14 of the Worlds Strangest Alarm Clocks for Those Early Morning Risers

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Whats worse than having to get up early every morning? Waking up to one of these weird devices going off, of course. Alarm clocks are bad enough, but now manufacturers insist on making them as strange and annoying as possible.

Puzzle Alarm Clock

Puzzle Alarm Clock We all remember the days when you could just hit the snooze button a few more times, these days waking up requires a bit more work. This fun little puzzle alarm clock works like any other morning alarm, except that when it goes off, it fires these puzzle pieces into the air.

Oh and by the way, the alarm clock doesn’t stop going off until you find all of the pieces and put them back together. Should be a fun project when you are half asleep. You can get one of these online at BimBamBanana.com for $67 dollars.

The Sunrise Creator

The Sunrise Creator

This is a nice change from chasing your alarm clock around the room, but still kinda’ weird. Th Sunrise Creator is considered to be the worlds first dawn simulating alarm clock.

Basically what it does is connects to any bedside lamp and gently increases the lighting as the alarm goes off, allowing you to wake up calmly, as if the sun is rising. If you need a little peace in the morning you can get one of these for $80 dollars at AlarmClocksOnline.com.

The Flying Alarm Clock

The Flying Alarm Clock Here is another one for you to chase down when you rise and shine. The flying alarm clock, starts going off like any other alar, that is until the top portion flies off the base and lands somewhere in your room.

The alarm will not stop going off until you find the piece that flew off and place it back onto the base. If you are a sucker for punishment you can get one of these at BimBamBanana.com for $71 dollars.

Drag Racing Alarm Clock

Drag Racing Alarm Clock Designed to look like the Christmas Tree at your favorite drag strip, this drag racing alarm clock is a fun way to wake up. All the lights, sounds and actions of the dragster are here. It starts with the engine revving and the tires warming up, the staging lights show the racer positioned and the starting lights go off in sequence until 8000 horsepower screams into action sending the dragster hurtling down the strip

This also has working temperature and humidity gauges to add to the effect. You can get one for $29 dollars at AlarmClocksOnline.com.

Memory Ball Alarm and Radio

Memory Ball Alarm and RadioWho knew you could have so much fun changing radio stations. This unique little alarm has a grid on top and each intersection of lines is a radio station. By simply touching the magnetized ball and rolling it another spot on the grid, you can instantly change the radio station.

This alarm/clock runs on batteries or standard plug and you can get one for $60 dollars at UnCommonGoods.com.

Numbers LED Alarm Clock

Numbers LED Alarm Clock Check out this de-constructed black LED alarm clock, each number occupies an inpidual block, which allows you to stack them, hang em’ or place them how ever you want.

This is a usable alarm clock and it makes a great decoration. You can get one online at UnCommonGoods.com for $85 dollars.

Nobby Voice Recognition Clock

Nobby Alarm Clock

Now this is a really fun alarm clock. The clock responds to several voice commands such as ‘How are you feeling?’,’Sing me a song’,’Make a decision’, ‘How do I look?’,’Are you hungry?’ and ‘Go to sleep’.

As for the alarm, before you go to bed simply tell Nobby what time you want to get up, and he will repeat the time for confirmation. In the morning he will start beeping and chatting at you, so you can either say ‘alarm off’ or grab him by the neck and shake him until he shuts up, depends on what kind of morning you are having. You can get this online at Gizoo.

The Bomb Alarm Clock

The Bomb Alarm Clock How could you not want to wake up with a bomb going off next to your head? This is actually a pretty cool little alarm clock. Three minutes before your alarm clock is set to go off, a voice starts a count down, you then have those three minutes do disconnect a wire corresponding to the blinking light. If you don’t make your time limit, get ready for a bang loud enough to wake up everyone in your house. This is from a Japanese site but my source is TokyoMango.com.

The Anemone Alarm Clock

The Anemone Alarm Clock Aside from the strange appearance, the Anemone clock is designed to wake up your senses. It uses sound, light, movement and interaction to get you going in the morning.

When the alarm goes off it starts rumbling and bouncing and rolls off your table. The vibration not only makes it difficult to find, but also difficult turn-off. This was found online at AaronTang.net.

Sonic Grenade Alarm

Sonic Grenade Alarm Alright, so this one isn’t actually an alarm clock, but how much fun would it be to wake up your friends, or maybe even family with this.

This alarm grenade has three ear piercing volume levels. After you pull the pin you have twenty seconds before the alarm sounds, so plan your attacks strategically. It runs on 3 AAA batteries and can be purchased at Amazon.com for around $10 dollars.

Sfera Alarm Clock

Sfera Alarm Clock This one will make you get up in the mornin, whether you like it or not. The Sfera mounts to the ceiling above your bed, when it goes off in the morning you simply reach up and touch it to go off. Heres the sneaky part, it then retracts towards the ceiling and goes off again, getting a little higher each time. It will keep doing this until you finally find yourself standing on the bed trying to turn it off. This information is via OhGizmo.com.

Water Powered Alarm Clock

Water Powered Alarm Clock Pretty much like any other alarm clock, oh except that it’s powered by good ol’ water. Just fill the reservoir and this clock is set to run for two or three months before it needs a refill.

This product also has a built in countdown timer and thermometer. You can get one online at ThinkGeek.com for $23 dollars.

Clocky Alarm Clock

Clocky Alarm Clock One of the biggest reasons I originally wanted to work at home was to get rid of my old alarm clock, I hate them. I can’t stand being woken up in the morning and this little gadget makes the process even worse. For those of you that just can’t help but hit the snooze button every morning, this alarm clock is for you. It works like any other alarm but when you hit the snooze button it jumps off the night stand and cruises around your bedroom finding a place to hide. Once it stops moving, the alarm goes off again until you crawl out of bed, find the clock and shut it off.

This alarm clock was also featured in 8 Strange Gadgets We Can All Live Without. It is available online for $50 dollars at UnCommonGoods.com.

Beetle Clock/Radio and Stereo for iPod

Beetle Alarm ClockI guess this is pretty cool if you are a V-Dub lover, but for the rest of us it’s probably a little strange.

The beetle has working headlights and taillights and the speakers are hidden in the tires. It has a digital AM/FM tuner, iPod dock and alarm with snooze. You can get it online at Sharper Image for around $70 dollars.

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  1. sylvia

    These are FUNNY. Although I would not dare to give some of them as gifts. Can you see your sister putting a puzzle clock back together before she’s had her coffee? She would probably throw it out the window where it would sound its alarm forever for her neighbors.

    I hate myself for this. The phrase ‘woken up’ is grammatically incorrect. “I do not wish to be awakened” is proper. But your web site is very entertaining. NEXT YEAR I will buy an alarm clock.

  2. darkangel879

    have you heard about the new alarm clock out in japan? apparently it lets you hit snooze only once and then it jumps off the nightstand and runs around your room and makes you chase it to turn it off.(only works if your room is clean.)lol.. i am going to buy it. i would love to see an alarm clock actually run around my room…

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