Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola Logo Evolution

17 thoughts on “Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola Logo Evolution

  1. DentShop

    I realise what this is trying to say but Pepsi’s logo is like a trip through 20th century Americana. Every change seems to capture the time perfectly. Love both colas in different ways.

  2. sljtwigge

    Ahh … copying one of the Heineken three smiling ‘e’ … this new pepsi look seems almost disgruntled and unhappy … strange move …

  3. Chris

    Pepsi’s new theme looks strangely familiar. Oh, that’s why, it’s just a reconstruction of Obama’s campaign logo! Clever, but Coke’s still better.

  4. Joe

    I kind of like the new Pepsi logo, but I can see why people criticize it for being a copy of Obama’s logo and/or misleading (e.g. ball=smiley or fat guy’s belly?!). But I guess all the discussioins won’t change anything in the consumers’ taste. Those who liked Pepsi will still drink it and those who didn’t won’t do it now just because of the new look. Pepsi or Coca-Cola isn’t a question of design.

  5. Jenny

    This is actually not true. Coca-Cola actually had a lot more logos, for example when New Coke came out, the logo said Coke.
    I like Coca-Cola’s logo better because when most people think about it, they think of this logo. But when Pepsi is mentioned, many logos flow into people’s minds. Coca-Cola’s barely changing logo is better for people to remember and I think it looks better with all the curvy letters!

  6. Commenter

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  7. Skippy the Wรผnder Mutt

    I just stumbled across this posting today, while doing a search for the Coke ‘swirl’ online. After a few moments I noticed that the most recent Pepsi logo on the list can do funny tricks on your eyes if you look at it for a while.

    If you look at it one way, it looks like the front of a fat person’s red shirt is pulling up over their belly, and revealing part of their tummy hanging over the top of their blue jeans…


    If you look at it another way, it could be a ‘crack-shot’ of an appliance repairman’s buttocks as his red shirt inches away from the top of his bluejeans…


    …I need some serious counseling (and an eye exam). B)

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