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If College-Themed Porn Were Real

Written by jake christie

Situation One: The Naughty Student
Cindi, an attractive student with a large rack, walks up to the desk of her professor.

Cindi: Is there anything I can do to raise this grade?
Professor: Some students do extra credit work.
Cindi: (has sex with him)

Cindi: Is there anything I can do to raise this grade?
Professor: Some students do extra credit work.
Cindi: Like what?
Professor: A seven- to ten-page report about the economic principles behind trade rules in a Micronesian country of your choosing.
Cindi: Oh. That makes sense and is an appropriate extra credit assignment for the course.

Situation Two: The Hot Teacher
Paul, a student in his late twenties, walks up to the desk of his teacher, Professor Mandy, who has enormous breasts.

Paul: You wanted to see me after class, professor?
Professor Mandy: Yes. I need to test your performance.
Paul: How?
Professor Mandy: (fellates Paul)

Paul: You wanted to see me after class, professor?
Professor Mandy: Yes. I need to test your performance.
Paul: How?
Professor Mandy: A series of tests based on the material covered in this course.
Paul: Could I just have sex with you instead?
Professor Mandy: (sues Paul)

Situation Three: The Sorority
Between two and a half-dozen attractive coeds sit on a large bed, in nighties which barely contain their ample bosoms.

Head Sorority Girl: Let’s have a naked pillowfight!
Assistant Head Sorority Girl: And practice kissing!
Sorority Girls: (do those things)

I kind of assume this is what actually happens in sororities.

Situation Four: The Curious Freshman
A very attractive freshman girl named Candi sits on a bed with her boyfriend, Brett. Did I mention that Candi has boobs the size of overripe grapefruit? She does.

Brett: Let’s try anal sex.
Candi: Okay.

Brett: Let’s try anal sex.
Candi: No.

Situation Five: The Janitor
A strangely-muscular janitor knocks on the door of Bambi, a girl whose low-cut shirt reveals a veritable explosion of cleavage.

Janitor: Do those pipes need cleaning?
Bambi: (apparently this is all the pillow talk she needs to have all kinds of sex with him)

Janitor: Perhaps I should have stayed in school.
Bambi: I can see how you could be disappointed with your station in life.

Why Apple is Apple? History of its brand

Written by MacWorld


March 1, 1976 Because Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were going into business, they needed a name for their company. According to Wozniak, it was Jobs who thought up the name for their new computer company one afternoon as the two drove along Highway 85 between Palo Alto and Los Altos.

“Steve was still half involved with a group of friends who ran the commune-type All-One Farm in Oregon. And he would go up and work there for a few months before returning to the Bay Area. He had just come back from one of his trips and we were driving along and he said ‘I’ve got a great name: Apple Computer.’ Maybe he worked in apple trees. I didn’t even ask. Maybe it had some other meaning to him. Maybe the idea just occurred based upon Apple Records. He had been a musical person, like many technical people are. It might have sounded good partly because of that connotation. I thought instantly, ‘We’re going to have a lot of copyright problems.’ But we didn’t. Both of us tried to think of technical-sounding mixtures of words, like Executek and Matrix Electronics, but after 10 minutes of trying, we both realized we weren’t going to beat Apple Computer.”

Top 10 Life Lessons I?ve Learned From My Daughter

Written by Edward Mills

Father and Daughter on beach

Children bring a great amount of wisdom with them when they join us here in this world. I have known this for many years and have always loved being around children. But it was not until I became a father, a bit more than four years ago, that I discovered just how wise these little beings really are.

From the moment of my daughter’s birth (and even before that) fatherhood has been a truly transformative experience. It’s rare that a day goes by without learning something about life from my Ella. And in many ways I really do see her as one of my most effective teachers.

So I thought it would be fun to share some of the personal growth lessons I have learned from Ella over the past four years. If you have children you will most likely recognize many of these. If you do not have children, you may find some of these corny or silly. Trust me, they are not. Every one of these lessons has had a significant impact on my life.

So here, then, are the top 10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From My Daughter? so far!

1. Tomorrow’s Gonna Be a New Day.
When Ella was younger she would ask me, “Is tomorrow gonna be a new day?” I assured her that, yes, indeed, tomorrow would be a new day. Now that she’s reached the ripe old age of four, she gets it. And now she reminds me: “Don’t worry Dadda. Tomorrow’s gonna be a new day!” It’s good to remember that!

I the only one hearing a refrain from Little Orphan Annie in the background? “The sun’ll come out tomorrow?” Sure it’s cheesy, but there is a lot of power in recognizing that, no matter how difficult today is, tommorrow’s gonna be a new day.

2. Sometimes it’s Better to Make Up Your Own Rules
I already wrote about this one in the post Life Lessons from Candyland. But it’s an important one so I included it in this list.

Bottom line: Sometimes it’s best to throw away the rule book and make up your own!

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Enthusiasm.
Ella is not shy when it comes to showing her enthusiasm. If someone makes a suggestion that she likes she responds in a number of different ways depending upon her level of excitement. If she likes the idea, she’ll say something like, “That’s gonna be a great idea, Dada!” If she really likes the idea, she’ll nod her head vigorously and let out a loud, “Uh huh!” And if she really, really likes an idea, she starts jumping and galloping around, shouting, “Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh.” over and over and over and over?

My favorite part is when we’re at the dinner table and we make a suggestion (like for instance on a hot summer night when we, very rarely, suggest walking down to the ice cream shop in town) Ella will get so excited that she actually has to climb down off her chair so that she can run back and forth yelling “uh huh, uh huh, uh huh!” Sometimes her excitement is so powerful I’m afraid she’s going to fall off the chair!

Do you ever curb your enthusiasm? I know I do. Somewhere along the line most of us learned that stuff we really wanted or were really excited about could be taken away in an instant. Often the very things that were most exciting to us were used to get us to do or not do certain things: “Get dressed now or you can’t ride your bike today!” Or, “Stop saying that word or you’ll be grounded for a week.”

No wonder we’ve learned to hide our enthusiasm! We don’t want the good stuff taken away from us so we don’t let anyone know what we think is good! How messed up is that.

Well it sure is refreshing to watch Ella express her enthusiasm with no hesitation. Enthusiasm is contagious. People want a taste of enthusiasm. They want to know that it is safe to be happy about something.

So give it a try. The next time you discover something you really like, do a little happy dance and see what happens.

4. Feel your emotions fully.
Ella isn’t always happy. Like all kids she has moments of frustration and sadness. We’ve done our best to encourage her to fully feel those emotions and express them when they’re happening. It’s amazing to watch how Ella has learned to deal with these moments.

If something happens that causes Ella to feel frustrated or angry she’ll go into her room, close the door, lie down on the floor or on her bed and scream or cry for a minute or two. Then she opens the door, comes back out and says, “All better.” And usually she is. The frustration that was moving through her just needed to be let out.

How often have you held onto sadness, frustration, anger or grief? I know I’ve held onto stuff for a long time! And the longer I hold onto those emotions, the more powerful they become.

Much better to just let them out in the moment and let yourself be “all better!”

5. Walk On Walls Whenever Your Have The Chance
toddler on wall When was the last time you walked on a wall? Whenever I’m out walking with Ella and we pass a wall, whether it’s a curb or a retaining wall, Ella wants to walk on it. And now she gets me to walk on them with her: “Come on, Dada!” And I must say, if you haven’t walked on a wall in a while, give it a try. It’s a lot of fun!

The life lesson here is that we adult types tend to pass by opportunities for joy and exploration without even noticing them. These opportunities are all around us all the time. We just have to open our eyes and expand our perception. Hanging around kids (even if you don’t have your own) is a great way to do that.

6. Sometimes you have to do it alone (even if there’s someone right there who could help you).
I often feel a strong temptation to reach out to help Ella put her shoes on or put a puzzle piece in the right place. Simple tasks that I take for granted are a challenge for Ella, as they are for any child. If I were to constantly jump in and say, “Let me do that for you,” it would take her a lot longer to figure out how to do it.

It’s especially tempting to help her when she reaches that frustration point. But I’ve learned that if I let her go a little bit longer, just past that moment of frustration is when she succeeds.

In those moments I sometimes think of the scene in the movie, Ray, after Ray Charles has gone blind and his mother pretends she’s not in the room as he’s calling out for her help. In that moment, he discovers that he’s not as helpless as he thought.

It’s been a powerful lesson for me as a father and in my own life.

7. Know When to Ask For Help.
Now, while this one seems to contradict the previous lesson, they really work hand in hand. Let’s face it; there are some things that a four year old just can’t do yet. Ella is pretty good about trying to do things. And she is also pretty good about asking for help when she has reached the end of her patience: “Please help me, Dada.” Or if she’s tired or frustrated she might say, “I can’t do it, Dada.”

Her willingness to ask for help is a powerful lesson for someone like me: a die-hard do it yourselfer. Countless hours have been spent figuring out something that I could have easily asked or paid someone else to do.

Knowing when, and how, to ask for help is an important life skill to master. And I am learning from a master.

8. Don’t be attached to what you painted yesterday (or 2-seconds ago).
Ella is a prolific artist. She cranks out paintings and drawings faster than the fastest graffiti artist. And the beautiful thing about her creativity is that once she’s done, she’s done. There is no attachment to the painting she just created. She puts her piles of artwork into the recycling bin as easily as the Tibetan monks sweep their intricate sand mandalas back into dust.

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time letting go of stuff I created 10-years ago! Ella’s willingness to let go of her creations leaves her open to the flow of creativity. She is not attached to what she painted yesterday. She does not compare what she is doing today with what came before. She is free to be open and just let it flow.

9. Singing Makes Everything Better.
No matter how traumatic a situation might be, whether it’s an overtired and cranky before bed tooth brushing meltdown or a big boo-boo, singing makes it better. Ella and I sing together on our way to preschool. We sing the silly tooth-brushing song we made up together. We sing the pee-pee song. We sing our favorite bedtime songs. Just about anything that you can say can be sung (hey, didn’t the Beatles write something about that?).

Singing is fun. Singing makes you smile. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s research showing that singing releases endorphins. And most of us adult types tend to sing far too little. The 7-Dwarves knew what they were talking about when they whistled while they worked! So try adding a bit more singing into your daily diet.

10. Dance like no one’s watching (even when you’ve made sure that everyone is!)
Like most houses with young ones, the phrases, “Watch Dada. Watch Mama. Watch everybody!” are heard on a regular basis. Ella loves to dance. And when she does, she lets it all hang out. She makes up new dance moves on a regular basis: There’s the running back and forth dance, the sneaky dance, the jumping up and down dance, the spin around until you fall down dance, and of course Ella’s famous Jiggy-Jiggy dance!

Somewhere along the way, most of us lose that uninhibited ability to express ourselves. The voices of self-doubt come in and we become self-conscious of our performance. Watching Ella dance with all her heart, whether she’s alone or in front of a crowd, is a great reminder of the innocence and joy that we all have inside of us. Isn’t it time we start letting a little more of it out?

So there are the top 10 life lessons that Ella has helped me learn? so far. What lessons have your children taught you? I’d love to hear. Leave a comment below and share your lessons and stories.

Top 10 Signs You Will Get Lucky

Written by Matthew Lynch

Couple - Credit:

One of the most complicated things in the dating game is knowing whether or not a woman is interested — especially since it’s easy to misinterpret a mere act of kindness as sexual interest. Deciphering whether or not she is interested in getting to know you or if you’re close to “getting lucky” that evening can be equally as confusing.

How do you know when an intimate conversation with someone you just met at a nightclub can potentially become a one-night stand? Truthfully, there are no surefire signs you’ll get lucky at the end of a date, but there are a few behavioral clues to look out for. Knowing how to recognize some signs you’ll get lucky — verbal and non-verbal ones — so that you can proceed to the next level will eliminate a significant amount of apprehension on your part to go for it.

It’s no secret that the woman ultimately controls the sexual climate of any situation or encounter. So, to help you read her better, here are the top 10 signs you’ll get lucky.


She buys you a drink

If she offers to buy you a drink, it is a clear indication that she is confident and goes after what she wants. It is also an invitation to join her, and potentially keep her company for the remainder of the evening.


She touches you

Body language is the key to knowing whether or not a woman is into you. If she touches you affectionately on the arm or leg in the midst of conversation, chances are that she’d like to take that touching to a more intimate place later on.


She compliments you

Women aren’t the only ones who enjoy compliments; men like their egos fed too — a trick most women know. So, if she’s going on a complimenting rampage about your physical appearance or the smell of your cologne, you can take that as a sign that you’ll probably get some kind of action by closing time.


She’s making eye contact

Maintaining prolonged eye contact (i.e., longer than five seconds) with you during your conversation shows that she likes what she sees and isn’t afraid to explore it further.


She lets you touch her

If she’s touching you, take that as an invite to return the favor. By allowing you to touch her affectionately or not shying away from any accidental touches to her hand or leg, she’s showing you that she’s comfortable with you and attracted to you. These are two probable signs you’ll get lucky by the end of the night.


She leans in

When talking to someone they’re not interested in, both men and women ensure to maintain their personal space so the other person doesn’t get the wrong idea. So, if your woman of interest leans in while talking to you, you can interpret it as a clear sign that she is comfortable sharing her personal space with you, and probably wouldn’t mind sharing her private space with you too.


She shares private details

A woman won’t open up to just anyone; she needs to feel comfortable and safe with the person she pulges personal information to. So, if you find yourself engaging in a conversation in which she’s sharing personal or emotional information, read it as an act of being open to receiving physical consolation from you.


She starts talking dirty

No sign you’ll get lucky can be more clear than this one. If she starts engaging in a sexual conversation with you — she tells you what she likes, she asks you what you like, she tells you about past experiences, etc. — you can be sure that she’s flirting with you in the hopes of taking your relationship to the next level.


She shows you her tattoo

Some things are only meant for certain eyes to see, especially when it comes to private features on intimate body parts, like a tattoo on her lower back or a birthmark on her breast. If she raises her shirt to show you anything of the sort, she’s giving you a glimpse of what you could have later on if you make a move.


She splits a cab with you

If, by the end of the night, you still haven’t worked up the courage to ask her to your place, she may leave at the same time as you or even go so far as to offer to split a cab ride with you. Consider this your last chance to get lucky for the night.

lady luck

There is no scientific formula to help predict how your evening will end. But if you take the time to be aware of these small signs, you can be sure that your success rate for “scoring” with women will increase significantly.

Top 10 Telephone Tricks

Written by lifehacker


When getting things done involves making phone calls, you want to spend the least amount of time and money on the horn as possible-and several tricks and services can help you do just that. With the right tones, keypresses, phone numbers, and know-how, you can skip through or cut off long-winded automated voice systems and humans, access web services by voice, and smartly screen incoming calls. Check out our pick of the 10 best telephony techniques for getting more done in less time over the phone.

10. Avoid the cost of calling 411 with GOOG 411.

Instead of calling regular 411 to get information (and an extra charge on your phone bill), Google by voice by calling 1-800-GOOG-411 to get a street address or phone number. Some Lifehacker readers say GOOG 411 works better than others; if you haven’t tried it, here’s a YouTube clip (courtesy of Google) on how to give it a try.

9. Get out of annoying calls and meetings with sounds and the Popularity Dialer.

Interrupt a long phone call or meeting (or date!) with two interesting services: (original post) offers a myriad of sounds you can play while you’re trapped on an endless phonecall that give you the perfect excuse to hang up. (Like, someone’s at the door, or you’re out of change to feed the naggy public phone.) Along the same lines, schedule an interrupting call with the Popularity Dialer (original post) an incoming calling service that can make you seem “in demand.” (Do we actually recommend these two services? Maybe not, but it’s nice to know they’re out there when you’re desperate.)

8. PayPal money via voice call.

phone-paypal.png When you owe your buddy 12 bucks on the dinner bill and you’re out of cash, call 1-800-4PAYPAL (1-800-472-9725) to send him the money on the spot. (Your phone must be activated on your PayPal account for this to work). Here’s more on how to send and receive money via phone with PayPal.

7. Email yourself reminders, blog, and set Google Calendar appointments by phone with Jott.

“Do everything you’d ever want from the phone” service Jott supercharges your ability to leave yourself a reminder voicemail. Jott will transcribe your voicemail to self and email it to you, as well as post to your blog, add events to your Google Calendar, and more. See Kevin’s full rundown on how to get things done over the phone with Jott.

6. Avoid annoying calls with a custom silent ringtone.

If your cell phone supports per-caller ringtones, reader Jim suggests selectively silencing the low-priority incoming calls with a dead air ringtone. Here’s how to make a ringtone from any MP3 on your mobile.

5. Ring all your phones from one number with GrandCentral.

grandcentralonenumber.png Sick of missing calls to the office while you’re home or vice versa? Set up a free GrandCentral number that can ring all your phones at once from one number, or selective phones based on the caller-like your cell phone, office phone, and home phone. GrandCentral’s got scads of neat customized phone features; see Adam’s tour of how to consolidate your phones with GrandCentral.

4. Skip the greeting and get right to the beep with one keypress.

Long voicemail greetings are tedious to sit through, but on many services, specific keypresses can skip you right to the beep. Hit 7 or # to bypass that long greeting, and save time and money on your cell phone bill.

3. Name that tune.

411song.png Dying to know what song that is playing on the car radio? Call 866-411-SONG and hold your phone up to the speakers. Just 15 seconds (and a small fee), and 411 SONG will send you a text message with the song name and artist. (This only works on cell phones with SMS capabilities.)

2. Swear like a sailor to skip directly to a human operator.

When that Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system’s making you navigate an endless menu of options, put your potty mouth to good use. Some IVR’s are programmed to listen for naughty words and speed you along to human help when they hear them. Adam gave this trick a try and dropping the F bomb did indeed zap him right through to a human. We suggest using this trick when you’re not within earshot of your co-workers.

1. Trick automated phone bots into thinking your line’s dead.

If you’ve got automated phone marketers or political campaigns or debt collectors ringing your phone at all hours, trick the system into thinking your phone’s dead. Add the U.S. Special Information Tone signal for “vacant circuit” to the beginning of your voicemail greeting to automatically unsubscribe your phone number from bot call lists.

How do you save time and money getting things done on the phone? Let us know in the comments.

8 Websites That Jumped The Shark

Written by Holy Taco

Because sometimes you just have to call shenanigans.


It started out as a cool website where you could find unbiased reviews and information on upcoming movies and television. Now it’s owner and operator, Harry Knowles, (who looks like what would happen if an Orange Julius and a pile of tires had a baby) is so bought and sold by the studios that when he reviewed the movie Daredevil, he said this:

“Not since Christopher Reeve nailed SUPERMAN has an actor so beautifully capture the image, soul and charisma of a character drawn from the pages of comic books.”

Really? I’ve taken shits that have more charisma than Ben Affleck in that movie. Every other critic HATED it, yet Harry gushed on for 3000 words. If you don’t believe he’s sold out, check out this screen shot from his review section of the site we took yesterday. Every review is positive. Don’t be fooled by “The Mist” headline-it’s actually Harry verbally fellating it.


I know, I know, how does a site that scribbles little droplets of semen coming from Britney Spears’ mouth, jump the shark? By doing stuff other than that-that’s how. Suddenly, Perez Hilton thinks people give a flying fuck about things he has to say other than celeb gossip, and he’s started commenting on politics and music. Right. The only thing we want him to comment on is why he won’t shut the hell up. Here’s a rule: If your site shows a close up picture of Lindsay Lohan’s vagina, you’re not allowed to comment on Hillary Clinton’s stance on health care reform.


JTS used to be a nice, straightforward website. Users would vote on when a classic TV show turned the corner and started to suck. It was a harsh, brutal, and clear-cut commentary on the TV world. Then it got bought by some big corporation and became my 12 year old sister’s diary.

Dear TV shows,

I like you. I wish everything in the world was TV shows. I like TV shows more than I like sunsets and pretty ponies. Do you like me? I hope you do. Please don’t ever die. You are my favoritest!


And that’s why the site sucks now. If you don’t think they’re biased, then why is half of their homepage taken up by some guy talking about “exciting show spoilers!.” Take a look on the right of this screen shot.


Can you remember the last time you paid money on the internet to masturbate? I can’t, and let me tell you-I masturbate a lot. With youporn, porntube,, and the like, there’s enough free porn out there to satisfy all of China, if it was only inhabited by thirteen-year-old boys with portable lotion dispensers. Why should I pay $9.99 to get on a pay site when I can find a free site, with a search engine, that allows me to type in “boobs, huge, two girls, volleyball, Jeopardy,” and get 48 videos? Don’t try to answer that because you can’t.

Nothing kills a boner like trying to type the three digit privacy protection code on the back of your credit card.


Remember when used to be about news? Now half the headlines are either about some dude who found out he was banging his long lost sister, or a story about a cat in Des Moines, Iowa that made a 911 call that saved Christmas. Again, below is a screen shot of their top headlines on the homepage from yesterday.


This used to be THE site for funny videos and pictures. In fact, there was a rumor that Eric Bauman was offered 100 million dollars for it and said no. That prompts me to start a new rumor: Eric Bauman is mentally retarded. If you’ve made your entire fortune from stealing other people’s videos, how do you not forsee that maybe other companies might take your business model and kick the absolute crap out of it? Answer: See rumor I started above. Too slow to realize they should update every day and change their interface, eBaum’s finally got the hint last year, but it was too late and no one cared.


Yes, Holy Taco has a myspace page, and every day I get the following friend request from some chick in a bikini named something like “Nadia”. “Hey, I noticed you were on the site, just wanted to say hi! Myspace won’t let me show my naked pics here, so come to my website!” If If I wanted porn, I’d go to a website or look in between my dad’s mattress. And who could forget how awesome it is to go to someone’s site, wait 15 minutes for it load the customized background picture of a unicorn flying, only to find when it does load, John Mayer’s “Waiting on the World” immediately begins blasting out of my lap top. Somehow Myspace has tricked people in to thinking that everyone GIVES A SHIT about what their page looks like. This picture below makes my head want to explode.


AOL used to own the internet. They were like the smoking hot chick in high school that everyone wanted to bang. Now you go back to your ten-year reunion and they’re the overweight hag, who’s carrying a child and asking you if she can “bum a smoke” as she attempts to lick some dried mayonnaise off her face. AOL’s been so bought out by large corporations and networks that their news coverage and search engines are total shit. Look at this screen shot from today of their “hot searches.” Really? Comanche Moon, a TV movie on CBS is your top hot search and you call yourself a reliable search engine?

14 Scientifically-Proven Fitness Tricks to Blast Off Fat (Way) Faster

Written by By Myatt Murphy

Up your burn with these scientifically proven fitness tricks.

Tired of plugging away at the gym without seeing the pounds disappear? We found simple tricks that will transform your usual regimen into the ultimate fat-blasting routine. Whether you use just two of these strategies or all seven, our insider tips will help you get the calorie-burn you deserve.

Know this: “You’ll be able to comfortably work out longer and harder if you’re cool,” says Len Kravitz, PhD, coordinator of exercise science at the University of New Mexico. “Being too hot stresses your body out, so you don’t perform as well.” Translation: You burn less fat.

Do this: When exercising at home, put a fan in front of your workout area. Hitting the gym? Wait to use the treadmill that has a fan built into the console.

Know this: “Wearing a heart-rate monitor makes it easier to burn more body fat by showing just how hard you’re really working,” Kravitz says. “Keeping your heart rate in the right zone prevents you from slacking off, so you make the most of every minute.”

Do this: Invest in a heart-rate monitor and wear it every time you exercise. We love Life Fitness’s new Dual Watch and Heart Rate Monitor ($60; at CVS stores nationwide). It’s simple to program and use. It doesn’t require an uncomfortable chest strap-just touch the face with your fingertips. And it comes in a variety of sizes, too.

Know this: “Warming up for five minutes before each workout helps you lose more weight,” says Heather Dillinger, an IDEA Health and Fitness Association elite-level personal-fitness trainer. “It not only makes your muscles more pliable but also increases their range of motion, so you end up using more muscle fibers as you exercise.”

Do this: Choose a warm-up routine that hits all of your muscles, not just your legs. The easiest option: Do three to five minutes of low-intensity walking while pumping your arms back and forth.

Know this: “Saving your energy for the end of your cardio workout may prevent you from losing as much weight as you can,” says metabolism expert Dixie Stanforth of the department of kinesiology and health education at the University of Texas at Austin.

Do this: Instead of starting out slow and then finishing up strong, do your high-intensity cardio early in your workout. After doing your warm-up, try exercising at a high intensity for 15 minutes before slowing down to a more moderate pace for the last 15 minutes.

Know this: “Two smaller workouts can be more effective than one,” Stanforth reveals. That’s because every time you do high-intensity exercise, your metabolism stays revved for an hour or more afterward. Splitting up your workout boosts your metabolism twice, giving you additional calorie-burning time from the exact same routine.

Do this: pide your workout into two smaller, high-intensity sessions-preferably, doing one in the morning and one at night.

Know this: If you’re convinced that you’re melting fat while exercising, you’ll make a mind-body connection that will actually help you lose fat faster, Dillinger explains. In a 2007 Harvard study, participants who believed they were getting a good workout showed greater reductions in body fat than subjects who performed the same activities but didn’t feel like they were really exercising.

Do this: The next time you do anything active, remind yourself every few minutes that you’re giving it your all. This little mental move may moti-vate you to push yourself harder, leading to even greater fat loss.

Know this: “The less time you rest between sets when strength training, the more calories you’re likely to burn,” Dillinger notes. “Keeping rest periods short keeps your heart rate at a higher rate, which naturally increases the number of calories you’re using.”

Do this: The best rule of thumb is to take only a 30-second break between sets (meaning you’ll need a watch with a second hand).

And the Words of the Prophets Were Written on the Bathroom Stalls

Written by themishmash

1. “Don’t hate me because I am beautiful. Hate me because I did your Dad.”


(Photo by Ed Hoover).

2. Tony Robbins channels Herv? Villechaize.


(Photo by Knightwise).

3. Too much information.


(Photo by Mark Perman).

4. Even scientists deface bathroom walls.


(Photo by Houston Marsh).

5. If toilet bowls could speak:


(Photo by Dan Means).

6. I’m gonna throw up now.


(Photo by Shawn Murphy).

7. Step One: We admitted we were powerless over alcohol.


(Photo by Craig Wood).

8. That damned Stephen Hawking; what did we tell you about scientists?


(Photo by Natalie Price).

9. Is he bragging or complaining?


(Photo by The Chrysanthemum).

10. Ya don’t say?


(Photo by Charlie Inman).

11. You asked for it.


(Photo by Alpha Omega).

12. Little Richard did call himself the ‘Bronze Liberace‘.


(Photo by Andrew Meager).

11 Interesting Pictures That Look Photo Shopped But Aren’t

Collected by wallstreetfighter

All of the photos below are exactly as the shots were taken. Although it’s hard to believe (and many won’t anyway) but they are untouched.

This is done using a large mirror with a hole to put your head through. Then focus the camera on just the mirror. Simple, who doesn’t have a huge mirror with a hole in it laying around

Slow shutter, LED pen

Dye injected chicks in Bali

These photos taken from my favorite of the “Not PhotoShopped” Thread
at SomethingAwful. More photos and descriptions HERE