6 Brilliant Marketing Campaigns

Written by wallstreetfighter

Here are 6 great marketing campaigns I’ve run across lately that are just brilliant. They are unique, memorable, and most of all, define the product

1. Buckley’s Cough Syrup:

Their ads are just plain hilarious. The premise of their ads is “It works really well, but taste absolutely awful” They use humor to get this tagline across. I first heard a radio ad where a guy asks “This stuff worked really well but is it really supposed to taste like the juice at the bottom of a trashbag?” and the announcer replies “Why yes it is”

2. Lifelock

“My name is Todd Davis and this is my social security number”. The CEO of Lifelock stands there with all the world to see with his social security number plastered all over the internet daring someone to mess with his identity. Wow, if the CEO is sharing his information then they must really be able to protect you. AND they will spend a million dollars on me making sure that nobody will mess with me. A great marketing campaign. So good that millions will spend $100 to do something they could do themselves in 2 hours a year. Well done

3. Mike Huckabee for President:

Who better to endorse a person running for President than Chuck Norris. Huckabee wants to protect our borders and who better to do it than Chuck, the toughest SOB on the planet. Nobody would even be paying attention to Huck if it wasn’t for this campaign. Brilliant campaign not brilliant man

4. Apple Computer

Everyone thought the “I’m a Mac” commercials were great but assumed they would get old and fade away. On the contrary, each one seems to get funnier. Even PC fans can’t help but laugh. They seem to find something that bothers PC owners and hit it, and use comedy to burn it in your mind. Well written and performed.

5. The Volkswagon Crash Ads:

Admit it. The first time you watched the commercial it scared the shit out of you. I was even caught off guard the next 3 times I watched it. I don’t know if there has ever been a more attention getting ad on TV. It is the television ad version of a “screamer” The ad was created
by Crispin who is one of the hottest ad agency out there.

6. Cabot Cheese

Perhaps the oddest commercial on TV. Comedian Luis Guzman on a set being asked why he loves Cabot cheese. It’s so crazy it’s memorable. Filmed this year but you’ll sweat it was taped 20 years ago. These cheese is delicious but either way, I’ll definitely remember Cabot Cheese from this point on. Here’s the video

18 thoughts on “6 Brilliant Marketing Campaigns

  1. Jalaj

    So it was the true social number of Todd Davis… But advertising and Marketing is something that can make you believe even false as truth… I think even if he had put xyz number there it would not have made any difference in his marketing success.

  2. Austin

    i couldn’t find the lifelock post, but i was waiting for something like that to happen…if you’re bored check out the webpage i put up for my dad, it’s a property management co….if you’ve got any ideas of how to market it i’d appreciate it….www.cwsparks.com. thanks

  3. Didi

    Nice post and comments. Would you please give me an example of a unsuccessful marketing campaign from the last 12 months. I need it for a school project,but I really can not come up with ideas.

    I’d appreciate it!

  4. Karen Luka

    these are all great! anyone have any ideas on how to market a logistics company?? Phoenix International (www.phoenixintl.com)

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