7 Ways to Screw with Your Girlfriend, Without Popping the Question

Written by jamiDLcruz


Signs and signals to watch out for when marital bliss is near.

You’ve been together for awhile now, and things are starting to feel serious. If you’re thinking he’s marriage material, it’s possible that he’s thinking along the same lines. Look for 7 signs that he’s about the pop the question, and find out how to respond so you can get the ring you really want.

1. The Future

If he’s suddenly bringing up the future and asking you about long-term plans and goals, the thought of marriage has probably entered his mind. It’s a good sign that he’s looking forward and asking you questions, because that means his plans include the two of you.

2. Getting to Know You

Is he suddenly quizzing you about how many kids you might want to have, what you think of private school, your thoughts on women who stay at home with the kids? If he’s showing an increased interest in your moral values and family plans, you can take it as a sign that he’s thinking about long-term commitment.

3. Finances

When he starts to show an unprecedented interest in your finances, it’s a sure sign that something’s going on. Money matters are very important, and he may be fishing for information that will help him make a more informed ring-buying decision. Hold nothing back and give him a clear picture when he asks you aboutfinances…but try not to give the game away.

4. Missing Ring

Has one of your rings mysteriously disappeared? Don’t fill out the police report just yet. A missing ring is a strong sign that he’s thinking about making a life-altering purchase sometime soon. He may go looking through your jewelry to find a correct ring size, so your newest ring will fit when he pops the question.

5. Mr. Perfect Syndrome

Lots of almost-grooms begin behaving strangely just before they pop the question. If he suddenly takes an interest in cooking, cleaning and taking out the trash, he may be trying to show you what a great husband he’d be. He might also start to bring up his career prospects and finances, a self-confidence-building mechanism that many men use subconsciously. He wants you to know that he’s a good catch, so you’ll say yes when he asks the big question.

6. Mr. Romantic Arrives

If he’s suddenly offering foot rubs free of charge and bringing you little gifts “just because,” he may be trying to set a romantic, pre-proposal mood. He might be trying to put you in a receptive, happy state of mind, so you’ll be that much more likely to say yes when he finally proposes.

7. Random Questions Game

Is he asking you weird questions all of a sudden about your favorite flower, favorite place, favorite moment? There’s a lot of pressure on men to create an unforgettable “will you marry me” moment, and he may be searching for material so he can do just that for you.

Get Your Style

Once you start to get that special, he’s-about-to-ask feeling, it’s time to start dropping a few hints of your own. If you have any girlfriends who have a ring similar to the one you want, tell them to slip it on and come on over — while your potential fiance is around, of course. Exclaim over your friend’s ring within his hearing, commenting on the specific features of the ring you like. It’s okay to be a little over-the-top with this; some men need really, really strong hints.

Look up celebrity engagement rings online and find the ones you like. Casually show these off to your guy, pointing out the details you like about the rings you’ve selected. Always say the name of the celebrity! Men may not remember phrases like “emerald cut” or “princess setting,” but they’ll remember the likes of Kate Hudson and Carmen Electra.

If you’re pretty sure your guy can’t be trusted to make the ring-buying decision alone, launch a campaign for the assistant ring-shopper of your choice. Whether it’s a best friend or a relative, start a conversation about how So-and-So has such wonderful taste and always gets you the best presents. Praise her shopping skills and mention how strong your trust in her is. Make sure you talk to your friend about your secret campaign, because she may provide your guy with ring-buying tips and suggestions even if she doesn’t make the trip with him to the jewelry store.

Keep searching for the 7 signs that he’s about to pop the question, and make sure some of them have actually happened before you start randomly talking rings. Bringing up the subject of engagement rings from Robbins Brothers, or otherwise, before he’s ready could lead to the opposite of a marriage proposal.

Bonus: Girlfriend asked me to make a list of things I want to do with her this summer. I don’t think she found it as awesome as I did.