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Coordination challenge

Top 2: This Guy trying to return multiple PS5’S

Top 3: I’m currently in the early stages of labour and I think they all know it…

Top 4: Wholesome goofy

Top 5: Sadio Mané, the Senegalese Bayern Munich football player is transforming Bambaly, his native Senegal village: He built an hospital, a school and he is paying 80 euros a month all its citizens. Recently he installed a 4G network and built a postal office.

Triumph 2024

Top 2: Trust the process guys

Top 3: Alcoholism vs sobriety. Today marks 1,000 days sober. Going into rehab and having the courage to ask for help saved my life.

Top 4: Farm herd Casper, who faced off 11 coyotes and killed 8 of them. He was missing for two days right after which they believed he was tracking the remaining coyotes and finishing the job. His vet sad was lucky to be alive and his owner said he will have him retire from herding.

Top 5: As it should be

My kids haven’t cleaned their bathroom like they were supposed to.

 I decided to leave a note under a rag they left on the floor. Let’s see if they find it. It’s been a week already.

Top 2: The average cat’s reaction time is approximately 20-70 milliseconds, which is faster than the average snake’s reaction time, 44-70 milliseconds.

Top 3: Comunism

Top 4: I told my wife that Rupert Murdoch’s chin disturbed me. She replied to me with this.

Top 5: I guess divorce parties are a thing now?

don’t succumb to propoganda

Top 2: Today his intrusive thoughts won after 2 years of fighting the urge to jump in

Top 3: Of the 69 things they tested me for, I’m allergic to 60 of them.

Top 4: Taking gun away from an active shooter alone

@nbcnews Video shows 26-year-old Brandon Tsay wrestling a gun away from the #MontereyPark ? original sound – nbcnews

Top 5: Brother in Law hasn’t watched Breaking Bad. Had these guys try and convince him.


My brother in law hasn’t watched Breaking Bad…

? original sound – Varietis

NVIDIA just released a new Eye Contact feature that uses AI to make you look into the camera

Top 2: My roommate keeps bringing girls over so I made a survey

Top 3: Keeping you updated!

Top 4: Magician finds a way to make visually impaired man experience the magic.

@magickevinli One of my most memorable performances. There’s always a way to experience magic ?? Thanks for having me @Google #magician #kevinlimagic #google ? original sound – Kevin Li

Woman takes the brunt of the impact of this car to save her child.

Then another vehicle prevents the driver from escaping.

Top 2: Wife got me a New Coin. I like my odds.

Top 3: Native Americans getting what we all take for granted.

Top 4: This is David Hampson AKA “The Silent Man” – A UK citizen who is repeatedly arrested for standing on a certain road to block traffic. He never speaks a word, not even to the court or his lawyer. Every time he is released he repeats the same crime and remains silent

Man spots tiny little creature on the ground and decides to try and save its life

Top 2:meirl

Top 3:Mario Puzo, the author of the Godfather books who’d also adapted them to film, had no idea what he was doing as he’d never written a screenplay before. After winning two Oscars, he decided to buy a book on screenwriting to learn how. In the first chapter, it said “Study Godfather I”

Top 4: The American dream

Top 5: We found neighbouring houses with the same colours as our jackets