Man Made: Five Things Made for Men That Are Better on Women

Written by Mario Frassetto

Some things in life were just made for men. But as usual, women just can’t let us have our own stuff, now can they? But sometimes that’s a good thing?

ow and again, some of the things that were originally designed with the X and Y chromosome in mind actually look pretty damn sexy on the ladies. Here are our top 5.

Boy briefs/boxers/booty shorts

It all started with the tighty whiteys, the most common and widespread (we’re assuming here, no pun intended) underwear around. Then came Spiderman and Star Wars? etc, underroos. The underwear that let you “dress up” as your favorite superhero, even if you were jumping around essentially in your drawers. And then we grew up. And after a wild night of sex, some woman somewhere picked up a pair briefs and ran to the bathroom to freshen up. History was made and on the right body, it looks damn sexy.


The necktie. While a symbol of corporate oppressors, when placed in the right hands, or around the right neck, it becomes a symbol of sexiness. After a hard day of work in the cubicle, some after 5:00 sex can lead to a female-wearing necktie. Don’t forget that the tie can be used during the action as well, leading to all sorts of restrained debauchery. Not only does it look good, but also there’s something special about the scent of a woman on your favorite shirt. It can make the workday fly by.

Sports Jerseys/Your favorite shirt

There is nothing sexier than a woman sporting an open, button-up business shirt. Add the boy briefs or tie and it’s a double whammy. Again, a fashion statement born of post-sex clothing confusion, waking up to your girl in your favorite shirt or sports jersey is beyond compare. Just hope that she doesn’t spill something on it or rip it, as the moment will surely pass and there will be some explaining to do.

Baseball Hats

hile a staple in any self-respecting man’s wardrobe, the baseball hat has crossed the fashion gap with spectacular results. A quick and convenient way to pull back or hide a woman’s bed-head, it has also become a fashion statement with designer lids. No one is sure why, but it’s unanimous that a woman in a hat looks damn good. Just be careful of the ones that have them pulled down waaay to far, chances are they’re trying to hide something. Like their face.


Ok, we’re not disagreeing that throwing a half-naked (or completely naked) babe on a sport bike is sexy. That it is and we love to see it. But there’s something unbelievably erotic about a chick that not only looks good posing on a bike, but can actually ride the thing as well. The riding position alone makes the female form bend into desirability. An arch in the back, her ass up and out while her chest hovers tantalizingly over the gas tank. It only gets bad for us guys when she’s faster than you. And it can happen.

*Bonus points if you can get a woman to wear boy briefs, a baseball hat, your favorite shirt and rides a motorcycle. In “researching” this story I was actually offered this scenario and I’ll be dammed if I don’t collect on it. You know who you are.

11 thoughts on “Man Made: Five Things Made for Men That Are Better on Women

  1. fliptrx

    Women should be kept completely covered at all times in public and they have no need for baseball caps, neckties, or men’s underwear…heaven forbid!

  2. Danny

    We need to expand the hat range to include cowboy hats…but let’s face it…a hot chick looks good in anything…or nothing…it just really becomes irrelevant at some point.

  3. Novelty Neckties

    Women do look hot in a necktie though don’t they!?!

    But I think the most important thing made for man, that women really have to wear … are the breasts!

    I know I’m right. You can’t convince me I’m wrong! It’s just gotta be that they are made for me!

  4. Alexis

    mario, you had a conversation about this article at my work where you used to come reguarly. we had fun chats =). it all started when you came up and i was joking around with you about the tooth picks. and then i had to write your name on my hand to remember! i miss you.

    RIP mario


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