The Top 5 Reasons Why Men Cheat

Written by Eric

I am going to attempt to answer a question about men that many girls have been wondering with five simple reasons. Women have been wondering why men cheat for years. I mean its not like women don’t cheat but many of them need a deeper connection with a guy before they do it. It didn’t used to be like that, but I guess they figured, "If the guys can do it then we can too." Its just not the same for guys. Men are not tied to emotions when it comes to sexual partners. Guys can have sex with a girl that they don’t have any feelings for which brings me to my first reason.

5 Reason Men Cheat1. Just because its been offered to us.

Lets face it, just like Chris rock said, โ€œIt’s almost impossible for a guy to turn down free p***y. If it’s chasing us, we can’t run that fast.โ€ If you are a girl, that means that you have been offered sex every day since you were 12; every guy that’s being nice to you is just offering sex. For most guys (unless you are super famous), it doesn’t happen everyday; we aren’t offered sex that often.  It just seems like a wasted opportunity when a girl says no. Men don’t know when a chance like this will ever come again, and if you think about it, it’s partially the girl’s fault. (Ok, ok.  That wasn’t fair.  I’ll take that back.)

2. Insecurity and trust issues

The insecurity and trust issues are major reasons why a guy constantly cheats on his girlfriend, wife, fiance, whatever. It could be a problem they had from the past relationship or they just don’t feel like they are good looking enough for the girl. This is the number two reason why a guy will cheat on a girl.

3. Not being fulfilled by their girlfriends.

This works both ways. If a girl is not doing the things that the guy likes sexually then they will go out and find somebody that will. So you ask, how come they just can’t break up with them and find somebody who will? I mean, think about it this way:  Most times it’s the good girl that doesn’t want to do the freaky things the guy wants. Now other things might just be perfect or damn near close, something as simple as she has a car or makes more money.

4. She told you that she cheated before

You ever heard of the phrase, โ€œOnce a cheater always a cheater?โ€ Well that’s kinda how it works when a guy feels as though his girlfriend has the potential to cheat on him. That could trigger him to cheat first just so that he could have the upper hand. If he finds out that the girl has cheated on him, it wouldn’t bother him as much because he has already done his dirt.

5. Have your cake and eat it too

I never really understood that phrase but I figured I would use a clichรฉ. All I am trying to say is that, some guys just can’t sleep with one girl so ladies if you find yourself with a guy that cheats on you, chances are he will never change. He will always cheat on you and everybody else that he will be with. Something in them will never allow them to be faithful. Its just in their system to go out and cheat on their girl. They can’t be single, but they like to cheat also.

Bonus: Hermione vs. Bella

Hermione vs. Bella

6 thoughts on “The Top 5 Reasons Why Men Cheat

  1. L


    I think you’ve missed the most imortant reason! From my experience the most common reason for cheating in a relationship has been that you’re having issues with each other. It’s simply a horrible experience to fight, badmouth or in other ways mistreat eachother and it’s so much easier to do these kind of things than to sit down, talk it out and resolve the roblems you’re having.

    I think the picture of men you’re promoting makes us sound like we’re stupid. Sure, all of the reasons listed may happen, and I’ve had some friends doing like that. But the absolute majority of my friends don’t cheat just because another woman gives them an opportunity. Give us some more credit than that!


  2. Lynn

    These are so lame. It’s called sin. Work out the relationship with her in mind, not other women. Make sure YOU please her!

      1. Dee

        Whatever the reason is behind cheating. It would not be a valid excuse because cheating in the first place is immoral if you have already committed with someone. Having a relationship should be taken with high respect.

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