10 of the best smart phone apps that will save you money

Written by Kara Gammell

You can now get cashback on your mobile with the latest app

Keeping up with the Joneses means making the most of your smart phone. And with the right applications โ€“ or apps โ€“ you’ll never have to pay full price for a meal out or a good book again.

We have picked 10 apps to help you save money.

A masterclass in wine apps

10 of the best smart phone apps that will save you money Photo: ANDREW HASSON

1 Quidco

Cost Free

Available for iPhone

Cashback website www.quidco.com has just launched an app which rewards users with exclusive money-saving offers just for checking

in to certain high street stores and restaurants.

The UK’s first check-in for cash tool, the Quidco Mobile app lets you make

the most of dozens of money-saving offers in your area such as vouchers and in-store cashback deals when you tap your phone to “check in”.

For instance, this week, check-in at high street retailers such as Debenhams, New Look, Yo Sushi or Esquires Coffee and earn while you shop.

2 Amazon Kindle

Cost Free

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android

Bookworms and commuters will love this free to download app which will let you install Kindle software to read e-books on the move โ€“ saving you from forking out as much as ยฃ150 for the reading device alone.

With more than a million free books to download from the Kindle Store, it is like having a virtual library of free books at your finger tips.

3 Vouchercloud

Cost Free

Available for iPhone and Android

Vouchercloud uses GPS technology to pinpoint offers and discounts nearest to you. Just pick the offer you want by pressing the redeem button and the voucher is delivered directly to your phone screen.

For example, this week you can download vouchers for 25pc off your bill at Bella Italia, Strada or Cafรฉ Rouge.

4 Onavo

Cost Free

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android

With the cost of data rising and more mobile providers capping limits, this app can save you a fortune as it claims to give users up to 80pc off their data bills. Once downloaded, this app continuously runs on your device and shrinks the data used every day when browsing the web.

5 0870

Cost 59p

Available for iPhone, iPod touch or Android

Stop paying more than you need on customer service lines with this app. Many companies will use 0870, 0800 or 0845 for customer service, which usually costs 35p per minute to call. This app will turn these numbers into 01 or 02 numbers, which will come out of your contracted minutes.

6 Spotify

Cost Free

Available for iPhone, Android, Symbian, Palm, Windows phone

For music on the move, why not download the Spotify Mobile app and wirelessly sync all your own songs to your handset? Buy whole Spotify playlists and download them in a few clicks. There’s no access to the Spotify music library or Offline mode, but you can log in to Spotify and search for tracks.

Upgrade your membership to Unlimited or Premium for either ยฃ4.99-ยฃ9.99 a month respectively and stream any of the 13 million tracks in the Spotify library.

7 Ringo Car Parking

Cost Free

Available for Android

Avoid costly car parks with this app from the same company that allows drivers to pay at many NCP and council car parks over the phone with a credit or debit card.

It promises to help you find the best price on parking and allows you to extend the time on the meter so you avoid hefty fines if you are late getting back to your car.

8 Tesco

Cost Free

Available for iPhone

Never buy duplicate items on your food shopping again with the bar-code scanner on Tesco’s groceries app.

When you run out of something in the kitchen, just scan the item and it will automatically be added to your online shopping on the supermarket’s website.

9 Love Food, Hate Waste

Cost: Free

Available for iPhone

Food waste costs the average family more than ยฃ680 a year, according to waste management group WRAP. Plan in advance what you are going to eat for the week to avoid throwing out the food you meant to cook at the end of it.

Use this app’s handy portion-size planner to help you prepare the right amount of food and eliminate waste. Or use the recipe blender to try to prepare meals from ingredients you already have in your cupboard.

10 RedLaser

Cost Free

Available for iPhone and Android

Compare prices on the shop floor with this bar-code reading app. Simply scan the item you wish to buy with RedLaser and compare prices of products online by instantly searching TheFind, Google Product Search, eBay and Half.com.


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