The 6 Best and Worst Fake Apple Tablet Ads

Collected by theweek

6 best   and worst Apple Tablet adsWell before yesterday’s grand unveiling of Apple’s long-awaited tablet computer, rabid fans began filming their own mock ‘commercials.’

Steve Jobs is rehearsing his pitch in the mirror. Bloggers are already at their keyboards. Today, after years of speculation, Apple will unveil its new tablet device, unofficially nicknamed the iPad. In the months leading up to this almost implausibly hyped event, YouTube-minded Apple zealots have been busy concocting a series of hypothetical “TV commercials” for the as-yet-unseen device. Here, the 6 best—and worst—of the fake iPad ads.


• The Paintbox: Although the last thing anyone would want on their slick new Apple toy is blotches of Day-Glo paint, this enthusiast’s execution is very Apple-esque. Less Apple-esque: The morbid lyrics of the bouncy song that backs it. Views to date: 217,727

• The Jett-Pack: Despite the grainy video quality and an amateurish hand-model, this spot makes an ambitious attempt to preview how the tablet’s touch function would actually work. Again, the music is a misstep: Would Steve Jobs ever choose a song as crude as Joan Jett’s “Do You Want to Touch Me”? Views to date: 45,237

• The iFinger: Unlike the first two ads, this promo went for high concept, and the result is impressive. It might have been even more impressive if it didn’t so strongly evoke the scene in Big where Tom Hanks hops on the giant keyboard at FAO Schwarz. Views to date: 25,162


• The Drablet: This ad does a decent job of previewing rumored functionalities. But where’s the inspiration? Snapshots of Idaho and a nondescript indie band aren’t going to fire up Apple’s base. Views to date: 12,879

• iPad vs PC: I’m a Mac! I’m a PC! And I’m an odd-looking pair of actors ripping off an old Onion article called “Apple Claims New iPhone Only Visible to Most Loyal Of Customers.” This parody might have looked fresh back when Apple’s “he said, he said” ads first aired in 2006. Views to date: 3,071

• The iSlate Odyssey: This slapdash attempt to reference Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is slight and sloppy. The auteur gets everything wrong—from the type (an outline font?) to the Tablet’s launch date. Views to date: 963


iPad and iSlate are among the names the media has floated for the new device.