Are 2011 College Graduates Ready For The Real World?

Written by businesspundit

The 2011 graduates have just walked the stage and are preparing themselves for the great adventure to follow. Mixed emotions are flooding through them; โ€œAm I ready? Will I find a job related to my degree?โ€

There are many paths a graduate can follow once theyโ€™re thrown out into the real world to look for and pursue the career path they want, but itโ€™s no secret that the path is never straight and narrow.

How many changed their majors? What percentage of graduates actually move out? What percentage moves back in with their parents?

Whatโ€™s the typical amount of jobs one has to apply for before finding one that they get their foot in the door with?
The following infographic compiles data from a 2011 graduate survey to show you what you can expect.

Source:Adecco USA

7 thoughts on “Are 2011 College Graduates Ready For The Real World?

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