Strange Facts About the Human Body

Everybody's Got a Body
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5 thoughts on “Strange Facts About the Human Body

  1. Rick

    The Average American? from what country? All of them?

    You need to specify the country: USA I think you mean.

    1. Jess

      Well, the only country America’s come from. A Canadian would never be called an American. A Mexican would never be called an American. North America and America are not the same thing.

    2. Keith

      Let me help clarify something for you Rick. Are you familiar with the term “demonym?” Probably not. A demonym (also referred to as a gentilic) is the name used for a resident of a locality. So the demonym for people from Italy is Italian. People from Italy are called Italians. Get it?

      The demonym used for people from the United States of America is Americans. From no other country are people called “American.” In Europe, you may refer to people from Canada, the US and Mexico as “North Americans.” Maybe even just people from the US and Canada. But people from Canada are called Canadians. People from Mexico are called Mexicans. And people from the United States are Americans.

      It’s that simple really.

  2. Keith

    This is great. I’ve been hoping something good might pop up here, and this is a great start. Infographics are fun and interesting – long-winded “list” articles are not. I think this site might have some life in it yet.

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