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duolingo can be good sometimes

TOP 2: This happened today. Right now. 15 minutes ago.

TOP 3: Such a beauty!

TOP 4: Photographer Mark Smith captures an amazing moment where an osprey emerges from the ocean clawed onto its prey

TOP 5: a lot of truth bombs in this tweet

She asked her friends what’s it like having siblings, and they gave her a crash course.


Donโ€™t ask, just bring it

? original sound – Lonnie IIV

TOP 2: Monaco’s actual sea wall

TOP 3: This is Lala, she is the voice actor in the game Stray

TOP 4: Too harsh?

TOP 5: The cat saved by search and rescue teams in Turkey from wreckage has not been leaving the rescue workers for days. Wherever they go, he goes with them

Because Rhianna and Umbrella are trending tonight I’m legally required to repost one of the best things in America over 20 years

TOP 2: I design impractical products and Iโ€™m calling this the Projector Headlamp.

TOP 3: Elon sitting next to Rupert Murdoch at the Super Bowl. Remember this the next time he pretends to be anti-establishment or anti-media

TOP 4: Hope he’s ok…


? original sound – Standardis

Termite Ad From Thailand

TOP 2: pilot accidentally gives passenger announcement to air traffic control

TOP 3: Any less than $5 isn’t a tip

TOP 4: Why She Can’t Live with her Husband Anymore

@ehelon #trend #memes #mem #???????????? #???? #??? #recommendations #????? #napoleon #keepdoing #fan ? ???????????? ???? – Ehelon

TOP 5: Lightning that struck the Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro yesterday (picture by fsbragaphotos)

First refill with new insulin price cap

TOP 2: meirl

TOP 3: Chamber of Civil Engineers building is one of the few buildings that is standing still with almost no damage.

TOP 4: Waitress left kind messages on our drinks. Feel like mine’s missing something…

TOP 5: meirl

My dream came true

It grew from a single after-hours hobby project to a small indie dev team that we are right now. Here is how our space game looks right now.

TOP 2: Netflix rolled out their Bullshit in Canada.

TOP 3: My SO throws her daily contacts behind the headboard of our bed.

TOP 4: Hmmm… Not sure how to proceed.

TOP 5: meirl

young girl covering her brother’s head while stuck under the rubble after the earthquake

TOP 2: The level of petty when the professor bans laptops

TOP 3: I just want to get my laundry detergent for the year and get out

TOP 4: Staff At Nursing Home Invents Games to Keep Residents Engaged

TOP 5 : when he didn’t realize you’re in the room

@teddyboycocker Up to no good as usual #dogsoftiktok #cockerspaniel #foryoupage ? Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey