I wish my mom was this cool

26 thoughts on “I wish my mom was this cool

  1. Father John

    And I really wish we had parents who were parents, instead of trying to be “best buds.” We’d have a better world. Instead we have a generation of spoiled brats raising a generation of spoiled brats.

  2. a

    That’s not very nice, Father John. Besides, smoking the cigaretes you buy in stores is worse than smoking weed. Even aspirin is more dangerous than weed. Google it you’ll see.

  3. Gerard

    It’s still against the law and we’re talking a kid!
    I’m glad my mom wasn’t that “cool.”

  4. Anthony T. Smith

    I think this particular mother is wise beyond her years. It is nearly impossible to make a child do what you want them to do. They’ll do want they want no matter what. Teach your kids to not get caught. That’s my motto.

  5. Greg H.

    Father John, do you honestly believe that most of the “spoiled brats” you refer to come from households where the parents are buddy-buddy with the kids? I don’t care one bit about smoking weed, but that’s a rather ridiculous assumption.

  6. Duhgodess

    Father John IS right on one count. Parents (at least during your formative years) aren’t supposed to slip into the role of being your friend. Big distinction there. For the parents that do cross the line over to being their child’s ‘friend,’ a lot of issues go undisciplined. And then you have one generation spilling into another with the same set of twisted parental guidelines. Again, there are exceptions, but mostly, this form of parenting, of being ‘cool’ is just uncool.

  7. Mel C

    I think this was a case of reverse psychology… I can see myself doing this to my child. Call the note a warning, if you will, of a butt-whooping (and some other punishment) yet to come. All I know is that if I had found a note like this in my mom’s handwriting, it meant hell was about to bust loose. Just saying…

  8. Bobby

    I just don’t really get the problem, I currently live in the Netherlands and nobody makes a fuzz over smoking pot or anything. The basic rule here is that you just buy it in a shop and smoke it there or quietly at home.

    Nobody should ever make a fuzz over such a minimal ‘sin’ as smoking pot, it activates the brain, makes you aware of so much more, makes you friendly, you can laugh our brains out and the fibers can be used for the making of paper or to reinforce concrete in present-day building operations. This and there’s many other uses for this plant and I still don’t see where the harm in smoking pot lies.

  9. Erls

    Bobby, you are clearly under influence of drugs yourself. Yes it activates the brin but in a negativ way.
    No proper parents would accept their children smoking weed.

    A lot of people has received psychiatric help because of weed, you know that, but dependent people will not see the truth.

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