The 5 Best Office Pranks Of All Time

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Pranks aren’t something that only high school kids are entitled to. Once in a while we as adults like to have some fun too. When it comes to pranks there are three kind of pranks that seem to get the most attention : high school pranks, wedding pranks and one of the most popular ones are the office pranks. If the company you are working doesn’t make you suffer behind isolated and stuffy cubicles, you probably have pulled pranks on your co-workers or the other way around.

These office pranks are some of the best that we have come across and although there were quite a few we wanted to include, we think 5 is more than enough (we have to leave some room for you to share as well). Below are the top 5 office pranks that the applicant team thinks are some of the best office pranks ever pulled.


Missing Hallway

This has to be one of the best office pranks ever. These guys built a wall and blocked the hallway that lead to 11 offices. One of the best executed office pranks. The only thing that could have been done better was to record workers reaction and less usage of “WTF?” Besides that this certainly is one of the best office pranks we have seen in a long time. We have no idea why the CEO is looking up in the ceiling though.

Golf Balls

After a long tiring day at the office, the first thing we want to do is jump in our vehicle and head home. The guy you are about to see in this video didn’t have a clue what his colleagues had planned for him. We are sure this end of the work day will be the one he will remember for the rest of his life.

Taking Office To The Streets

This one doesn’t really qualify as an office prank and is more so carried out on other people walking on the street. However, the prank is pulled in an office setting so we had to include it here. The idea of this prank and the amount of time that has gone into setting each of them up for a surprise must have been painstakingly hard. They pulled it good and certainly falls under one of the best office pranks ever simply because it’s done in an office setting.

Scaring a Co-Worker Enough To Fall Off a Chair

The prank you are about to see is probably one that has been pulled on you or one that you have pulled on someone else. We remember this one circulating on the internet like a wild fire. All this lady wants is to beat the game and impress her co-workers. Check out how well these people got her.

Job Interview

When appearing for a job interview you want to make sure everything goes right. Slightest mistake and you might not get the job offer. We are sure these job applicants knew they weren’t getting the job after opening the toilet door while someone was taking care of the nature call. Check it out.

These are some of the office pranks we found to be the best among thousands floating on the web. If you have any that you would like to share please feel free to drop the link in your comments.


Bonus: The "To Do" List After These Pranks

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  1. ypi

    The simplest way to do the best office prank (according to me) would be to leave a blank pink slip at someone’s desk.. and observe his/her expressions..

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