The 10 Worst Lunch Boxes Ever

Written by Teague Bohlen

?Every kid knew it: lunchboxes meant something. And it wasn’t just that you were a fan of whatever it was that you sported on your lunchtime luggage. It was your proclamation of identity. A window into your third-grade, paste-eating soul.

So the question was this: with what are you aligning yourself? Star Wars? Marvel Comics? Dukes of Hazzard? Care Bears? Muppets? Pele? They all made a statement — especially the bad ones, the thoughtless ones, the downright inappropriate ones. So, here, the 10 Worst Lunchboxes Ever, and what they said about the kids who carried them.

10. Disco


What it says: “You might think this is a lame lunchbox now, but just wait until you’re a gay kitsch-collector in the late 1990s.”

9. Wags and Whiskers


What it says: “”This dog is obviously being abused, and this kitty is silently pleading you to help, help for the love of god. But you can’t, because it’s my lunchbox.”

8. Junior Nurse


What it says: “I’m either very into entering the medical profession someday, or I really like playing doctor. Want to meet me behind the gym after school to find out which?”

7. Laugh-In


What it says: “Hey, here’s a show my parents watch that I don’t understand! Because I’m six.”

6. Pro Sports/Campus Queen


What they say: “My mom has no clue what I actually like, but thinks that this looks like a generic idea of what I might enjoy based on clichรฉd gender roles and utilizing an early crude form of clip art.”

5. Rambo


What it says: “Nothing is over! Nothing! Well, except maybe that point in my childhood where it’s still appropriate for me to still be carrying a lunchbox.”

4. Bee Gees


What it says: “What I really wanted was a DISCO lunchbox.”

3. Exciting World of Metrics


What it says: “I don’t get nearly enough math in class, so I enjoy looking at the same conversion-facts all through my lunch hour, too. It’s also fun to count the number of punches I get each day, multiply that by the number of Indian burns, titty twisters, and swirlies I receive, and then tabulate just exactly how much my life sucks on the metric scale.”

2. Hi!


What it says: “Hi! I’ll give you an apple if you’ll touch my belt.”

1. Blank


What it says: “My mom hates me.”

12 thoughts on “The 10 Worst Lunch Boxes Ever

  1. Fliptrx

    HOPALONG CASSIDY…one of the few good guys in a black hat.

    Mid-1940โ€™s, tall, black-clad, grey-haired, Hoppy & his faithful horse Topper…swoon!

    Of course I was a boy, so the swooning part was very private ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. leslie

    I LOVED my Campus Queen lunchbox, begged my parents to buy it for me, and have it to this day (displayed in my laundry room — no, I don’t carry it anymore!). ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. NormaDGuerra

    Funny, I just found my Exciting World of Metrics lunchbox from my childhood in my mom’s garage and had to salvage it! That was the coolest lunchbox EVAR!!! And I’m sure there’s absolutely no correlation between my early years carrying that lunchbox and my current profession as a science textbook editor.
    And my second job as a martial arts instructor. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    (No, kids, I’m not joking.)

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