Monthly Archives: March 2023

This is Heidi. Heidi has vitiligo.

TOP 2: I have been writing a fun fact every week on an unused whiteboard at the office. Someone clearly doesn’t like it.

TOP 3: I lost my 15 yr old son mid December and today, for the 2nd time since he’s been gone, three of his friends showed up to check on me and brought these flowers. It meant the world to me!!

TOP 4: Man in India cools off a king cobra on a hot Sunny day

TOP 5: African Painted dogs notice a visitor’s service animal

TOP 6: Meirl

TOP 7: Deeply distressed elementary school student being transported by bus following school shooting

No child should ever have to go through this

TOP 8: 1/2 Teaspoon Burns Fat Up To 728% Faster

A protester at a busy intersection in Texas.

TOP 2: Being a dad mean sometimes making a fool of yourself for their enjoyment.

TOP 3: capture the most ridiculously detailed image of the entire sun we could. The result was a whopping 140 megapixels, and features a solar “tornado” over 14 Earths tall. This is a crop from the full image, make sure you zoom in!

TOP 4: Meirl

TOP 5: Another normal day of mining in Africa

TOP 6: The Endurance of a Farm dog

TOP 7: British steam locomotive enthusiasts build a fully functional miniature version of the GWR King Class weighing around 200 kg (440 lb). Here’s a demonstration of its power:

TOP 8: Meirl

TOP 9:  1/2 Teaspoon Burns Fat Up To 728% Faster

Today, we say goodbye to Ash, Pikachu, and Team Rocket

as the very last episode of the mainline Pokémon Anime has aired in Japan. Thanks for the memories, Ash!

TOP 2: A street in Paris after weeks of garbage collector strikes

TOP 3: meirl

TOP 4: This whale has built up years of trust with this boat captain at the calving lagoon of Ojo de Liebre to remove lice from it’s head.

TOP 5: Sad Samus noises

TOP 6: meirl

TOP 7: meirl

TOP 8: The Silver Snipers: A Counterstrike team made of seniors.

TOP 9:  1/2 Teaspoon Burns Fat Up To 728% Faster

 The result of a mother seal who gave birth when she saw that her baby, which she thought was dead, is alive

TOP 2: Baby gator in a moment of bliss

TOP 3: Alex Roca Campillo becomes the first person with a 76% physical disability to finish a marathon

TOP 4: Palestinian farmer holding a 117 years old proof of land ownership that belonged to his grandfather

TOP 5: Pedro Pascal bought Five Guys for the whole cast and crew of The Last Of Us

TOP 6: Trying out a new bird feeder

@andreja.elena This is NOT what I expected ?#birdfeeder #birdfeeding #whatiorderedversuswhatigot #birdlover #uniquefinds #amazonfinds ? original sound – andreja.elena

TOP 7: Ready or not

TOP 8: My homebuilt observatory-grade telescope that fits in the back of an SUV

TOP 9: Odd Ice Hack Erases Stubborn Fat