Her brain failed her

TOP 2: Just a normal protest

TOP 3: TIL A man bought an unattractive painting for its frame for $4 and discovered one of the 26 known copies of the United Statesโ€™ Declaration of Independence hidden behind it. He later sold it at auction for $2.42 million.

TOP 4: meirl

TOP 5: who said chivalry is dead

TOP 6: xQc why you sitting like that?

TOP 7: An overgrown light pole in Poland

TOP 8: Salvador Alvarenga, a 36-year-old fisherman, drifted more than 10,000 Km from Mexico and was found on the Marshall Islands spending 438 days lost at sea

TOP 9: Horses on a plane

TOP 10: An original 5 acre market garden block in Western Sydney who refuses to sell to developers. The family have been offered up to $50m – but arenโ€™t going anywhere.