My dad wants a hores but my mom says no!

20 thoughts on “My dad wants a hores but my mom says no!

  1. fsticfrankie

    I like to ride them hard and put them back in the stable sweaty….that’s the good part about not owning one….if you rent them,you don’t have to
    clean them up.

  2. Ziggy

    Eternalgod, he is not talking about whores, he’s talking about horses. Wow some people….

  3. Siegs

    he’s talking about horses, but the misspelling makes it funny if u read it as “whores”.

    that’s why this article is funny…

  4. Nivijatana_

    hey i love your story it's great the best
    the hores
    black brown
    and clolur
    nivi jatana it's
    from l.a mathseson
    school high
    of the hores

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