38 sites to replace TV-Links

Written by Teddy

I thought that for the first entry in my blog I would post something that is usefull to other people rather than a boring intro about myself (maybe I’ll do that later hah!).

As we all know the nazi’s have grabbed the TV-Links owner on Thursday and have/are probably threatening him with all sorts of nasty things if he doesn’t admit he’s a terrorist. Really, shouldn’t the police be out stopping murderers and armed robbers rather than raiding some kid’s home for a website?

Anyway, I’ve decided to give a list of what i consider to be the best TV link sites around, that is, sites where you can go find your favorite episode of Lost, Buffy or 24. I simply don’t have the time to trawl through YouTube, DailyMotion or Guba for shows or movies so it’s a godsend that the sites below exist. The list below is just my personal favorites, I’m sure you have your own and if so let me know, the more sites the better! Anyway without further ado……

These guys are without a doubt my favorite and that’s saying something when I only found it a week ago. It’s basically a clone of tv-links but with a few nice additions. I love the way I can subscribe to any channel or show via RSS which makes it easier to keep track of my fav shows. At time of writing they have *14,712* tv episodes. The site is in beta right now but personally I haven’t come across 1 bug yet. The only drawback of this site is that the community is non-existent but I suppose that will change as the site becomes better known.

Alluc used to be so sloooowwwwwww but they seem to have upgraded their server and now theyre nippy as hell. They have a nice crowd there and you rarely get dead links as they’re on top.

**The rest below I won’t comment on because if I’m honest STC and Alluc gives me what I need so I don’t go need much else. If anyone would like to comment about the ones below though I would be happy to edit to show people’s thoughts.


Hope this helps some people, happy viewing!

164 thoughts on “38 sites to replace TV-Links

  1. Mike

    testcard.tv is a good one too. Though unfortunately, it’s in ‘under maintenance mode’ as a precaution since the nazis grabbed tv-links

  2. Megan

    Thanks so much for posting these. Tv-links left a void in my life! So now I have somewhere else to turn.

  3. Christian

    HA! Thanks for posting this dude! I don’t have TV because the internet costs so much around here, and tvlinks was my best alternative, so naturally I was pretty pissed to hear the feds closed it down. Thanks again!

  4. jggb

    hey, thanks for all those links, they’re amazing!
    i dont know if anything will beat tv-links though…ahhh that was so good.
    i can’t seem to find the movies “The King” , “All About My Mother” and “Dot The I” AAAAANYWHERE online…can someone help, please?? I would be verrrry grateful. Not all three, but at least one ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. AustinPheiffer

    I hate to turn any comment board into a broken record, but…


    i’m gonna go catch up on all my shows while i enjoy a 40oz of Olde English?and I’ll make sure to pour some out for tv-links.

  6. J

    “I am very upset with what has been blocked from our school. I can?t watch any tvlink videos or any porn.”

    that guy was kidding right?! lmfao!!

  7. Linkjoy

    Save yourself a bunch of time. If you know what movie you want to watch just go to Linkjoy and type in the name of it. You will like how it searches all of the sites that provide this kind of content.

  8. Keyoke

    TV-Links.cc is NOT the return of TV-Links as far as I know.

    I’m the Keyoke from the original forums, and I know nothing about this new site. I’ve had a look and it has dodgy written all over it.

    DO NOT USE THIS SITE. The majority of links do not work.

    A lot of the ex-TV-Links members have gone to http://www.surfthechannel.com

    The guy claiming to be the TVLinks owner above, is also fraudulent.

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  10. Emilie

    Hey- I have searched everywhere I know of to find ‘A Time for Dancing’ online but the only version I can find is in Spanish!
    If someone knows where it is or has some free time to find it, PLEASE email me the link!
    Thank you!

    [email protected]

  11. sooty

    Have been searching for a channel that shows the Naked News but haven’t come across it?

    Any ideas?

  12. Tv Links Owner

    TV-LINKS is back as TV-LINKS.EU!

    The biggest movie database on the internet. Movies, tv shows, cartoons, anime, documentaries. No flashy ads, no money, no pop-ups, just clean entertainment. Give us a good rating, because we deserve it!


    Tv Links Owner

  13. Rachel

    i watched the first part of the movie and a little into the next of Stephen Kings “The Langoliers” if anyone has a FREE link to that second and if third part i would very appreciate it just leave it in the next comment…(i would prefer not having to download it though)

    special regards to anyone willing to help,


  14. Rhys

    I see this blog post is about tv links – well id like to let you know about another site that is the largest tv links site so far – TV Links

  15. Anny

    .Add SmashCinema.com to the list. I found them last week. They’re new.
    . http://www.smashcinema.com

  16. Drahken

    The tvlinks.cc site is NOT the new tv links site, it is a clone, a copy, a fake. The same applies to the .ca one.

  17. Amber Figueroa

    I really enjoyed going through some of the TV links….I have heard that many people are using Glyphius software to icrease the sales on their tvlink ads.

  18. Drahken

    A whois lookup on the tv-links.eu domain reveals that the true owners are flickpeek.com. This is further backed up by the fact that both sites have identical sets of links & even use the same format for their URLs.

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  20. kristin

    Try this:


    it’s super easy and totally legal so you don’t have to worry about spam or adult content appearing

    i catch up on gossip girl and procrastinate with old episodes of 90210 ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. kieron

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  22. phil

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  28. No Bite Flea and Tick

    The rest below I wonโ€™t comment on because if Iโ€™m honest STC and Alluc gives me what I need so I donโ€™t go need much else. If anyone would like to comment about the ones below though I would be happy to edit to show peopleโ€™s thoughts.

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