WHY CAN’T WE GET ALONG: I find it almost embarrassing as an American to see groups here in the states like the Florida Family Association pressure companies to pull ads from TV shows such as All American Muslim. I am finding that some of the most hateful, bigot individuals are Christians especially from the so-called ‘Bible belt’ of the American South.

A number of Americans will hate me for saying this, but some of the most friendly individuals I have EVER met in the world were Muslims inside Iran. Yes, INSIDE IRAN.

My most memorable Christmas … was in Iran right after the Bam, Iran earthquake of 2003. Representing the USA (deployed by then President George Bush) arriving several days after Christmas to assist with rescue and recovery efforts the Iranians greeted us with open arms. While setting up our camp the Muslims found an old pine tree and decorated it the best way they knew how. When asked why they responded that they were grateful that we left our families during the Christmas holiday to come to their country to help them. We were also presented with roses and small gifts. This was all done even though over 90% of the city of Bam was destroyed leaving them with nothing.

I am angered when I see people here in America stereotype Muslims as some radical, bomb making group. As a matter of fact, this goes for any group that pushes their religious agenda on another group. Gays, transgendered, Muslim, Jewish … why can’t all these people live their lives? What have they done to you?

Learn and live with people before you make judgement – respect each other.