33 Ways To Stay Creative

1. Make Lists
2. Carry A Notebook Everywhere (i do! i do!)
3. Try Free Writing (does doodlin’ count? yes, it does)
4. Get Away From The Computer (i ‘unplug’ often – too much technology screws with my brain cell-s-:)
5. Be Otherworldly (ooOooo)
6. Quit Beating Yourself Up (please!)
7. Take Breaks (often;)
8. Sing In The Shower (and the car – lawd how i do this one lalallalallalaaaaaa??;)
9. Drink Coffee / Tea (does spirulina count, why yes!)
10. Know Your Roots (even the icky ones =?)
11. Listen To New Music
12. Be Open (to new ideas and ways of thought… all ways)
13. Surround Yourself With Creative People (<–heavenly osmosis)
14. Get Feedback
15. Collaborate (and liisten tocornymusac Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby)
16. Don’t Give Up
17. Practice, Practice, Practice (then do it)
18. Allow Yourself To Make Mistakes (everyday. it’s how i do my best learning;)
19. Go Somewhere New (ok!~packs my suitcase~)
20. Watch Foreign Films (maybe)
21. Count Your Blessings
22. Get Lots Of Rest
23. Take Risks
24. Break The Rules (<–this i’m quite good at, make ’em your own)
25. Do More Of What Makes You Happy (why certainly!)
26. Don’t Force It (even if Obi-Wan Kenobi tells you to)
27. Read A Page Of The Dictionary (i’ll do more of that while i practice my adoxography)
28. Create A Framework
29. Stop Trying To Be Someone Else’s Perfection
30. Got An Idea? Write It Down
31. Clean Your Workspace
32. Have Fun ( YESA! ;D)
33. Finish Something (but do i have…..
+34. Forget About What Everyone Else Is Doing And Do Yer Own Thang Honeychild. (cause? It’s your thing -The Isley Brothers)