3 years ago I didn’t know how to code, now my game is on the front page of steam

TOP 2: Street Hibachi Savant

TOP 3: Jump roping

@jeanineraine When I was a child I used to jumprope all the time! So when I first started jumproping during my journey I thought it was going to be a slightly easy. I was shocked I couldn’t do a single jump. It was a little discouraging at first and it took alot for me to get out and try it agian. As I continued it got easier and easier. Im so happy I stuck to it because its such fun and enjoyable cardio! Fitness has been such a huge part of my journey. This is the most active I’ve ever been in my entire life and it feels so good. Also im so close to being 200lbs down?????? Thats such insane milestone and I cant wait to reach it!! ##jumprope##jumpropechallenge##weightloss##weightlossprogress##weightlossmotivation##fitnessmotivation ? just like magic – Ariana Grande

TOP 4: High Quality Anvil

TOP 5: A baby rhino playfully charging a wildebeest before running back to mom

TOP 6: If you can’t say something nice…

TOP 7: London Marathon 2023 final finisher cheered across the finish line

TOP 8: Fizzy juice “eats through” 62lbs of stubborn fat