The REAL Difference between Europe and the USA

The REAL Difference between Europe and the USA

19 thoughts on “The REAL Difference between Europe and the USA

  1. Ken Begg

    Sorry, did that 'irony' sign blink out again? I've really got to get that fixed.

    Of course, comparing any US President to Hitler is as epically moronic as using any other US President, so the point stands. I'm sad I actually had to spell that out, though.

  2. Steve

    I think you meant “sarcasm”, not “irony”…a common mistake

    And when right-wing conservatives start complaining about every social program ever enacted, it's not obvious.

    1. Alex

      Actually, although Irony has other meanings it IS interchangable with Sarcasm. Check you dictionary or thesaurus…. don’t worry, it’s a common mistake.

  3. Ken Begg

    Uh, yes. Right. Even though, as you admit, what is happening here is a ludicrous, willfully childish comparison of Bush–or any US President–to Hitler, and not a conservative complaining about a “social program.” I will admit, staying on topic is hard.

  4. Ken Begg

    Also, at the risk of sounding pedantic, but I did mean irony, not sarcasm, and used it correctly. You may Google 'Socratic Irony' if you like.

  5. some_dude

    As a European I feel the need to comment on this. Neither me nor anybody I know would claim that there are no great artists, scientiest, landmarks or achievements originating from the USA. For example I consider the founding fathers esp. T. Jefferson as idols and every time I see Carl Sagan makes me sad, because of the loss of not only a great scientist but also a nice person. The issues that stun me and everyone I know can be found in different topics: Why does a majority of people in the USA still believe that the Earth is just 6000 years old and why do schools consider teaching intelligent design? Why do so many people still believe in God and miracles? Why do people who on one hand claim to follow the creed of “love thy neighbor” do on the other hand have such a problem with the concept of universal health care? Why do you always have to make wars? Why is there so much fear? And what's that big issue with nudity? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would love to see you reclaim your boldness that once brought you to the Moon ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. dentshop

    If you consider 5-6 items out of 20 to be “most of the stuff” I guess it is funny…

  7. ulyssesmsu

    The issue isn't feeling superior because of where you are born. It's building a great nation by making wise choices–like choosing democratic capitalism instead of dictatorial marxism, for example.

    “You had nothing to do with anything great that ever happened in your country” is a risky–and potentially untrue–statement. How do you know? Some might consider the ordinary behaviors of citizenship–working, voting, raising a family, paying taxes–to be great actions. How do you measure greatness?

    I don't quite understand the point of this post–unless it's to drive away readers.

  8. Fredo

    The good thing about this post is that it shows Americans that there are other places in the world.

  9. Fredo

    The good thing about this post is that it shows Americans that there are other places in the world.

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    Also we have different dining etiquette. We always hold the fork in the left hand and cut each bite with the knife in the right hand as we need it, unlike the Americans who cut everything and then eat with their right hand.

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