15 Unreasonably Useful Websites

Written by Garrett B Santos

A list of 15 websites that are either useful or entertaining. This is the second edition of a series of articles.

The following is a continuance of my previous article, “15 Ridiculously Useful Websites.” The response to that article was overwhelming. The comments left by those who read it made one thing very clear: the list was incomplete. Although I did not initially write the article with the intention of listing the 15 best sites on the web, that is how my message came across – my fault. I have decided to respond to your comments with a series of follow-on lists containing more useful and entertaining corners of the web. I hope you enjoy them:

  1. Musictheory

    A grass roots website that contains lessons, trainers, as well as several other utilities.

  2. iLike

    iLike is a music site where you can organize share and discover new music. There is an iLike side bar available for Windows Media Player as well as iTunes. You can even upload your own music to the site if you would like to.

  3. Youtube

    This is an obvious one. Watch videos of just about anything for free.

  4. Freedocumentaries

    This is an awesome catalog of documentaries about many different subjects. You can browse the films by region, theme, or title. The videos are free and are accompanied by a brief description, comments, and sometimes a link to a related page.

  5. Buzzillions

    Product reviews by consumers who have been verified by the retailer they purchased the item from. You can search for specific items or go through a preference-based menu to find products and reviews that are lined up with your intentions/interests/user level.

  6. Craigslist

    No matter what you need, chances are, you can probably find it here.

  7. Farecast

    Farecast provides predictions and trend analysis for airfares and hotel fees. In their own words, “Know When to Buy?: Our airfare prediction shows if fares are rising or dropping. Based on the prediction, we provide a recommendation to buy now or buy later. Know Where to Stay?: Our Rate Key? indicates whether or not today’s rate for a specific hotel is a deal. It compares an individual hotel’s current rate found to its observed historical rates.”

  8. Download

    Offers a central location to find free downloads for subjects ranging from antivirus/firewall to audio/video & gaming software.

  9. Pixalo

    A great photography site that helps photographers no matter their skill level. It has a community forum were you can get equipment reviews and answers to your questions. The site also offers a free members gallery where you can upload your own photos.

  10. Rutomail

    This site is full of links to other sites. The links are organized into various categories including business, lifestyle, and Internet, etc…

  11. Gyminee

    A fitness website that allows you to set goals, track your progress, monitor and plan nutrition, and even invite or find new friends to coordinate with.

  12. Roughguides

    A pretty good travel website that provides many different ways of researching destinations.

  13. Bugmenot

    Type in a website that requires a username and password; Bugmenot provides you with a name and password to use?free. Useful for big websites, not really for obscure ones.

  14. Wikipedia

    Another seemingly obvious site?A user-dependant research site. Wikipedia is very adaptive in that you can cruise through a subject by clicking on embedded links to visit related articles and topics. This allows the researcher to see the topic from many different perspectives.

  15. IMDB

    Seriously, this is one of the most comprehensive movie information databases on the net. It is very, very thorough.

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