My experience in the Arkansas public school system.


10 thoughts on “My experience in the Arkansas public school system.

  1. science prof

    The student is just as ignorant as the teachers. Evolution isn’t a fact. Unless you build a time machine, you can’t prove it, therefore it can’t be a fact, ever. It is a theory. Not saying it isn’t true, but I would never be so ignorant as to call it fact. Couple this with the guy above me concerning haiti’s official religion, and we have one poorly-made cartoon.

  2. Stephan Heijl

    Sorry Science Prof, but evolution has been proven to be an observable fact, just as much as a fact as gravity. People are largely unaware that speciation, the process of a new biological species arising in a population and evolutionary change have been observed many times over. It is mostly equivalent to the creationist term “Macroevolution”. They have been documented extensively, and as such you don’t need a time machine to prove evolution. A simple Google search of “observed instances of speciation” will yield a wealth of information.

    The word fact, in science, is used to describe a theory for which there is overwhelming empirical evidence, and plenty observable instances of a scientific theory. For example, gravity is a fact, since we can observe matter falling to the ground when we drop it. This is the same for evolution. I will conclude with a set of links to scientific papers and sites related to observed speciation and evolution. : A detailed description on speciation. The site of Richard Lenski’s Long Term E.Coli evolution experiment, with links to scientific papers and the experiment itself. National Center for Science Eduction’s article on the Nylon eating bacteria.

    I hope that this will enlighten you and other readers of this article, “evolutionists” or not.

    With kind regards,
    Stephan Heijl.

  3. Walt

    The Ancient Egyptians also spoke Greek and Demotic. Why, Cleopatra herself was Greek and Greek architecture was widespread throughout Ancient Egypt.

    The person (or rather – people) who made the Rosetta stone were Egyptians.

    The teacher is probably correct.

    Great concept for the cartoon but yeah, needed better execution.

    1. Pingouin

      Even if she was Greek, it is highly likely that she could read hieroglyphs. Many greek “scientists” or philosophers went to study in Egypt, so they could probably read hieroglyphs (not sure, as there were other writings in Egypt, but still you can’t be sure that only Egyptians could read hieroglyphs).

      And Vodou comes from Haรฏti, and “According to the CIA World factbook, about 50% of the population practice Vodou.”. It’s still not the official religion, but satanism has nothing to do with Haรฏti. The teacher was obviously wrong and confused satanism with vodou.

      And after all, even if the student is wrong, what he says is a lot brighter than the BS the teachers say, and they don’t accept any opposition, which was the point of the cartoon.

  4. Madalene Dority

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