25 Great Websites From Which to Draw Inspiration

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10 thoughts on “25 Great Websites From Which to Draw Inspiration

  1. small business websites

    See, having a website isn\’t going to help your business at all if it doesn\’t show up extremely high in Google\’s search results. Anytime a person searches for something on Google, Google will return a page with the top ten websites they consider most relevant to the search term. The average person who\’s looking for a carpet cleaner in Kalamazoo, or a wedding photographer in Boise, isn\’t going to dig through pages and pages of Google\’s search results. Furthermore, when someone does a Google search for a local business, if your website isn\’t on that first page of results, the odds are very high that they\’re NOT going to click on your website to see what you have to offer.

  2. Timothy

    Whoever taught you that you have to say “from which to draw inspiration” did you wrong. It’s not wrong to put a preposition at the end of a sentence (or a non-sentence headline), and it never has been.

    Your headline would look a lot better, and a lot less clunky, if you just said “25 Great Websites To Draw Inspiration From.”

    Forget that silly “can’t put a preposition at the end” nonsense.

  3. Bodasactra

    Thank you for redistributing all the top post. Its nice to have one place to go to to get all my good reads. Saves tons of time and helps the original poster get exposed. This is a “best of” list people not a copy paste site. If your blog article made it here its a good thing.

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