Steve Must Be A Pretty Darned Cool Guy

Written by Sam Wow

If I were going to make a list of “Ways To Be Cool” I may include similar things. Motorcycles for one are undoubtedly cool…mohawks as well…and who can deny the coolness of exxxtreme (everything). Now moving to Williamsburg, learning to speak European or psychrock? Not so much. The rest may be debatable but there is one thing not in question, hanging out with Steve will make you cool.

4 thoughts on “Steve Must Be A Pretty Darned Cool Guy

  1. steve

    So, I have been having a hard time sleeping. Imagine my surprise when I was looking for a one stop site that knows the shows I like to watch (like when I have insomnia) tracks the shows, finds the best place to play it, and knows when I have watched it. There must be a site like this, right? Imagine my surprise, and still wondering if I am hallucinating this whole thing, when I find this site, and it even mentions me by name lol. If this is just technology tapping into my hard-drive and listing my name, which is common, they are good! Even down to the comment by Dirty Beard. If I am in the midst of a hallucination, I will just remain where I am at, and try to fall asleep.

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