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Guy makes insane house for a frog

@unknowndazza The Full Frod Story! It’s been a crazy journey from 0 to 60k people of Frodrick! Appreciate your ideas and support?? #Frodrick #startedfromthebottomnowwehere #FrodHouse ? Enemy feat. J.I.D. (from the series Arcane League of Legends) – Imagine Dragons

TOP 2: Bro learned from his mistakes


Waffle = 1 Smile ???

? Barça – Barça ??

TOP 3: My mom locked my switch and I cant find the key

TOP 4: Subsequent hump matched Cosplay

@daracelll Mind blown at how this is done!! ???????? #cosplay #thering #ring #horror #movie #sogood #viral #cosplayer #scary ? I Got 5 On It – Tethered Mix from US – Michael Abels & Luniz

TOP 5: understanding that the game isn’t pauseble

TOP 6: Mother of all fluffiness-

Ganbatte, Roomba-san

TOP2: Guy catches Rooster sleeping and wakes him instead

TOP3: The first day of work of the baby shepherd.

TOP4: me_irl

TOP5: Fun fact… Ashley loves Jesus

Double trouble

TOP 2: Meirl

TOP 3: So apparently in my absence my husband has hung cat-level wall art. So sophisticated!

TOP 4: What a cute japenese sir

TOP 5: Pulling nails out of a beach bonfire site with a hydraulic scrap magnet.

 it’s time for a four-day work week

TOP 1:

Bernie Sanders says it’s time for a four-day work week: “With exploding technology and increased worker productivity, it’s time to move toward a four-day work week with no loss of pay. Workers must benefit from technology, not just corporate CEOs.”

via businessinsider

TOP 2: these korean parents eating chili for the first time

TOP 3: I 3D printed a new vase to show off… my vase

End of shift of a tower crane operator

TOP 2: Basic yet brilliant idea.

TOP 3: To impress her with his moves

TOP 4: Time to get some milk

Time to get some milk

TOP 5: Kitum Cave, Kenya, believed to be the source of Ebola and Marburg, two of the deadliest diseases known to man. An expedition was staged by the US military in the 1990s in an attempt to identify the vector species presumably residing in the cave. It is one of the most dangerous places on Earth.

do you think im hot?

TOP 2: meIRL

TOP 3: 100 days of school (dress like you’re 100 day)

TOP 4: meirl

TOP 5: Me cosplaying as pill-grabbin’ “Louis” from Valve’s “Left 4 Dead”

TOP 6: Sliding down an immense wavy rail on grindshoes