Top 100 little-known sites Everyone should know about

Collected by AskReddit


If you need to enter an e-mail somewhere but don’t want to get spammed, It gives you one that not only lets you receive mail, but temporarily forwards it to your actual e-mail. Way more convenient than something like Mailinator.


It is an awful website. is a spoof which explains why.


Great for song hunting and taking some rest from your old GrooveShark playlists.

Khan Academy

Free lessons on a variety of useful topics in science, math, econ, history, etc. Doesn’t get nearly the amount of attention it should. Khan even got recognized by Bill Gates

Academic Earth

Never used Khan Academy, but It has some pretty good stuff.

MIT open course

I know a lot of friends that have learned calculus from this site after their teacher…uh…failed to explain it. A+. Would visit again!

The New Boston

In the same league as Khan Academy, It is a hell of a resource for programming tutorials and they’re starting to branch out into other areas as well.

No website has saved me more time than has been extremely helpful when dealing with family computers. One stop shop for a lot of the things I use.


It is a website i wish more people used. Oh this is cute! I love listening to people. I shall have to try this.


Free online file conversion.

Tells you what the fuck to make for dinner.from the the people that brought you… not the people who brought you http://www.whatshouldifuckingdo.comAnd also,

Streaming full length versions of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.Sinatra to The Monkees to Beck to Miles Davis

Its also a great way to see if /b/ is currently being ddos”d, or your internet slowed down.

So convenient for people who like shows.

Best wallpapers website ever.

This is deceptively difficult.

I use it every night to get to sleep. Different kinds of background noise to relax you and help you concentrate.


Free internet radio out of San Francisco. Tons of stations/genres, and no commercials. It’s the bomb-diggity ๐Ÿ™‚

Everyone should know the basics about common drugs. It’s useful information, and very interesting.

i don’t buy anything besides food/gas unless i saw it on slickdeals


every sunday!

Nerd Boyfriend

A fashion site with pictures of celebrity males AND links to where you can buy what they’re wearing.

Brain Pickings

This, along with BigThink and TED make up my 3 main websites for intellectual stimulation (sorry reddit, you don’t count). Awesome little insights into culture.

Signals vs. Noise

A great blog about web design and design in general, small businesses, entrepreneurship, and many other topics. A great look at newer, more contemporary business design.

Mellow Monk

A blog about tea, but also Asian aesthetics and simplicity/peace in living. I think the writer used to be a redditor, don’t know if he still is.

It’s funny because it’s .org

5 second films…. They make my day!!!!!

Best package tracking website ever

Borrow stuff from friends? Do they borrow from you? Keep track

Minimalist desktop site that I love

Bedtime calculator (based on length of sleeping cycles, this helps you feel more rested)

formerly known as Gigapedia. Literally tens of thousands of books.








Bonus: 4chan on Parenting