20 Things Guys Shouldn’t Ever Do To Girls

Written by crazyartideas


20 Things Guys Shouldn’t Ever Do To Girls

  1. Make fun of her hair, face, body, or clothes. Seriously, don’t.
  2. Overuse sarcasm. It’s one thing to joke, it’s another to speaker sarcasm as a second language.
  3. Flirt with other girls. It doesn’t make us want you more, it just makes us angry.
  4. Cheat. Never in any way will you get away with it.
  5. Make promises they can’t keep. If you can’t follow through, don’t say it.
  6. Say “I love you” when they don’t mean it. If the girl you “loved” gained 300 pounds, would you still love her? That’s what I thought.
  7. Lie. You will get caught. Don’t ever under any circumstances try to keep a lie going with a girl. It will not work.
  8. Deny things that are true. If a girl confronts you about something, she knows the truth. Denying it makes her more angry. Grow some balls and own up to it.
  9. Pressure her. If she wants to do something with you, she will.
  10.   Talk about other girls. Don’t say they’re hot, pretty, or even nice. We don’t want to hear it.
  11.   Talk to her about their exes. If you’re saying nice stuff, we’ll assume you still like them, if you say shit, we’ll assume you’ll do the same about us.
  12.   Say shit behind her back. No matter how much you try to keep it a secret, she will hear about it.
  13.   Be a dick to her in front of their friends. They might think it’s funny, but she will definitely not.
  14.   Try to make it look like something was her fault to get yourself out of trouble. It will make things much, much worse.
  15.   Ask why she’s mad at you. Say you were wrong and apologize. Do not say you didn’t do anything wrong. If she’s mad, you obviously did something.
  16.   Joke about wanting to break up. It won’t be taken as a joke, and you’ll be single before you can tell her you were kidding.
  17.   Tell her she’s overreacting. If you thought she was mad before, prepare to meet the she-beast from hell.
  18.   Go to parties or hang out with other girls without your girlfriend. No matter how much she trusts you, she will be worried.
  19.   Make excuses. If you screwed up, don’t try to get out of it.
  20.   Talk to her when you’re mad. You will screw something up and end up regretting it.

Bonus: Growing up, my mom didn’t believe in buying Halloween costumes. Here’s her handiwork: Mr. T and Mr. t


10 thoughts on “20 Things Guys Shouldn’t Ever Do To Girls

  1. Bleh

    OK, I felt like going over each topic to say how stupid some claims are, but instead, I’ll just say it:

    How come is this a best article in any situation?? This is stupid.

  2. Keith

    Couldn’t agree more Bleh. The “list” articles are far from the best thing every day. They’re long, boring, stupid and always fall somewhere between irrelevant and obvious. Who is running this site? It used to be better….

    Of course, the best thing is actually the Bonus… and this article doesn’t even have one. Shame, shame. I’m gonna have to pull the plug on this feed in my Reader.

    1. bspcn Post author

      Google deleted all my pages this week.I try to find best articles to you over 4 years.I try to do my best. But it’s hard. Sorry! I added Today’s bonus!

      1. Werdna

        /I/ will not pull the plug on you, bspcn. You are doing a great job!

        Although this one kind of sucked… it’s just a polemic, that’s all. Been around on the Internet for a long time, too.

      2. Keith

        I’ll stick around, but just so I can go down with the ship. I get that it’s hard – if it wasn’t, everyone would have a “best thing” blog. Just saying, if you want people to read, do it right.

        Maybe you should focus on funny and clever bonus items more than the overdone, boring, cliche and annoying “list” articles?

  3. robot

    If you loved him, you wouldn’t have gained 300 pounds…As far as lying and cheating are concerned, they are terrible things to do, but men get away with it all the time…”you will get caught”…That’s naive

  4. Rhys

    Yes, don’t do any of these things if you have the most paranoid girlfriend in the world who has absolutely no trust in you. While some of these are pretty fair, following all of these “rules” is gonna lead to a terrible relationship, as you are basically acquiescing to her at every point rather than living the life that makes you happy.

  5. biggz

    you forgot a few things

    21. never let a women pay for anything.

    22. any works need to be done, never let the woman do it.

    23. makes sure your woman never needs to do anything ever again, or to feel bad ever again.

    this whole list is bullshit. this is like making a list that says, 20 Things Girls Shouldn’t Ever Do To Guys, 1. make sure he doesn’t go a day without sex, 2 make sure you always look beautiful, 3 never complain. It just doesn’t work that way.

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