contribute, it’s a much better than doing nothing.


No it hasn’t. You’re just not pushing it to it’s limits yet.


Very few people actually are.

How many copy writing classes are being taught the world over?

How many people do you think are teaching persuasive writing, or headline techniques, or conversion tactics?

Hundreds? Thousands? More?

Yet Copyblogger media is a 5 million a year company, teaching principals that have been taught since the 1920?s.How is that?

Even if you’re not saying anything new, your experience, your perspective, and most important, your personality come together to develop something worth watching.


People are learning new things every day.

If you’re showing up in the searches for what they’re looking for, you might be the one to change their life.


Common sense is in short supply these days.

What is intrinsic to you is the bane of someone else’s existence.

No you can’t teach common sense, but you can teach what you know.

Be patient with your customers. If they don’t “get it” open the dialog and really listen to them one on one.

It may turn out that you’re not communicating clearly.


Cop out.

Pick it up and learn it. If it’s counter to what you learned before, see if you can integrate approaches.

If not, decide which paradigm is more suitable to you.

You can learn anything at any time, regardless to what you’ve learned before.

Be a little more flexible, otherwise you’ll just end up broken.


No you’re not.

Age and willingness to learn only go hand in hand if you let them.

Your life experience gives you a valuable perspective that many others might not bring to the table.


No you’re not.

Age and willingness to learn only go hand in hand if you let them.

Your youth allows you to see things from a fresh perspective that the older generation may have missed.

Let your youth be more most valuable weapon, not something that holds you back.

YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND [INSERT PLATFORM OF CHOICE HERE] will do wonders for finding resources to help you with that.


See above.


So don’t take forever.

Keep up with the current industry while learning the founding principals.

This is almost always the best way to break in. When so many people are focused on doing advanced strategies, that they forget the basic principals (which often times work the best).

Document your journey from the starting point and share what you’re learning.

Network and ask a lot of questions.

Whether you realize it or not, you just might be helping the industry shift by doing these few simple things.


Don’t worry about it. Just do. Focus on doing.

“You are in the middle of your day today, and youíre caught up in the sandstorm of thoughts, feelings, to-dos, meetings, readings, and communications of this day.

Pause. Breathe. Let all of that fade.

Now focus on doing one thing, right now.”

~Leo Babauta


Seriously? You just read (or at least scrolled through) 106 excuses, 106 debunks and nearly 7,000 words. You have time.

In fact, you have all the time, resources, and knowledge required to be great.

Being great, no, being excellent, is a choice.

It’s a choice to never stop. It’s a choice to view yourself as limitless. It’s a choice to stop at nothing until everyone knows your name.

Without a doubt, you’ll encounter many obstacles on your journey. That’s a given.

So what are you waiting for?


Be great.

Overcome your obstacles, or make excuses; it’s as simple as that.

Bonus: Angry Birds: not as fun in real life

Top 10 Best Free Android Apps

Written by voiceable


Although Apple’s iPhone has dominated the market share for years, Google now owns a substantial portion too with their Android operating system. As more and more phones start to incorporate Android, there’s bound to be a massive selection of apps, a portion of which will be free. We’ve made a list of the top 10 best free Android apps.

10. Kindle

Kindle for the Android

Kindle for the Android mirrors exactly what the iPhone application delivers; users will be able to view a library of over 1,000,000 books which is available on the Kindle Store. Other notable features include:

  • Over 610,000 of books available for $9.99 or less
  • Receive free book samples before you decided on buying the book
  • Background color and font size customizable
  • Portrait or landscape layout options
  • Simple navigation of pages within books

9. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

Countless Android owners will want to keep up to date on the weather where they’re located, or if they may be travelling to a specific location and they want to check the weather there. The Weather Channel application for Android is the pefect app for just that with access to over 200+ meteorologists, which is also accompanied by the ultra-local TruPoint (sm) technology. Other features for The Weather Channel app include:

  • Voice search feature
  • Animated, as well as customizable radar maps
  • Detailed weather conditions and forecasts
  • Alerts upon severe weather
  • Saved locations
  • Local and popular videos regarding the weather

8. Google Maps

google maps

This application is a must have for any travelers or those who see themselves commuting on a regular basis. Google Maps’ features include:

  • Navigation: Free, voice-guided GPS navigation system
  • Places: Find, rate, and get recommendations for places
  • Users can see their friends on the map and check in at places

7. Advanced Task Killer

advanced task killer

Every avid Android user will have countless applications running on their phone. So, it’ll consequently slow down the phone without you even realizing but Advanced Task Killer, as its name suggests, kills off such apps from running in the background.  Features include:

  • Ignore list (applications you don’t want to kill)
  • One tap widget
  • Auto kill specified applications
  • Users can customize item height

6. TweetDeck

tweet deck

TweetDeck is an excellent and efficient Android application for keeping up with everything that’s Twitter-related. The quality of the desktop program has made a suitable, problem-free transition onto the Android and it really shows. Features of TweetDeck on Android include:

  • Send updates and retweet favorites
  • Have access to mentions, as well as direct messages
  • Batch posting (posting to several Twitter accounts)
  • A useful notification feature such as Tweets from followers (accompanied with a message notification-like sound)

5. Facebook


Facebook is one of the biggest Internet revolutions ever since the Web’s inception. It’s changed the face of social networking forever, and has become a staple-hold in millions of lives. So, it only makes sense there’s an application for Android based on the social networking service. Some of the notable features for the app includes:

  • Upload Photos, share links, check your messages, as well as being able to watch videos
  • Share status updates from the app’s home screen
  • Chat with your friends
  • Check out your News Feed
  • Review your upcoming Events
  • Glance at friends’ walls and user info

4. Adobe Flash Player 11

adobe flash player

While the iPhone may not have the luxury of enjoying Adobe Flash Player 11, Google’s Android indeed does. Users can access their favorite videos, games, apps and much more with the app. Other features are:

  • Freedom to access the same web content you experience on PC from your mobile device
  • Flash player will always be turned on if installed
  • No interruptions such as ‘empty boxes’ seen on web pages

3. Free WiFi Finder

free wi fi finder

With the Android dominating market share, countless users will be out of their home comfort with no 3G. Thus, the Free WiFi Finder application was born. Its features include:

  • Access to over 145,000 free locations worldwide
  • Filter by location type, such as Cafe and Library
  • Phone numbers and address information
  • Users can bookmark their favorite locations


last fm is a great music-sharing application for the Android. The service initially started as website and still operates as one but has branched out to smart-phone applications, as well as tablet applications. Notable features include:

  • Share artists, tracks, and events to Twitter and Facebook
  • View recommended lineup and compatibility for events
  • View and zoom event posters
  • Add events to your calendar

1. Gmail


Google’s mail service is arguably the best available. Not only does it boast a sleek and effective interface that oozes out simplicity, the features included are incredibly useful. Features for the Gmail app includes:

  • Email pushed automatically to your phone which will deliver notifications
  • Search all your messages in your email
  • Users can access synced messages when off line
  • View messages by conversation
  • Batch Gmail accounts access

Bonus: Guy saves a calf out of a canal while riding his bike.

10 Things You Should Be Able To Say Before You Die

Written by marcandangel

10 Things You Should Be Able To Say Before You Die

“Live with intention.  Walk to the edge.  Listen hard.  Practice wellness.

Play with abandon.  Laugh.  Choose with no regret.  Appreciate your friends.  Continue to learn.  Do what you love.  Live as if this is all there is.”

– Mary Anne Radmacher


Many moons from now, just before you take your final breath, I hope, for your sake, that you are able to repeat the following ten headlines to yourself, honestly.

1.  I followed my heart and intuition.

As our friend Steve Jobs says:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.  Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.  Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice, heart and intuition.  They somehow already know what you truly want to become.  Everything else is secondary.”

This is your life, and it’s a short one.  Don’t accept false choices.  Don’t let others put a cage around you.  Try what you want to try.  Go where you want to go.  Follow your own intuition.  Read Quitter.

2.  I said what I needed to say.

Everyone has this little watchdog inside their head.  It’s always there watching you.  It was born and raised by your family, friends, coworkers, bosses and society at large, and its sole purpose is to watch you and make sure you stay in line.  And once you become accustomed to the watchdog’s presence, you begin to think his opinion of what’s acceptable and unacceptable are absolute truths.  But the watchdog’s views are not truths, they’re just opinions – forceful opinions that have the potential to completely brainwash you of your own opinions if you aren’t careful.

Remember, the watchdog is just a watchdog, he just watches.  He can’t actually control you.  He can’t do anything about it if you decide to rise up and go against the grain.

No, you should not start randomly cussing and acting like a fool.  But you must say what you need to say when you need to say it.  It may be your only chance to do so.

Don’t censor yourself.  Speak the truth.  Your truth.

3.  I did what I needed to do.

Every morning you are faced with two choices:  You can aimlessly stumble through the day not knowing what’s going to happen and simply react to events at a moment’s notice, or you can go through the day directing your own life and making your own decisions and destiny.

The greatest gift extraordinarily successful people have over average people is their ability to get themselves to take action – to physically do something about getting from where they are now to where they want to be.  And no, it won’t be easy.  But in the end, suffering from the pain of discipline while you do what you need to do is a whole lot easier than suffering from the regret and disappointment of never fulfilling any of your dreams.

4.  I made a difference.

Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does.

In life, you get what you put in.  When you make a positive impact in someone else’s life, you also make a positive impact in your own life.  Do something that’s greater than you – something that helps someone else to be happy or to suffer less.

Doing something nice for someone can change the world.  Maybe not the whole world, but their world.  Read How To Win Friends and Influence People.

5.  I know what true love is.

Finding a companion or a friend isn’t about trying to transform yourself into the perfect image of what you think they want.  It’s about being exactly who you are and then finding someone who appreciates that.  Relationships must be chosen wisely.  It’s better to be alone than to be in bad company.  There’s no need to rush.  If something is meant to be, it will happen – in the right time, with the right person, and for the best reason.

As with all things of the heart, there is an ingredient of magic in finding love.  There are no coincidences.  Everything happens for a reason.  Love is beautiful and unpredictable.  The best thing you can do is to start to become the most outstanding person possible.  The universe will know when you are ready, and when you are, true love will happen, unexpectedly.

6.  I am happy and grateful.

Very little is needed to create happiness.  It is all within you, in your way of thinking.  How you view yourself and your world are conscious choices and habits.  The lens you choose to view everything through determines how you feel about yourself and everything that happens around you.  You must choose to be happy.

A big part of this is simply being grateful for what you have.  As Mick Jagger once said, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need.”  Look around.  Appreciate the things you have right now.  Many people aren’t so lucky.  Read 12 Things Happy People Do Differently.

7.  I am proud of myself.

You are your own best friend and your own biggest critic.  Regardless of the opinions of others, at the end of the day the only reflection staring back at you in the mirror is your own.  How you feel about this person is vital to your long-term wellbeing.

Being proud of yourself is also known as having strong self-esteem.  People who are proud of themselves tend to have passions in life, feel content and set good examples for others.  It requires envisioning the person you would like to become and making your best efforts to grow as an individual.

Being proud isn’t bragging about how great you are.  It’s more like quietly knowing that you’re worth a lot.  It’s not about thinking you’re perfect – because nobody is – but knowing that you’re worthy of being loved and accepted.  Boost your self-esteem by recognizing your accomplishments and celebrating them.  Acknowledge your positive qualities, and when you come across a quality in yourself that you aren’t proud of, don’t sulk in your sorrows, proactively work on correcting it.  Read Today We Are Rich.

8.  I became the best version of me.

It’s a good idea to be yourself, not only because everybody else is taken, but because trying to be anything else doesn’t usually get you very far.  Trying to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.  Strength, success and contentment come from being comfortable in your own skin.

Judy Garland once said, “Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else.”  Live by this statement.  There is no such thing as living in someone else’s shoes.  The only shoes you can occupy are your own.  If you aren’t being yourself, you aren’t truly living – you’re merely existing.

Remember, at any given moment, you are in competition with one person and one person only – yourself. You are competing to be the best you can be.

9.  I forgave those who hurt me.

We’ve all been hurt by another person at some point or another – we were treated badly, trust was broken, hearts were hurt.  And while this pain is normal, sometimes that pain lingers for too long.  We relive the pain over and over and have a hard time letting go.

This causes problems.  It not only causes us to be unhappy, but can strain or ruin relationships, distract us from work and family and other important things, make us reluctant to open up to new things and people.  We get trapped in a cycle of anger and hurt, and miss out on the beauty of life as it happens.

Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness.  To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you.

10.  I have no regrets.

This one is a culmination of the previous nine headlines…

Follow your heart.  Be true to yourself.  Do what you need to do fulfill your dreams.  Say what you need to say.  Be kind to others.  Offer a helping hand when you’re able.  Love those who deserve to be loved, and cherish the bond you share.  Appreciate all the things you do have.  Smile.  Celebrate your small victories.  Learn from your mistakes.  Forgive.  And let go of the things you can’t change.

Photo by: Garry

Bonus: Software system realistically adds objects into photos (and allows those objects to be animated).

21st-Century China

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China, the most populous country (1.3 billion people) and the second-largest economy in the world, is a vast, dynamic nation that continues to grow and evolve in the 21st century. Recent events in China include a successful satellite launch that lays the groundwork for a space station, the completion of a massive skyscraper in a rather small village, the 26th Universiade games for student athletes, the celebration of National Day, the Mid-Autumn Festival, and much more. This collection is only a small view of the people and places in China over the past several weeks. [49 photos]

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Chinese artist Liu Bolin waits for his colleagues to put a finishing touch on him to blend into rows of soft drinks in his artwork entitled "Plasticizer" to express his speechlessness at use of plasticizer in food additives, in his studio at the 798 Art District in Beijing, China, on August 10, 2011.(AP Photo)


A Long March-2FT1 carrier rocket loaded with Tiangong-1 unmanned space lab module blasts off from the launch pad at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China’s Gansu Province, on September 29, 2011. China launched the experimental module to lay the groundwork for a future space station on Thursday, underscoring its ambitions to become a major space power.(AP Photo/Xinhua, Wang Jianmin) #


Riders pass the grandstand during the 9th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities of the People’s Republic of China on September 12, 2011 in Guiyang, China. (Feng Li/Getty Images) #


Members of an honor guard stand in formation ahead of a welcome ceremony for Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, on October 11, 2011. (Reuters/Jason Lee) #


Ethnic Dong minority children run on a paddy field in Tongguan village of Liping county, Guizhou province, on October 16, 2011. According to the local government, Tongguan village is the birthplace of the Kam Grand Choir, which is a traditional polyphonic choral performance of the Dong minority. The villagers in Tongguan keep a routine for choir practise, dressed in their traditional costumes, whenever they are free from farming. Practice usually occurs twice a week during the day, and almost every evening. (Reuters/Sheng Li) #


This picture taken on October 18, 2011 shows a young monk walking past the door of a monastery in Hongyuan county in China’s Sichuan province. Tibetan Buddhist monks in China say a wave of self-immolations is linked to Beijing’s refusal to engage with the Dalai Lama, and fear the protests will make their lives even more difficult. (Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images) #


A Tibetan child holds a portrait of Tibetan monk Phuntsog who killed himself through self-immolation, during a tribute session at the Tibetan Refugee Center in Lalitpur, on October 11, 2011. Phuntsog was one of the men in ethnically Tibetan parts of China’s southwestern Sichuan province who have set themselves on fire since March in opposition to religious controls by Beijing, which labels their exiled spiritual leader a violent separatist. (Reuters/Navesh Chitrakar) #


A rescue serviceman checks for people as a passenger boat capsizes after being hit by a restaurant boat on the flooded Jialing River in southwest China’s Chongqing municipality, on September 20, 2011. (STR/AFP/Getty Images) #


Hong Kong design student Jonathan Mak poses with a symbol he designed, in Hong Kong, on October 6, 2011. Nineteen-year-old Mak’s poignant tribute to Apple founder Steve Jobs became an internet hit with its minimalist, touching symbolism and brought a job offer and a flood of commemorative merchandise using his design. (Reuters/Bobby Yip) #


A model poses for photographers on the banks of a runway for Hong Kong’s international airport, on October 16, 2011. Photography clubs are no strangers to the camera-mad city’s open spaces, turning rocky outcrops into improptu studios where they can often be found huddled before aspiring models and a breathtaking backdrop. (Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images) #


Two horses duel in the horse fighting competition at Gulongpo in the Xiangfen Township of Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, southwest China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, on September 13, 2011. People in Rongshui County usually hold horse fighting competitions to pray for and celebrate harvest on the 16th day of the first month and the eighth month of the lunar calendar every year.(AP Photo/Xinhua, Long Tao) #


A remote controlled helicopter hovers over the Qiantang River as tourists gather on the river bank to see the incoming bore tide in Haining, Zhejiang province, on September 13, 2011. (Reuters/Stringer) #


Spectators flee as waves created by a tidal bore crash over a barrier on the Qiantang river at Haining, in east China’s Zhejiang province, on August 31, 2011. About 20 people were injured when they were caught too close to the river while viewing the annual tidal bore, which occurs when sea water from an unusually high tide funnels into the river, creating high waves. (AP Photo) #


Laborers set up lights on a framework of an under construction bridge in Wuhan, Hubei province, on October 17, 2011.(Reuters/Stringer) #


Chinese police show off a new crowd control weapon, a giant fork, during a drill in Beijing, on October 12, 2011. Growing protests and unrests are hitting China in recent months, as social discontent and ethnic tensions boil over. (STR/AFP/Getty Images) #


A night scene of an array of edifices and the Jiaxiulou Tower, the city’s landmark ancient building for sightseeing, on September 9, 2011 in Guiyang city of Guizhou Province, China. (Feng Li/Getty Images) #


A tourist walks on the Great Wall of China at sunset in Luanping, in northern China’s Hebei province, on September 18, 2011.(AP Photo/Alexander F. Yuan) #


A worker lies on cotton as he rests at a cotton purchase station in Wuhu, Anhui province, on October 5, 2011. (Reuters/Stringer) #


A teacher covers a child with a quilt as children take an afternoon nap at a kindergarten in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, on September 14, 2011. (Reuters/Stringer) #


Local farmer Shu Mansheng starts the engines of his self-designed and homemade flying device before a test flight in front of his house in Dashu village on the outskirts of Wuhan, Hubei province, on September 21, 2011. The round steel flying device, which cost more than 20,000 yuan ($3,135), is the fifth model made by Shu, a junior middle school graduate. It measures around 5.5 meters (18 feet) in diameter, and is powered by eight motorcycle engines. Shu managed to hover for 10 seconds at about 1 meter (3.3 feet) above ground during a recent test flight. (Reuters/Stringer) #


The newly inaugurated skyscraper tower of Huaxi village is seen in Huaxi village, Jiangsu province, on October 7, 2011. Huaxi, also known as China’s richest village, celebrated its 50th anniversary with the inauguration of a massive 328-meter (1,076 feet) high skyscraper that screams for attention from its lowly skyline. A solid gold bull weighing a ton also greets visitors at a viewing area on the 60th-floor of the tower, a testament to the wealth of the village. In Huaxi, those from the original 2,000 residents have at least a house, a car, and $250,000 in the bank and enjoy universal health care and free education. Officials from elsewhere in China tour Huaxi to find out how this once sleepy village, with just 576 residents in the 1950s, is now so rich and why non-local businessmen would donate million-dollar factories to buy the privilege of a local residence permit. (Reuters/Carlos Barria) #


Residents eat "ma la tang", a Chinese Sichuan spicy steam snack, in Beijing, on September 27, 2011. (Reuters/Soo Hoo Zheyang) #


The Huangguoshu Cataract, Asia’s largest waterfall, viewed on September 13, 2011 in Anshun city of Guizhou Province, China.(Feng Li/Getty Images) #


Artists perform at the opening ceremony of the 26th Universiade games, a sporting event for for university athletes, at Shenzhen Bay Sports Center in Shenzhen, China, on August 12, 2011. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu) #


A local resident looks at a fire from an oil refinery at Pudong district in Shanghai September 23, 2011. Fire broke out in a storage tank after an explosion in Gaoqiao oil refinery, according to local media, no casualties were reported. (Reuters/Aly Song) #


Employees work on partial plastinated human body specimens at a workshop of Dalian Hoffen Bio-Technique Co. Ltd. in Dalian, Liaoning province, on September 14, 2011. Founded by Dr. Sui Hongjin in 2004, Dalian Hoffen Bio-Technique Co. Ltd. produces, preserves and exhibits plastinated biotic specimens of human and animals. The specimens, including whole bodies as well as individual organs and transparent body slices, each requires four employees to work on it for 8 to 12 months. The exhibits have been meticulously dissected and preserved to allow visitors to view muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. According to Sui, the bodies are legally collected from medical universities. (Reuters/Sheng Li) #


Wingsuit flyer Jeb Corliss of the U.S. flies through the cave on Tianmen Mountain near Zhangjiajie, Hunan province, on September 24, 2011. (Reuters/China Daily) #


A woman is reflected in a window of an office in the financial district of Pudong in Shanghai, on September 22, 2011.(Reuters/Carlos Barria) #


Low dark cloud hangs over an empty Victoria Harbor in the morning during a Typhoon 8 Signal Warning as Typhoon Nesat passed close to Hong Kong on September 29, 2011. (Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images) #


Women play the bagpipes as they stand on a beach in Hong Kong, on October 9, 2011. Finding practice areas in the densely populated city is notoriously difficult for practitioners of the instrument traditionally associated with Scotland and Ireland. However, the pipes enjoy a loyal following throughout much of Asia and are a regular feature of military and police bands across the region.(Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images) #


Workers hang a new portrait of China’s late Chairman Mao Zedong at the Tiananmen Gate to replace the old one, which is being removed by a crane, during an annual renovation ahead of National Day, in Beijing, on September 27, 2011. (Reuters/China Daily) #


Middle school students sing revolutionary songs as they hold Chinese national flags during a ceremony to celebrate their upcoming National Day in Huaying, Sichuan province, on September 30, 2011. A total of 1,000 students took part in the ceremony.(Reuters/China Daily) #


An ethnic Dong minority woman uses her mobile phone to take a picture of herself after a Kam Grand Choir gathering in Tongguan village of Liping county, Guizhou province, on October 17, 2011. The villagers in Tongguan keep a routine for choir practice, dressed in their traditional costumes, whenever they are free from farming. Practice usually occurs twice a week during the day, and almost every evening. (Reuters/Sheng Li) #


A full moon, viewed behind decorative lights put up at Hong Kong’s Victoria Park, on September 11, 2011. An exhibition is being held at the park to celebrate the upcoming Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Moon Festival. (Reuters/Tyrone Siu) #


Villagers from Longtou in Lufeng, a city of 1.7 million, play on the rubble of a surrounding wall in the southern Chinese Guangdong province, on September 24, 2011, after it was torn down by villagers earlier in the week. Villagers said about 1,500 acres of farmland seized were surrounded by the walls built several years ago. Hundreds of villagers enraged over government land seizures staged a third day of protests in southern China on Friday, a day after ransacking government buildings and engaging in skirmishes with police that left at least 12 people injured. (Reuters/Staff) #


A visitor takes a photo of a sculpture by Xiang Jing in an exhibition entitled "Will Things Ever Get Better?" in Beijing, China, on October 14, 2011. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan) #


Office workers are seen in a building in Shanghai, on September 21, 2011. (Reuters/Aly Song) #


A general view shows the Ordos Museum building in the city center of Ordos, Inner Mongolia, on September 12, 2011. The city which is commonly referred to as a "Ghost Town" due to its lack of people, is being built to house 1.5 million inhabitants and has been dubbed as the "Dubai of China" by locals. (Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images) #


Ethnic Dong minority villagers walk through a covered bridge on their way to a Kam Grand Choir gathering in Tongguan village of Liping county, Guizhou province, on October 17, 2011. (Reuters/Sheng Li) #


Chinese environmental activist Wu Lihong checks the water quality in an irrigation channel outside a chemical factory beside a rice paddy on the edge of Taihu Lake in Yixing in Jiangsu Province, on September 14, 2011. Despite a two-decade battle to clean up the once-scenic Taihu Lake that earned him three years in jail, Wu says the water still "stinks" from pollution. (Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images) #


Chinese flag bearers take part in a ceremony to mark China’s National Day at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, on October 1, 2011. China’s top leaders marked national day with an appearance on Tiananmen Square in central Beijing after Prime Minister Wen Jiabao pledged greater "democracy" and rights for the people. (Takuro YABE/AFP/Getty Images) #


A policeman from the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team performs stunts on a motorcycle during a drill held in Wuhan, Hubei province, on October 20, 2011. Eighteen SWAT police teams from all over China took part in the drill on Thursday. (Reuters/Stringer) #


A Chinese child walks on the mirrors as she tours the "Beyond the Vision" artwork exhibition designed by French artist Serge Salat in Beijing, on September 24, 2011. The multi-sensory art exhibition sponsored by General Motors China will travel 10 cities of China from September to November 2011. (AP Photo/Andy Wong) #


A tourist takes pictures at Namtso lake in the Tibet Autonomous Region, on September 14, 2011. Located at an altitude of around 4,718m above sea level, Namtso lake is not only the highest saltwater lake in the world, but also home to one of the holiest rivers attracting throngs of devotees and pilgrims on major Buddhist festivals. (Reuters/Kong Yen Lin) #


Family members attend an outdoor wedding in the garden of an old villa in central Shanghai, China, on October 8, 2011.(AP Photo/Alexander F. Yuan) #


A giant panda cub lies in a crib at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu, Sichuan province, on October 11, 2011.(Reuters/China Daily) #


A garbage collector is reflected in the polished marble wall of a building as he rests at the entrance of the building where the air-conditioned cool air is blowing in Shanghai, China, on September 6, 2011. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko) #


The Miao ethnic minority dancers perform during the Opening Ceremony for the 9th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities of the People’s Republic of China, on September 10, 2011 in Guiyang, China. (Feng Li/Getty Images) #


A flock of birds fly near the Drum Tower, located on the central axis of the Forbidden City, as the city is shrouded in haze, in Beijing, China, on October 20, 2011. (AP Photo/Alexander F. Yuan) #