Top 5 Funniest Fake Facebook Pages

Written by Pete Cashmore

facebookWith over 250 million users, Facebook is a social networking behemoth. The site is host to thousands of celebrity fan pages and has been taking steps to make these more appealing to self-promoters.

On Saturday Bill Gates revealed that he’s not a Facebook user, and many other famous names are notably absent from the site. Which leads us to wonder…what might those pages look like? Fortunately, some of the web’s most creative minds had the exact same thought, and below we bring you the very best fake Facebook pages.

Click through to the sites to see the pages in full size and quality.

1. Barack Obama’s News Feed: First 100 Days (Slate)

In April, Slate came up with a highly original way to recap Barack Obama’s first 100 days in office: a parody Facebook feed marking the key events. For those who remember that far back, the creation offers a light-hearted take on the course of the Administration.


2. Hitler’s Facebook (Banterist)

This one goes way back…to a posting on a satire blog in December 2007. Banterist (aka humorist Brian Sack) imagined what it might have been like if Hitler had a news feed. Bizarrely, the concept of Hitler posting funny videos and playing Scrabulous is more amusing that the parody of real world events.


3. Steve Jobs’ Facebook (PC World)

From a taunt directed at Bill Gates to his friendship with “Every Celebrity in Hollywood”, PC World took a friendly poke at Apple’s Steve Jobs, with plenty of zingers thrown in.


4. The Facebook of Genesis (College Humor)

Back in November 2008, comedy site College Humor turned Genesis into a Facebook feed, with hilarious results. The re-telling of the creation story is good-naturedly irreverent and is sure to serve up a few chuckles.


5. Satan’s Facebook (PC World)

From a provocative friend’s list to the subtle use of “the number of the beast”, PC World outdid themselves with this fictional Facebook page for the Antichrist himself.


Recommended Facebook Fakers

Still not gotten your fill of Facebook fakes? There are many more great Facebook page parodies that didn’t make the list:

1. PC World’s “Facebook Pages We’d Like to See – You’ll notice two of the above images are from PC World. That’s because, as we discovered today, PC World created a set of 9 hilarious “fake Facebooks” for April Fools Day 2009. Those not highlighted here include Elvis, William Shakespeare and Andy Warhol.

2. Jesus’ Facebook Page – What if Jesus used Facebook? This irreverent parody – of unknown origin – attempts to imagine what might have been.

3. Facebook Passover – We’re unsure what to make of this, a retelling of the story of the Jews’ Exodus from Egypt….all in Facebook updates. Alas, we don’t know this creation’s origin either.

Are there any other faux Facebook pages we might have missed? Let us know in the comments!

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