7 iPhone Apps That Can Save Lives

Written by Ben Parr

What can’t iPhone applications do? There are apps for almost every interest and every need. But while apps for politics or saving money are great, you can live without them.

However, the same cannot be said for the seven apps highlighted in this article. These apps do everything from check your vitals to getting you important first aid information during an emergency. Anything can happen, so it’s always best to be prepared. iPhones are particularly suited for this task, especially if you install some of these apps:

1. Airstrip OB

AirStrip OB is an iPhone app developed specifically for doctors in obstetrics, or doctors dealing with pregnancy and childbirth. It sends detailed information on a patient’s vitals so that they know the condition of their patient on the go. Push notifications means that doctors can get alerts if an event such as a cardiac arrest occurs.

Airstrip OB iTunes Store Link

2. CPR & Choking

While Airstrip OB may only be useful for doctors, CPR & Choking is useful to everyone. This free app, built as a public service by the University of Washington and King County EMS, houses an array of video demonstrations that help you know what to do if someone you know is undergoing a medical emergency or cardiac episode.

CPR & Choking iTunes Store Link

3. Close Call

Very simple. Very effective. Close Call is a free app takes your iPhone wallpaper and layers it with emergency contact information in case the worst happens.

Close Call iTunes Store Link

4. Pocket First Aid & CPR Guide

Similar to CPR & Choking, this app informs you of procedures for saving a person’s life, but this $3.99 application is definitely more extensive. It not only has videos to teach you how to provide first aid, but Pocket First Aid lets you create detailed medical profiles and contains up-to-date information from the American Heart Association.

Pocket First Aid & CPR Guide iTunes Store Link

5. iBP Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can kill you, plain and simple. Record a history of your blood pressure history with this $0.99 app. If you’re a diabetes sufferer, also check out Diabetes Log.

iBP Blood Pressure iTunes Store Link

6. Emergency Radio

An earthquake takes out the power. You get stuck in traffic afer hearing an explosion. Your building is evacuated and you don’t know why. We can think of a million reasons to have an emergency radio handy. For $0.99, you can have the emergency frequencies of almost all the major police and emergency departments in the U.S., as well as air traffic control.

Emergency Radio iTunes Store Link

7. Pet First Aid


People aren’t the only lives that matter. This sister app to Pocket First Aid could save your best friend with its guides, first aid videos, and vaccine tracking.

Pet First Aid iTunes Store Link

7 thoughts on “7 iPhone Apps That Can Save Lives

  1. chayoma

    Everyday i feel more and more inclined towards getting an Iphone but i really am in love with the LG prada 2….Gosh, i need help

  2. Carol

    If an earthquake takes out the power, that means cell towers probably won’t work, so your emergency radio app will be useless.

  3. Henry Garman

    Another useful app which i find very useful is the first aid video series from RediVideos, available for both iPhone and Blackberry. What they’ve done is taken what you would receive in a standard training course and filmed the entire sessions on video and made into a downloadable app. It’s the same content you’d receive in a certified first aid course.

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