How secure are gated communities?

@teslatainment Can you hack keypad doors in gates communities? #doors #locks #hack #communities ? original sound – Teslatainment

TOP 2: In 2020, I lost my job due to covid, my TV exploded and all I had to game was using a PS VITA Shareplay with my PS4. Sold both of them the same year to make ends meet. Now i got my life together again and decided to do a comparison

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TOP 6: Flight instructor teaches student pilot how to get out of a spin

@crazyplanes ??? #Pilotlife #pilotsoftiktok #planes #planetok #planesoftiktok #planecrashes ? original sound – PlaneSpotting

TOP 7: The Dodgers Resigned Andrew Toles, who has schizophrenia, So He Could Remain on Their Insurance.

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