9 thoughts on “WHAT ABOUT YOU?

  1. AL

    Maybe you should have been working instead Jawa? and actually earning the income taxpayers pay public servants.

    what about the rights of private workers who pay tax so that public workers get better pay and benefits than they do?

  2. Walt

    Meh, the riots in the Middle East have been set up by the same “corporate buddies” who have raped the United States and left her on the roadside. America will rise again but there is going to be a little bit of pain first.

  3. dragonbill

    I would agree, but I do not think collective bargaining is a good thing for PUBLIC employees. Private company unions, different. My tax money cannot support such misuse of funds.

    Protest proper issues. Not ones that will kill our country.

    Sorry extreme liberals. I’m just a practical, middle of the road, guy.

  4. Travis

    Claiming back their country? Yeah, and then a week later they’re killing each other. Are we flawed? Yes…but at least we don’t feel the need to kill each other to show whose side is right.

  5. Mark

    One the one hand there are autocratic tyrannies.

    On the other are representatives from our democratic republic. They advocate some policies that you may not like, but they were elected by a majority of Wisconsin voters.

    Who is thwarting the will of a free people, the ones who implement the policy they ran on, or the ones who flee the state to escape a vote?

    Another lesson in civics…
    Right = inalienable. Privilege = granted and rescinded by the state.

    This ridiculous “article” or graphic is an exercise in cognitive dissonance. Too bad, because the “50 Mistakes” article was pretty darn funny!

  6. Twilight

    AL, public workers do *not* get nearly as good pay as private sector (they do generally get much better benefits).

    Mark, since when has a politician implemented the policy they ran on? I haven’t noticed it in decades. Politicians say whatever they need to to get elected and then shill for whichever corporation bought them during the election process (both Reps and Dems are about equally guilty of this).

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