A protester at a busy intersection in Texas.

TOP 2: Being a dad mean sometimes making a fool of yourself for their enjoyment.

TOP 3: capture the most ridiculously detailed image of the entire sun we could. The result was a whopping 140 megapixels, and features a solar “tornado” over 14 Earths tall. This is a crop from the full image, make sure you zoom in!

TOP 4: Meirl

TOP 5: Another normal day of mining in Africa

TOP 6: The Endurance of a Farm dog

TOP 7: British steam locomotive enthusiasts build a fully functional miniature version of the GWR King Class weighing around 200 kg (440 lb). Here’s a demonstration of its power:

TOP 8: Meirl

TOP 9: ย 1/2 Teaspoon Burns Fat Up To 728% Faster