20 Alt-Rock Songs You Must Download at Once!

Written By Steve – Seton Hall University

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Although much of the music world is in shambles – I’m looking at you gangsta rappers and label reps – the alternative rock scene is very strong.

The following bands may not be getting rich from their art (because of pirating and contracts that rape them of well deserved royalties) but they sure do put out some incredible music.

Here are the 20 songs you should download RIGHT NOW. Mind you I said “Download” because who has $10 laying around to buy an overpriced album from Wal-Mart or Apple, even if the artist really does deserve the money? Not me!

Sure, I’m gonna get heat on the comment board for having two Eddie Vedder songs?blow me! If you can make a better list or disagree with any songs let me hear what you’ve got to say!

All these songs and many more are currently streaming on Slacker.com. If you want to find new music in very genre then Slacker is the way to go.

(I linked up the music video for each inpidual song – watch them by clicking the song name)

Jimmy Eat World – Big Casino
The Decemberists – O Valencia!
Cursive – At Conception
Pearl Jam – Betterman (Throwback)
My Morning Jacket – Gideon
Tegan and Sara – Back in Your Head
The Weakerthans – Night Windows
Spoon – The Underdog (Cool Video Warning)
The Starting Line – Island
The White Stripes – You Don’t Know What Love Is
The Kooks – Naive
Silversun Pickups – Well Thought Out Twinkles
Radiohead – Bodysnatchers
Say Anything – Baby Girl, I’m a Blur
Heavens – Patent Pending
Rooney – When Did Your heart Go Missing?
VHS or Beta – Can’t Believe a Single Word
Guster – Satellite
Editors – An End Has a Start
Mark Ronson – Stop Me
Eddie Vedder – Hard Sun
+ 1 for good luck: Rise Against – Prayer Of The Refugee

16 thoughts on “20 Alt-Rock Songs You Must Download at Once!

  1. Tim

    These songs are about as “alt rock” as Pearl Jam. Oh wait.

    That said, solid list. Found a couple of songs here I’d not heard before and am now enjoying them immensely!

  2. jenna

    was pretty weary about this list… but it’s awesome. Good job whoever put it together ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Lil

    real cool list! heaps of them haven’t even come out in NZ yet i think so thanks!

  4. Seanitan

    Calling this alt rock is ridiculous, but there’s some good tunes on here. As for not paying for music… why don’t you try to spend like $20-30 a month on music?

    Not saying you should pay for everything you listen to. Not at all. But maybe sometimes give a little money to the people who worked so hard to create the music you enjoy.

  5. Jimmy D

    I’ve heard some of them before…nice work!
    rise against rock

    visit my website and download 3 days grace dvd


  6. Dakota Benton

    Hey Terry Smith…are you a teacher? and ya this list is sort of right…there is some good music on there…

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