Top 10 Reasons to Believe Logic Over Religion

Written by Daily Garlic

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for turning my tap water into alcohol and a never ending food basket, but I’m tired of all these people whining and telling me how to live my life. You do your thing, I do my thing, we’re all happy, but after reading that someone is paying Facebook to post a religious article titled “6 Reasons You Have To Believe In God”, I figured I’d grab my own cross and at least have fun while getting ready to be crucified for having an opinion.

The argument that because complex life exists, it must have been “created” is ridiculous, and it’s time someone said it. Yay, we have lots of chromosomes, we can see in color and keep erections for 4+ hours (commercials say see a doctor, I’d rather see a sorority house), but explaining away the unexplainable with magical explanations is as real as the emails I get from the prime minister of Nigeria who wants to send me $4 million dollars via a cashiers check.

1. “Earth is the perfect environment, it had to have been made for us”

Nai-eve. Get real. I point you to Arachaea, aka Archaebacteria and Extremophiles. These miraculous organisms live in ridiculously extreme climates. Climates much like that of, I don’t know, other planets perhaps? The point is, different kinds of life require different things. Ours needs water, oxygen and beer. Anyway, as far as we know, in the 9 planets (fuck you, Pluto still counts) we have in our Solar System, we’re the only ones with real sentient life, so I guess that means we’re the only ones right? Oh wait, I forgot about the BILLIONS+ of other planets and solar systems in other galaxies and what not that we haven’t been to or seen up close. So we’re here, great, that’s awesome, but if it were so damn perfect, Canada would be part of the United States, it wouldn’t be so damn cold here in the winter, and Yellow Stone would shoot up Budweiser. Hey, a guy can dream right?

2. Free Will – Contradicting a Contradiction

God “gives” us “Free Will” so that we can choose which path to follow. He knows what we’re going to do, but he’s “giving” us the choice to, uhm, choose what he already knows we’re going to do? To put it simply, if God can know 100% without a doubt you’re going to do it, it’s set in stone, you can’t change it, you’re just fulfilling destiny or a “plan” laid out by someone else. Either he gives us free will to do what we want (in which case there are many different paths and there is no way to KNOW which one we’ll do), or it’s all an illusion and you’ve got a puppet string coming out of your ass.

3. Hillary Clinton is leading the polls

If there is a God, and he does love us, then this would never have happened. Every time I realize my calendar doesn’t say April, I wonder if there is a God and he has a sick sense of humor, but then it would have to be a really, really sick sense of humor.

4. Evolution

I don’t actually think that evolution disproves creationism, actually if there was an “intelligent designer” this would have been an “intelligent design” to build in. It’s nature’s undo button once you figure out that giving tigers the ability to fly just wasn’t the best idea out on the market. But since the church feels that evolution cannot co-exist with creationism, point me.

5. Intelligent Designs lack of a designer

Aren’t we smart, we are truly awesome. Don’t misunderstand me, I love walking on two legs and peeing standing up, but telling me that we have to be created by a magical being just because we exist, begs questioning.

Logic dictates that if (a) we are here so we must have come from somewhere, i.e. a “designer” who is more complex and intelligent than us, then (b) a complex and intelligent designer, would also have to have come from somewhere i.e. a “designer” who is even more complex and intelligent.

If the reasoning for a God is we’re here, then where did he come from? My favorite famous lines are “he always was” and “no one knows”. Shave the wool off your back and follow the herd if you believe that. If someone HAD to have created us, they would have HAD to have been created. If our creator could have ALWAYS been or just magically appeared, then so could we have.

We can’t just assert that God is mightier and he just magically came to be, if that’s the logic, I say someone still had to find him in the bottom of a cereal box, it’s a paradox.

6. Ron Paul is behind in the polls

Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) is the leading advocate for freedom in our nation’s capital.” He’s advocating for FREEDOM, come on, how can you not love freedom. He wants to legalize pot and I’ve seen him kiss at least 6 babies in the past week. He wants to get rid of the IRS, imagine a world without angry letters from those bastards! If God existed, Ron Paul wouldn’t be just President, he would have been made Co-God back in the 60s.

7. Pot is illegal but Alcohol is A-Okay

Alcohol, the leading cause of drunk driving, and as such the leading cause of alcohol-related deaths, is totally cool for me to drive down to the liquor store to pick up and binge drink on. On the flip side, lighting up a joint and scarfing down a large pizza or two will get you boned hard. If God was around, he’d rather I eat a bag of Doritos and pass out than get drunk, beat my wife and piss on the couch. The worst that can happen with pot is smoking yourself stupid and passing out, but alcohol makes people angry. Hulk mad. If only there were a God? and then Ron Paul would set the record straight.

8. Bad things happen to good people, great things happen to bad people

For a society that constantly gets the short end of the stick when it comes to miracles, I’ve never fully understood how people can whipe away such an obvious shortcoming with one or two hail marys. If we’re God’s children, how come Bin Laden hasn’t been bent over his knee and beat with a wooden spoon yet? Why the hell are people stopping to help stalled motorists and getting raped murdered, and why is it that every time a girl scout makes it to my door she’s out of thin mints? I’m sick of it. Shortbread cookies suck, they do. There, I said it. Aside from such atrocities, every single day bad people get rewarded, while good people are getting creamed on the side of the road by drunk drivers. Give credit where credit is due, if you’re an asshole, you should have karma spitting in your face, and if you’re a good-looking, stand-up guy who wants some damn thin mints, you should get some damn thin mints.

9. Blind Faith

If we’re supposed to believe in a God, and he wants us to believe in him, and the only way for eternal salvation is to believe, then why can’t he take 30 seconds to hop off his throne made of golden baby carcasses and pop in and have coffee with me tomorrow? Starbucks, 10:30, I’ll buy. If it’s such a big deal to believe, why is it not such a big deal to give a reason to believe in?

10. The proof is in dying

Ever notice how religions promise us stuff that cannot be instantly proven? One of the biggest promises is heaven after we die or in Islam they promise 72 virgins. That has got to be the lowest thing.. promising pussy in the after life for accepting their religion.

The biggest logical fallacy is that a religion can offer us millions and millions of years of heaven for accepting their beliefs for just 100 years max? What is the ratio there there, how can accepting something for 100 years or so get you something for millions of years (or eternity) to come. When something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

I don’t want you to change your views for me, hell I don’t care if you DO believe that Jesus is magic and my house was struck by lightning and swiftly burnt to the ground right after posting this. It’s your life, do what you want, but don’t sit back and take everything you’re told with a spoonful of sugar and a blindfold, that’s for republicans.

About the Author: David enjoys long walks on the beach, casual strolls down the boulevard and writing long and drawn out posts in his underwear in the wee hours of the morning.

86 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons to Believe Logic Over Religion

  1. Tim

    Interesting article. Here are my thoughts.

    1. Not sure what point you?re trying to make here except that organism needing oxygen, who happen to be living on an oxygen rich planet, does not prove that there?s a God. I agree.

    2. Interesting argument and one that was made almost five-hundred years ago by one of history?s most important theologians; John Calvin. Martin Luther (as in the reformer, not the black preacher/activist) also agreed. John Wesley disagreed. I happen to think that the argument is a little short sighted and rests on an understanding of what is possible for a human, rather than what might be possible for an all knowing, all powerful God?if one were to exist. Put simply, even as a human I understand that, when a young woman hooks up and marries a drug addict, he probably isn?t going to suddenly become an upright citizen, adopt her baby, get a good job, and give her a good life. I know that ahead of time, but it is till very much her who makes the decision. Imagine then what God – who has a bird?s eye view, has seen every second of history, and knows the future ? understands. You are faced with a decision, and you make the decision, he just happens to know which decision you?re going to make. I don?t personally see the problem there, but that?s my argument. John Calvin and Martin Luther would disagree.

    3. I assume you?re joking here but would say that, on issues of social justice, Hillary?s viewpoint lines up a lot more with the teachings of Jesus Christ than many of her Republican counterparts.

    4. Actually, many Christians would agree with you whole heartedly. Ever heard of Theo-Evolutionists?

    5. See point number two. If we?re speaking about logic, then we have to assume that the thing that makes him God is that he exists far outside what is possible for a human being. If he were capable of nothing more than a few magic tricks (as you say), than he would be nothing more than a mean kid living up in the sky. If he?s God, however, and the one true God, then he lives beyond human physics and time and space are not issues. Though I admit that I too struggle with the idea that God ?has always been?. As a human, I find it completely incomprehendible.

    6. : )

    7. See ?Free Will?. Let me add that free will gets a bad wrap by both religious and non-religious people but I would argue that, without it, we?re incapable of any emotions (including love) because everything we do we do out of habit or because we?re programmed to do it. If I do something out of habit or instinct I do it without any joy or sorrow. Imagine life without emotion? How much would that suck?

    8. Again, ?Free Will?. It comes with its drawbacks but life without it wouldn?t be ?life!? at all.

    9. I actually agree with this one but would argue that our reason for believing is all around us. From nature, to science, to several thousand years of the recorded history of God interacting with mankind. I don?t believe that God asks for blind faith.

    10. For the record, only the radical Muslims promise pussy in the afterlife. : ) The rest just get streets of gold. As for the rest of your argument?mmmmm?I?m not sure how to respond to this one. Why do parents lavish love on their children when all that their children do is take, and take, and take? And what does love mean? Figure that out and I guess you?ll understand why we only need to ?believe? to get eternal life. And if you do figure those things out, please write an article about it and let the rest of us know.

    11. As for your conclusion, you?ve just argued my theory for ?Free Will?. : )

  2. Rockin' Rich

    Yeah, Ron Paul. What a guy.

    He’s a right-wing asshole, you idiot!

    Put that bong away and get a clue, numb-nuts.

  3. Marvel

    Well. Another caricature of an interesting debate.
    For instance 1? is about finetuning of universe. Saying “BILLIONS+ of other planets and solar systems” solve the unprobability of our existence is just wrong, because we are in other order of magnitudes : what is the Billions in comparison to the 10 “puissance” 60 decimal precision of universes variable ? This is a real question, if constants of universes where not precisely tuned life could not exist. The answer to that is not “there are billions of planets” because it can’t compare. The answers are : the contants may be correlated or there is an infinity of parallele universes or there is a big architect.
    But nothing as simpler as your post.


  4. Pakott

    There is two things that make me sick about religious people.
    One is those sentences “if God wants”, “we are in God’s hands”…etc…I mean, we are a sort of “automatas” and everything happens because the will of God…so, I don’t have to be worried about my sins because it was the God wills…ah!! in that case it is my foult, I cheated God. God is not responsable about the hunger in Africa, the Tsunami in Asia an Bush in America, the gilties are the entire human being, even the no american voters.
    Two is that if you are no believer and say what you think it is an insult to the believers…WHY?? God is in their side, they don’t have anything to fear, why are they feeling attacked if you say your thinkings. Why do they pray for you for telling that?? Are they as sure as they seemed to be?? But if they say their thinkings of God and religion and the sinners like you, you can’t feel atacked cause they have the ONLY true…but they are not pretty sure about that and don’t want to listen what you say….they really insult me telling me sinner and I can’t say that God doesn’t exist…

    1. fulanito

      we? we are you gonna be? are u a semi god? he’s gonna die and you won’t even find out. you’ll probably also be non existent.

  5. AugustoM

    This article is a lot of shit! You haven’t the reason and you will never have it. So, what will happen when you die? Why the people feel love? How the universe began to exist? Millions of people are wrong? Don’t criticize the religion if you don’t know the answer for these questions. Only God know it.
    I speak Spanish really. I’m sorry for my bad English.


  6. Leandro

    Logic isn’t something you have to believe in, it’s something you only have to think about and learn. You can’t deny logic as is evident, while you actually can deny faith because to believe is a voluntary act. And again we’re talking about the existence or not of a real free will (and I mean real like capable of being measured, not “really free” as “completely free”). So your entire post seems to me kind of “ill posed”

  7. Enric

    I agree with the poster, logic is totally against religion. Logic proves things, it works, we have technology and science thanks to it.
    And religion just gives a lot of wrong knowledge, written in a book 2000 years ago (written by incult people), and it has been already proved several times that Bible lies, like when it says earth is flat, the sky is a solid dome, god created the sun, and the stars “also”, sun goes around earth, and earth is the middle of universe…

    Of course, Church recognized finally that those ideas were wrong, (and apologised to Galileo in 1997!!), but since evolution remains a theory and hasn’t been 100% proved already, they keep trying to make pseude-science with their Creationism, which states that god created everything… But then… who created god? He created himself? He was created by another, bigger god?

    We just CANNOT know these things. Everything we can do about it is “guess”… and that’s religion, a big guess…. an invention, to answer questions which nobody could answer. Because human is – by instinct – afraid of unknown, so they prefered to have an invented answer instead of an incognita.

    It’s a shame that nowadays, with this modern society we have, there are people who still thinks like in medieval age… We should forbid religion and stop the brainwashing they do to their children, who will believe in that fake knowledge during all their lives…

    1. claudiaspann

      love this comment! fully agree.. if 100 years ago people believed cutting a hole in the skull cures a head ache.. how can they still believe in the bible which is how many thousands of years old?! lol.. all religion should be banished! they are all cults. they force people to believe in something that has no evidence.. funny how when goos things happen they thank the lord yet wen bad things happen they blame satan.. ahaha, if god was so great and powerful, y not banish all evil? if he could create all this in a couple days im sure it would be like making a phone call to him.. if he is there (which he isnt) y is there a constant battle btween good and evil, y temp people with sin? if he is the creator of EVERYTHING, then surely he mustv created sin… y?

      my conclusion, humans created god, not the other way around!)

  8. Enric

    Btw, I’m sorry for my spelling mistakes, I’m not native english speaker, I’m from Catalonia, Spain (Europe).

    1. fulanito

      haha its funny how you specify Spain is in Europe. Americans are really stupid, so you never know.

  9. Will

    Religion was really used in the early ages to give the people to believe in and something to do. Now that we know better its all really bullshit.

  10. Albert

    Great post. Religion was CREATED to control the lesser people, people which can’t think for themselves, people that need faith. I always wonder what will happen to these people when the day come, when someone proves beyond a reasonable doubt that there is no voodoo man in the sky. I just can’t wait for that day.

  11. Albert

    Religion was CREATED to control the lesser people, people which can’t think for themselves, people that need faith. I always wonder what will happen to these people when the day come, when someone proves beyond a reasonable doubt that there is no voodoo man in the sky. I just can’t wait for that day.

  12. Tim

    Wow, there’s a lot of really bad science and resourcing in these responses. I’d suggest some of you actually check out what the Bible says on some of these topics before you use it as a source.

  13. Venus

    Okay, some of these are logical arguments, others just reveal how much you’re trying to bs.

    About ID… ID is something created by radical Christians, not the church. The church never had a problem with evolution, and the only reason they had a problem with Galileo was an ego-spat between him and the pope.

  14. Sarah

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I’ve always believed more in logic than in religion, and while you probably would have saved yourself a lot of grief providing more source material for your posts, I found this blog quite interesting to read.

    And to some of the other posters: not supporting Hillary does NOT make you a Republican and while Ron Paul is running under the Republican flag, have any of you read what he stands for? If anything, he is a Libertarian.

  15. Greg

    I enjoyed your article. But I think that you and some of your commentors (both the secular and theist commentors) have little to no back ground in philosophy.

    I find it interesting that most atheists point to world suffering as a proof that God does not exist. Interesting, but no suprise when you consider that the Problem of Pain is the only philosophical argument that even claims to prove that there is no God. When, in comparison there are maybe a few dozen or so arguments that give a logical proof that God exists. I’d say at least half of them are valid.

    These arguments prove nothing about the nature of God, nor do they attempt to. But, I would say that they prove enough to refute atheism. Look some of them up:

    The First Cause Argument/Contingency Argument
    The Argument From Design (popularly known by the “Watchmaker” essay)
    The Argument From Desire
    The Argument From Conscience

    I’ve also noticed that atheists love to remove from themselves, the burden of proof. They can say “God does not exist.” but hide behind the “can’t prove a negative” idea. By this rationale, the hard line Christian who says “Evolution did not happen.” is also free of the burden of proof, and I call bullshit on both of them.

    An essay on atheism written by the creator of wrote this:

    “The atheist demands that the Deist, or theist, provide evidence for the existence of God. They continually resort to logical fallacies of their own, for example, a common one is the Petitio principii (begging the question) fallacy; it goes something like this: there is no God because we find no evidence of God in nature. But is this true? No. We presently do not know enough about nature to make such a conclusion, eventually, the possibility that there is a God could be proven. The atheist has no evidence that the universe is eternal or accidental; they are assuming that scientific speculation somehow equals scientific fact. Obviously there is a great gap between speculation and fact to the rational mind.”

    While I do not personally agree with all of his work, I think he has made a very solid argument on this essay.

    As for the whole evolution thing… it’s sadly ridiculous. I would love to know where people got it in their heads that if God exists, evolution could not. Or its antithesis: evolution proves that there is no God. Both ideas are laughable. At what point in ANY theory of evolution does it claim that it has, or is even trying to disprove God? Besides, the Catholic Church was in support of evolutionary science and research, and had no problem with it. They were even very public about this as early as 1950.

    It’s even more ridiculous to me when I consider that learning and getting excited about evolution actually contributed more to my own belief in God than any church or preacher could ever have hoped to do.

    I hope no one takes me as being snide or coming off as “holier than thou”. Most atheists/agnostics I meet are in their frame of mind because of an asshole religious nut that know or once knew.

    Don’t let one jackass ruin it for you. The number of Muslims blowing themselves up for the promise of dozens of virgins in heaven, pale in comparison to the number of Muslims who find the notion ridiculous and insulting. You hear the loudmouthed assholes of the group more than any other…. because they are the loudmouthed assholes (go to any European country and see a shocked face when you don’t think like Bush, or have more composure and dignity than Brittney Spears).

    I’m not trying to convert anyone here, but almost EVERYBODY goes into this discussion already believing one way or the other and can’t possibly be moved. That is dangerous for any party, whether you believe in God you don’t, you’re walking into discussion with a closed, dogmatic, mind-set,* and the only thing that will accomplish is to engender resentment, dissillusionment and the thought that the other side was full of hopeless dunderheads.

    *Atheists can be as dogmatic and organized as any religion, take a look at They have a mission, they hold events, you can become a member and even donate (read: tithe).

  16. Tony

    God loves you David and I’ll pray for you. This response is not to anger you or to get you to respond. Just know that you are loved by your creator and he sent his son to die for you so you could be with him forever.

  17. Lou

    I agree that saying there must be an intelligent designer more complex than us is illogical, but so is the Big Bang Theory. Where did the universe come from? Scientist’s can’t think beyond that, because they are stuck in a cause-and-effect universe in which there must be some initial cause for all of this. There must be some other reality or realities where cause-and-effect and time do not exist, and which are supporting/creating this reality. But of course proving such a thing is most likely impossible.

  18. -Anonymous-

    I wish people were not as stupid as they are… most people just get too carried away to be able to see things as they are.

    The worst is that it is practically impossible to help stupid people, as they refuse to change and because there are too many of them.

    I would like to thank all the people who want to free other from the bond of religion, it is really humanistic and I appreciate the effort you are making to help them, but I must tell you, it is a lost cause.

    Anyway, I have already lost any kind of hope in mankind, as most are just way too stupid, and those who are not, are out there making use of stupid people or trying to find a way to do it.

    But before I end this post I would want to congratulate religion, government, and companies for being able to control mankind so efficiently, without most of them even noticing it.

    Goodbye to you all and lets hope I can get my share out of people before we obliterate our own stupid asses.

  19. jesse hoyle

    dont agree with you about the political side of things, but a very good article nonetheless.


  20. Gemini

    Dave, I realy enjoyed this post. Saying what others are thinking, but are too afraid to say is always a good way to get a laugh. I also have to agree with anonymous, there will never be a shortage of stupid people to be manipulated and brain washed on this planet.

    Recently I was amazed by the response I got from friends and family when I told them I invited the local door to door Jehovahs into my home for an indepth discusion into religion. It was like I commited social suicide. They were convinced I was going to sell all my posessions and join a cult…um, I’m a free thinker, thank you very much! Like having a discussion with them was going to force me to change my opinions.

    What are you affraid of people? If you have a mind and are capable of using it, don’t be scared to listen to other peoples religious beliefs and draw your own conclusions. Slaming the door in their faces just shows that you are unsure of yourself. Treat it like a game, “Stump the Jehovah”.

    Likewise, don’t get pissy when someone shits on your religion, it just makes you look insecure.

    For myself, I have no religion. I can neither believe nor disbelieve in “God” at this point in my life. So I will be content to sit on the fence and study many religions until I make my own educated decision. Of course I could die before achieving this, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

    Oh, and Dave, You’re right, If there was a God, Canada would become a part of the States. We have the best beer, the best weed and the sweetest pussy in all the world. Keep praying buddy, it just might happen.

    Sorry for my bad english, I speak Canadian Eh! and the fact it’s 1:00am has nothing to do with it.

  21. -Anon-

    Great job man. Screw religion.

    Like mentioned above, Galileo’s case’s a classic. So’s evolution. And witch hunting. They’d burn their own believers to feel a sense of security over something that doesn’t exist.

    Then comes in “God’s Love”. “God” “condemned” the lives of…800000(?) in the recent quake and hurricane. Wow, if that’s love, i don’t want to see what happens to people “he” hates. If he really loves us so much, why doesn’t he bring us all to “heaven” when we die? Since “he” is “almighty” and “omnipresent” anyway. While “he”‘s at it, I’m pretty sure “he” can get rid the diseases and suffering that plagues the earth.

    Stop believing in that bullshit called religion already. Face it, there is NO GOD in this world. Snap out of it.

    Oh, if you see a 17 yr old male in Singapore dying in a weird fashion in the next couple of days, that would be me, and you guys would know that there MIGHT be a god in this world afterall. Till then…screw him.


  22. Jenna

    uhummmm. okay dude listen up. wow. this blog is like those who dont do teach. except its those who dont believe criticize like they know. hahahaaa. you know its true. you said it yourself you dont believe in god. so you have no right to judge those who do. before you criticize and say why ppl shouldnt believe in god and should believev in the ‘theories’ not laws of creationism and intelligent design, you need to understand a great knowledge about all of them. so get your facts stright and then you can critisize. : )

    In your #2 reason. You only believe god already has a plan for you before your born to say ok youre gonna betray me and go to hell and okay youre going to be in heaven,; if you believe in predestination. look it up sparky. i personally think predestination is crap. god gives you free will. like you said. but it also says god gives you a decision. why would god create ppl if he would decide that they were going to hell. and why would he want ppl to go to hell anyways. hellooooo. duuuuuhhhh.

    In your #3 point. hahahahhaaaa

    In your 4th point.
    science and religion just dont mix. because on one specific reason. the scientific method. the foundation of science. You cant prove that when you die you go to heaven. so they relle dont mix. so creationism and evolution clash. yeah.

    In your 5th point. Wow. easy one.
    you’re talking about god like he was vreated by someone. hahahhaa. youre funny. well not relle. but anyways. go is the creator not the created. he isnt a human he is eternal. which if you dont know. he is not created it means he just exisists he wasnt created. so dont say whoo created him until you know ure facts. btw. evolutionists believed that god was an eternal existence until the supposed ‘ theory’ of evolution came along. you know came along. not has been on earth for thousands beyond thousands of years like religion.

    In your 6th and 7th points.
    wow. you are seriosly an idiot.
    heres you:
    hmhmhmhmhmh i wonder y ron paul is behind in the polls. hmhmhmhh.
    heres me:
    duhhhhh you retard!!!!! he wants to legalize pot. stugeee.

    you seriosly are rellllllleeeee mindless. of course the dude is all about peace. because he wants to legalize drugs so he can bring peace through being mindless idiots all the time by being high. wow. and also btwwww. god drank wine. one cup. because that was what was appropriate back the one or two cups with dinner. yeah. not binge drinking and getting wasted so you can barf your brians out and destroy your liver. get a life. seriosly.

    because if you wou.d have done your research on god and religion. god says he uses thos ‘bad things’ as a test for those of us who believe in religion. and for those of us who dont, he uses those to bring ppl closer. like your # 10 death. my grandmother died about 2 days ago. and i loved her dearly and shes in heaven right now with god. who loves her. and who loves you. and you know what. ever since my families never been closer. to each other and to god.

    and you know for your #9

    the reason god doesnt reveal himself is. because ppl who think like you are just freaking lazyyyyyyy. yeah. you know you are. how easy would it be to believe if you saw god in the flesh. whats the point then. everyone who go to heaven. duh. because isnt seeing believeing. once again. read up on things loser. if god revealed himself. their would be no point in anything because then everything would come easy. the reason he doesnt reveal himself is because he wants to see who his true believers are. if you saw him that would be the only reason to believ then the gates to heaven would be like a free admisions gate. open all the time. you have to believe in your heart, not with your eyes.

    and dont group all christians together. i didnt tell you to believe in god in this entire message. and im not ever going to tell anyone unless thay want advice. i too believe that peopole should live the way they want without getting on other peoples backs and trying to convinvce them to believe what they believe. but unlike you. i actually stick to my beliefs. thats god for ya. p.s.
    im not saying believe on god or you’ll go to hell. im not convicting you. people shoudl make their own decision about what they believe but if you want to talk about people who have already made their own decision, you might want to study and research all sides of the topic before you open your mouth. got it.

    heres a good bible verse to sum it all up
    ephesians 3: 16-19
    its about loving god unconditionally and not having to SEE HIM. : ) its your # 9. study it.

    to all the people that read my reply: I dont care what you elieve in but im also not going to convict you for what you believe in i believe in peace. not related to drugs like some ppl….. hmhmhmh….. ron paul. …… and you know not all christians are the way people always think they are… tis just that there are some in a bunch that ruin it for the rest of us. so dont label all. thanks.

    1. guest

      I’d like to point out that most people that believe in god seem to lack education. Jenna is a strong example.

  23. Johnny Layfette

    So why are we here? You got any theories? No God…? Maybe. Maybe not. No one knows for sure though. Religion is an attempt to explain the inexplicable. So is the theory of evolution and the big bang theory. They are all theories; not proven.

  24. Jenna

    LOL. hahahaaaa. well i’m not sure dave if ure comment is meant to disencourage or encourage me but maybe this will clear a few things up i am only 16 years old…… im only in high school. and i was really mad when i wrote the reply to the article…. and i was basically tired of people who don’t have enough common sense to research before they open their mouths… or in this case… post a blog about it. lol. so if your reply back when you said yay you was an encouragement…. thanks….. and if not….. well … i dont relle care….. : )

  25. kittmir

    Interesting article. I think it is impossible to definitively directly prove the existence of God. It is pretty easy to disprove an entire religion, though. In fact, if there is a God, at most only one religion can be correct. All other religions should be easily debunked because the human element of imperfection will be evident in internal contradictions and external contradictions (with science, for example). A religion will claim that their worship is directed towards an entity that cannot make an untrue claim. I think you did a decent job addressing Christianity. But disproving Christianity does not disprove all religions.

    One of the boldest statements that a religion can claim is that it has the intact, original, direct word of God. Islam makes this claim with the qur’an. A book from the desert from 1300 years ago and still in its original text (in Arabic). I challenge you to put it to the scientific scrutiny that you put to the Bible. You don’t have to try to understand it in terms of the 7th century Arabian desert, but in terms of modern science. God should know what the future is like.

    I’m not sure how much you know about Islam, but the basis of the religion is just to worship one God and to believe that he sends prophets with his message. The last of these messengers was Muhammad. He was given the qur’an. Finding any provable mistake (not just something that you disagree with) should be relatively easy if the qur’an is not from God.

    (btw, your statement about 72 virgins cannot be found in the qur’an. it is found in the hadith, which is not the word of God. It is not universally accepted.)

  26. Amanda

    Awesome, thats all i can say. I read your article and as i was reading i kept thinking this is exactly how i feel! In todays society people are sheep they will follow almost anything.

  27. XXXXD

    HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally agree with you! Laughed my ass off through the whole thing.

  28. Nibiru

    It was nice article to kill some little time at work. People talk about logic but cant prove that with logic..awesome!!.
    I will trust u logically or scientifically if you prove me that something was built or created by itself. (if possible i wanna get a Lamborghini for free) if not then how come this universe created by itself with the hi tech science.:-s…pretty confusing :-s
    No one has seen the wisdom or intelligence (none of our five senses sense that) but stupid ppl believe in that but not in God….how come?

    anyway ….world’s major population some how believe in God cuz some where their so called will get stuck and all their logic get failed and they start believing Al mighty. Bcuz the God is something beyond the logic. IT will not fit in the tiny brains.

  29. mrtp

    “to put it simply, if God can know 100% without a doubt you’re going to do it, it’s set in stone, you can’t change it, you’re just fulfilling destiny or a ‘plan’ laid out by someone else. Either he gives us free will to do what we want (in which case there are many different paths and there is no way to KNOW which one we’ll do)”

    Couldn’t God know all the possible paths we could choose?

  30. Anthony T. Smith

    ROFLMFAO. Thanks David. I am a spiritual person and I can laugh at this. I really like your P.O.V. A wise man once said, I like your Christ, but I dislike your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.

  31. Anthony T. Smith

    Jenna. You are a fool. I dig your passion though. Please edit your own rant before criticizing David for his poor grammar. Better luck next time. You are doing to religion what pantyhose did to finger-fucking.

  32. Luke

    Dude, you are crazy, this whle deal is too much for our minds to wrap around, and you can’t explain anything is true or not, anyway, whoever puts the Christian stuff and goes out of their way to do it is good, but overkill giving Christians a bad name, it’s faith, and like it’s said, He gave us free will, to follow Him or to to not, you believe or you don’t it’s that simple, so get off our ass about how we’re wrong. In the end we all will find out, but another thing, Christians are the most pursecuted religious people for their religion in the world. Wierd huh, that this religion, the most persecuted, seems a little far-fetched, but if you do more research, like read a Bible, you will see that God is too big for our minds, that all this is too much for us to understand. “We are made in God’s image.” Think about it then come talk to me about religion.

  33. Jesse

    LMAO @ Jenna, I love it when they say god is testing us and stuff yet you don’t realize you simply MADE UP an answer that doesn’t logically explain anything. Religion is a real as the chimera in my backyard.

    And to someone else, religion isn’t a theory, religion is nonsense fairy tale created to control and munipilate people, most people stick to the religion to they taught when they were young and incapable of reasoning and logical thinking. Sad people can’t think for themselves and break out of what the nonsense their parents put upon them.

  34. trent

    i would like to add, that i find it amazing that christians can believe fully that their religion is the only correct one, when there are hundreds and/or thousands of religions already around or poping up all over the place..

    has anybody heard about that brand-new mexican religion, which focuses upon “saint death”? a perfect example of how religions can just pop up.

    i agree that people are insecure and would rather have a made up reason for existance instead of being left in the dark.

    and to finish it off, i have one new idea, that hasnt been mentioned in detail. i am a 14 year old, who goes to a mainly christian school (even though i am not christian). everybody there says they are christian, but doesnt seem to truesly believe in god. just like how a baby become accustomed to their mothers voice while in the womb, i think that the reason people are so concrete set as to what they beleive, is that they have been brought up to beleive something.

    this may at first seem a bit stupid, but if you think it through, it does make a llot of children, we pickup language without fault, and it is easy to talk by the age of 5 or so, even if we dont know what some words mean. if we listen to another language (e.g chinese) we often consider it to be silly, or of lower quality to our own language.

    the same thing can be said for religion. we grow up around it, and when people are young, their minds are, in a way “blank”. the new mind is made to learn, to evolve, top develop. so in a way, most people DONT have a choice as to what to beleive religion wise.

    i only say this because i was brought up without any religion what-so-ever. until yr 2 of school i had never heard of a god, and had never been convinced that one did or did not exist. i didnt really care up until a few years ago.

    (note: this is just my view, sorry if i offended anybody)

    1. Guest

      Unfortunately it is that way for many people, but such religion is weak. The most incredible christians, or for that matter believers in any/no religion are those who come to that conclusion using knowledge, logic and their own free will. Others are often not able to explain their beliefs and these beliefs gradually fade away. They say their christian, but its only a name.

  35. Lisa

    Interesting, I am not an atheist but was asked to debate the existence of god in philosophy. I happened to be put on the team that say’s god does not exist and this article has given me a few pointers. Thanks!

  36. Zed Essex

    The single biggest proof that god does not exist is the bible itself. A book that is the inspired word of god written by men, yet so confusing that you need priests to interpret it. So many interpretations come out that there are THOUSANDS of denominations of christians in the world today. It is the equivalent of ideological babylon(to reference the bible)! Would god inspire the creation of the bible knowing full well the confusion it would cause? Is god some sort of cosmic prankster? Why would he “inspire” chaos? Now let’s see who would want to inspire chaos,…. hmmmmmm. Could it be Satan? Nope, because he doesn’t exist either!

  37. Adam

    One of the best things I have ever read (no joke). p.s. did the big guy show up for coffe or what?? haha your the man, I’m subscribing!!

  38. Sondre Johansen

    Freaking best article ever written. Totally loved it 5/5!
    Laughed so bad at ”take a piss on the couch”

  39. sadomy huseinanal

    um christians, im sorry of “oh i dont care what you believe im just sayin…etc” bullshit, fuck that, your just straight up ignorant bastards who aree going to die like me and not go to any fucking heaven, your just a cunt whore fairy-tale beleiveing bitch, god isnt real, if you are even conscious you would know that already, but your asleep, just wake up

  40. Darryl

    This was a very well-written article that appeals to a layman like me. I think there are SO many people that are a part of religion just because it’s what they were raised to believe is true and it’s the easy thing to do/continue doing. I often feel it hard to break away when I know in my heart that practicing religion (AKA-following some stuffy old man’s words of comportment (pastors), and looking to others to tell me what is right or wrong) is not the way to true understanding of our lives and our purpose in it. We must search out our own purpose. Too many people have been irrevocably harmed in the name of religion that I can’t see how a religionless world could ever be worse. A great article! Thanks for the insight.

  41. Fred

    I think it’s funny how most people who are pro-religion gets defensive when there are a few people who suggest that God might not exist or that religions might be fake. If you believe in a religion, good for you but don’t try to shove it everyone’s throat. Everyone is free to think what they want, how they want it. If you are truly religious, you’d be more calm and serene about it. It’s just an opinion. It’s not like they are planning on blowing some building to go to 700-plus-virgin heaven if they think there’s no God. Sadly, there are people who do more evil when they think there’s a god :-(.
    I believe religions were created by smart prudes who meant well. They saw how ferral people could be without guidance so they came up with rules that they claimed were “heaven sent”. Unfortunately the repercussions of this were hatred and racial/religious segregations due to seperate beliefs. And it’s even more aggravated now with each religion claiming it is the real one. I can’t imagine a world without religions though bc it might be even worse. My stance is I believe there’s a creator even though it defies all logic. But I don’t think the creator is the god of any religion. All of us are equal. We live then we die. Do as much good as you can and think positive and God will award you, no matter what place of worship you choose to go.

  42. ewan

    there’s no god because people are so obsessed with dumb people Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and the shitty likes, plus white people who are racist evangelists are still around! damn

  43. nikki

    ok i just gotta say that i think you’re really mistaken about some of this stuff. i’m not saying your’re stupid and what you’re saying is dumb, cuz i’ve wonder about some of the questions you asked and i completely, whole-heartedly believe in God. however…

    1. i think you made a good point but like you said, we’ve never been to those other planets so we can’t say that they are or aren’t inhabited.

    2. the point of free will, despite God knowing, is that they are still our desicions. He knows what we’re gonna do and He knows that sometimes it’s gonna hurt but because He loves us, He’s gonna let us learn through trial and error. He’s our Father and just like our earthly parents, He lays down the rules and gives advice, fully aware that we’re gonna screw up. when we do, He’s there waiting with a helping, healing hand. He’s trying to give us a chance to live and experience live without the training wheels.

    3. (see 6)

    4. evolution. some believe in it. some believe in God (or another form of god). some believe in both; like God created the particles to get it going and let it go from there. i won’t get into this one; it would get way to long.

    5. personally i believe that God had no beginning, just like it says in the Bible. just because i have no idea what that means exactly because my brain can’t fathom infinity doesn’t mean i can’t believe that with God, its possible. if i could understand God comepletely, He wouldn’t be all powerful. He wouldn’t be God.

    6. i honestly don’t know why you brought ron paul or hillary clinton into this. i like ron paul better than hillary clinton as a leader also but that doesn’t mean that, because hillary is pulling ahead and ron is pulling back that there isn’t a God. it doesn’t have anything to do with God. all that says is what the people choice is (idk why this choice though).

    7. yes pot seems slightly less dangerous than alcohol but regardless smoking pot or any other substance is still gonna eventually kill you if something else doesn’t get to you first. Drinking too much alcohol and smoking are (in my own personal opinion and not based on my religion whatsoever) stupid.

    8. bad things do happen to good people? true.
    good things do happen to bad people? true.
    bad things never (or almost never) happen to bad people and good things never (or almost never) happen to good people? false.
    what about prisons? they do have people, criminals, in them don’t they? that means the criminals got what they deserved and the victims got their justice. just one example.

    9. you say blind faith. in religion, is there any other kind? the whole point of our redemption is based on the fact that we abandon our earthly lives for Christ without any other proof than what we feel in our hearts.

    10. (feeding off of 9) i really hate to take that line from the santa clause movie but “seeing isn’t believing. believing is seeing.” well this is what some Christians experience with Christ. when we believe in Him, we can see Him in our hearts and our lives, helping, healing, and loving on the world.

    i tried to make it really easy to understand without making it to long. if anyone has questions, i recommend going and seeing a pastor (especially a young pastor or a youth pastor. it seems like, at least with the ones i know, they understand struggles and questions about accepting Christ better than others. and if you don’t neccessarily want to accept Him, they’re still generally more understanding.)

  44. nikki

    by the way i just read fred’s comment (two above my first) and i want to say that i agree with the first part of what he said. if someone doesn’t want to have a religion, than there’s nothing you can do. and just because they don’t really want to talk about it anymore doesn’t mean they won’t later. just calm down, and stay friendly with them. if they see God in you, they’ll be more open to Him and want to join Him. nobody every won a battle fighting with begrudging soldiers and nobody ever made friends by screaming at everyone.

  45. green pot monster

    To look at the history of most religions killing others the didn`t believe as they did seems abit to follow.Second thing I have noticed is the amount of money tthe churchs and vatican have(Bill Gates would be impressed).Don`t for get the priest that molest there your followers.On another note to not be able to explain if god is out there or not is abit hard.Fact is nothing is perfect and neither is religion.I smoke pot so I must be evil.Wait I have a happy loving family with no religion base at all.I own a company and enjoy life,not a criminal either.If I see you need help I would offer to help you.Not bad for a person without a religion.I would like to thing that a Great creator exists and made me but at the same time the chance of me taking up any religion with the practices and beliefs some hold are so far from reaility that it will never happen.Earth animals nature and us are ugly and beautiful in many ways would like to thank someone for the great work.I truely think that if you look hard enough religion is based on control and with the modern times its more money and then control.Last I read 600million paid to families of victims of sexual abuse from priests.Ya theres a place I want to send my kids LOL.Last note there most likely a creator lets name him god but for a person to tell the world that what I write in this book is from him and not fiction of the mind or forced control of high group is hard to swallow.This world has had alot of different guests as we are guest of this planet at the present time.I also found that scare tatics are used to help people believe makes me wonder.Wow shes beautiful oops I sinned LOL get real.Common sense and logic go along way,emotion will always exist without religion.Got to love or hate someone or something :)))420 is my godly insent..great post

  46. wingzero

    super great logic, and i do wish everyone would wake up and realize the real truth, but you are just waisting your time. because you are only testing peoples trust in god. no matter how hard we try to make people realize that they are believing in an imaginary friend, it is only a test. you know god works in mysteries ways and every other reason they come up with to support their ‘god’. if anyone is going to believe in anything they should really pick wicca… sure you’ll get burned at the stake, but the earth does exist, the only thing that can be proven to exist. okay i have grown tired of complaining cause it does no good but you know you that already, beside we are only human.

  47. kimmybby!

    I loved this, you were blunt and honestly, what I believe to be truly insightful. And regardless of all the negative comments, I feel this blog was superior to anything I could have found supporting logic over religion. Thank you for such epicness.

  48. haden

    finally i have found someone who thinks the way i do, i have been saying “if there is a god who created him? and who created the creator of god?” and so on, i know only one other person in my town that thinks kinda like i do, its great to know that im not alone on this subject

  49. BLARG

    as a reply to Tim (below) and number 5 on your list:

    Tim, I agree completely. There is an irrefutable logical proof for the existence of a “God” (“God” being used in the loosest and least religiously nuanced way) that rests on the axiom that cause=effect. always. If one accepts this then one must also accept that there was a first cause. If this were not the case the problem addressed in #5 would result, otherwise known as an infinite regression or “turtles all the way down”. It is just not LOGICALLY possible for there to be an infinite number of causes. There must be something that always was. As Tim said, humans are beings bound by time (among other things) and as such, it takes an extremely sophisticated mind to accurately conceive of the conditions that would result in an existence not dependent on time. We have a bad habit of attributing human limits and qualities to everything that we try to understand, when there is no reason to do so. However, the existence of such a first cause begs the question “what is its nature” or, more appropriately, “what is it about its nature that makes it unique in this way”. The argument is inductive and therefore open to refutation (from a deductive standpoint) but that does not indicate that it is not logical.

    More importantly, there is absolutely NO way to make a LOGICAL leap from the existence of a first cause, to that first cause being the Christian God, or any religious entity at all. And it CERTAINLY does not signify the existence of a benevolent Creator, or even a direct Creator etc.

    The first mover could have just as easily been the Big Bang (this is a jump i think, i'm not too familiar with the theory). My point is that Christians posit God as all powerful, supreme etc. and as such He would necessarily be exempt from being “caused” by anything.

    This may be long and not make sense, but my point is that your list uses logic in a very loose manner and is not significantly better than the arguments some of the finest theologians have made – the arguments that you don't seem to treat fully or understand very well. For an article on logic, your constructs give it a very bad name.

  50. Tarsicius

    An interesting read, I can tell that you are a very opinionated individual, and that is all well and good. There are many people in this world who are more than happy to just soak up whatever information they read or hear and then preach it the next day. There don't seem to be many people these days that stop for a moment and ask themselves, “Hmm… Do I really agree with these ideas?” That being said I must say that between the above article and some of the responses below we have certainly proven why everyone should only have a right to an opinion if it is an EDUCATED one. I must also say that although there is some semi-decent material presented above it is very basic and only scratches the surface of the topic. With all do respect to you as an individual and someone honing his academic skills, any average Joe can tell you that this was written from the perspective of a middle school student, or in other words someone not very well learned in their philosophy and worldly perspective. I have two suggestions for you.

    1. Study some more philosophy, it will help you take the topic more in depth. Especially make sure to read up on the three great philosophers: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. This should give you something else interesting to do in your underwear in the wee hours of the morning.
    2. If you are comfortable with it I suggest you speak to some priests of the various faiths and ask them your questions, most of them study philosophy and theology for eight years if not more and will prove very helpful to you in your understanding of the subject.

  51. Lyn

    This was informative in all the right ways and very very humorous. Someone needed to say it. Thanks!

  52. Ulani

    The one thing that we can all be sure of is that we truly do not KNOW or CAN PROOVE anything, we can only theorize, pontificate, claim, etc… If it’s necessary for everyone to “choose sides”, it must be a personal choice; something that agrees with and supports our innermost feelings and intuition of what is real. Of course, individual reality is always based on what information we’re exposed to, how we were raised, our intellectual growth, and many other factors. All leads back to – what we believe or choose to believe is a personal thing. There is really no “right” or “wrong”. Those who choose to think of it in right or wrong terms, should remember that no one person can dictate to another what to believe, how to live. If only the world were filled with people who’s ideology was “live and let live” instead of “kill or be killed” or “you’re either with me or against me”. ok, I’m rambling now so I’ll close this “blip”.

  53. Lenard

    DUDE Today I was debating against my whole class (CATHOLIC SCHOOL) That God doesn’t exist and know I see that the person (No,no THE PERSON) that wrote all this said nearly the same things like me today!!! Everything IS LOGIC!!!!!!!!!

  54. Freedom

    I’m pretty disappointed that i live in a country where everything is based on a religious theory. If citizens in the U.S. worried more about each other rather than santa clause, the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, and god. Our Country’s problems just might be solved when our mind gets back to reality.

  55. Brad 45

    I was in debate recently with a religious friend and it was said that if you repent to God no matter how bad your sins are you will go to heaven… if you dont you will suffer eternally in hell! I trouble with this assertion because it suggest that people like Hitler, Pol Pot etc. if they repented before they died they will be in heaven and a person who by their very nature are good and merciful and to actually help his fellow man will spend eternity in hell to face suffering unimaginable…because he did not repent! My problem with this is a being as powerful as God who can create a universe has such a flawed sense of justice…

  56. amillionmenofpeace

    AAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA THIS MADE ME LAUGH MY ARSE OFF I LOVE IT. To the rest of you, this is called HUMOR. Lighten up and light one up life is short no matter where we are going afterwards, or not.

  57. Pedz

    I don’t believe in god as the “proof” that he is real mostly comes from the bible and my argument is that if I was to write a book about – for example – a penguin who could create a planet just from taking a dump does that make it real? No! and that is what I believe the bible to be.

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