Why Men should not write Advice Columns

11 thoughts on “Why Men should not write Advice Columns

  1. b

    more and more disappointed with these “best articles”… who finds these stereotypical “men are like this, women are like this” crappy pieces, and why do they think they’re the “best article every day”? seriously… lame.

  2. Frank

    Well, I am sure this was the best article of the day, back in the late nineties when it was originally written. Although then it was a parody of a dear abby column in a satirical magazine, and not attributed to a man.

  3. Fnark

    What men really should not do is understand that fukcing the neighbor’s daughter is wrong.

    Men must rely on optimizing our genetic outcome for the benefit of the species. Women, who think only of themselves and their own offspring, cannot understand this.

  4. Young un

    Gas tank huh? Your probably right the husband drove it last and of course forgot to fill it up.
    Laughing at the humor in this. If I was the wife I would have just went and asked the 18 yr old boy next door to come mow the grass-paybacks are double!
    So she could have like a whole year of fun.

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