Greatest professor ever?

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you all know that there are several openings in the summer section of JMC 559, which begins Monday. Given that both fall sections are full (with people on the waiting list), this would be a good opportunity for you to fulfill the 559 requirement.

I’ll be teaching the class, and will do my best to make it fun. You won’t be writing any papers in the class. Grades will be based on open book, open notes tests. No need for a lot of memorization, in other words.
The latest editions of media law textbooks cost more than $100, so the textbook for 559 will be the previous edition of Mass Media Law by Don Pember (the 2009-10 edition). The UWM bookstore has a few copies on sale for S9.98 on the sale table at the bottom of the stairs that take you down to the textbook level. (If you can’t find a copy, ask for Jake at the textbook information desk.) Used textbook websites are selling it for as little as 52 a copy.

There’s not much difference between the previous edition and the latest edition. I’ll be glad to provide the updates in class so that you can save money.

Bonus: Oh how times have changed…


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