An unequal relationship


23 thoughts on “An unequal relationship

  1. dylan

    you idiots, i is the square root of negative one. Being an imaginary number, theres no way it can be compared against 3u.

  2. Educated

    While I enjoyed this joke greatly in my spare time, I find that the condolences and lack of appropriation between comments fails to conform up to standards set by 2nd graders. What is a “LOL’D”? I imagine that the poster of such blasphemy should be condoned to life of impatience and futhermore rubbish.

  3. Educated

    Please forgive my error in the above post. I have made a mistake. I meant to put “LOL’D?” I have cut my fifth digit off as punishment.

  4. Will

    even so, the Argand plane (the set of all imaginary and real numbers) is two-dimensional- even if u had a non-real component, you could not compare it with an inequality directly. you would have to compare the moduli of the numbers eg |i| < |3u|. since |i|=1 and |3u| would be real regardless of the value of u, then it would make sense.

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