Combative log balancing a thing

@kingkaylixdaddyjoe Lumberjack log rolling ? #kingkaylix #lumberjack #logrolling #fyp ? original sound – Joe McVay

TOP 2: Using a MAGA hat to avoid social situations


TOP 4: Music education is an art

@watchmaggiepaint Thank you, Mr. Stanley. When Mr. Stanley retired, he sent out an invite to all his old students, inviting us to come sing and be directed by him for one last day. I blocked it in my calendar and didn't work a wedding, specifically so I could go to my small home town and sing for one last time with all the people I grew up knowing. It was so emotional. So many memories flooded back, we had the strongest choral program of a town our size, all because of Stanley. Many of us became artists and mysicians professionally. Reuniting and seeing the life path of each former student was wild. SHOUTOUT to Lisa for the solo, she is amazing. #mrhollandsopus #choralmusic #teacher #inspiring ? original sound – Watch Maggie Paint

TOP 5: Dad decides to take son out for for his first drive and son loses control of car