College Infographic: When C-Students Suddenly Became A-Students

Are you really an “A” student or just a beneficiary of a watered-down grading system that over the decades has inflated grades more than most porn stars have inflated their boobs? This infographic suggests that we all might be. A better question is: should you even care? I sure wouldn’t. Good grades are good grades. And in this economy, you need them to get a job right out of school (unless you’re a hot chick with rocket tits or a beneficiary of nepotism). In fact, the graphic below states that 58% of employers don’t like to hire someone with a GPA under 3.0, so it would seem that these inflated grades are a good thing. However, it does make the job market more competitive and actual intellectuals could be losing jobs to true morons who only look good on paper. You know, the Ryan Leafs and Kwame Browns of the real world.

From C's to A's

Created by: Masters Degree

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