6 Professions Deader Than Print Journalism

Written by John Colagrande Jr.

The Imperfectionists portrays a group of journalists at a declining newspaper and begs several questions: Is it truly the end of the print era? What happens to all the old timers just looking for a scoop? Can they adapt? Or will they rot at the merciless hands of technology?

The critically acclaimed debut novel from Tom Rachman answers these questions and more with hilarity, insight, and memorable characters. Join Rachman as he celebrates the release of the paperback edition at Books & Books in Coral Gables next Wednesday.

Here are a few more professions currently struggling or already in their twilight. Maybe one or two can have the drama, characters. and suspense needed to match The Imperfectionsts.

1. Photo Processors

Although companies like Tropicolor on AltonRoad rock, this is not the best career to get into with the rise of the digital age. However, this job does allow for looks at private pictures, creepy, and alluring to the average voyeur–remember Robin Williams in One Hour Photo. Definitely room for a thriller.

2. Video Store Clerk

Do video stores even exist anymore? Between Red Box and NetFlix and On Demand, this job is fading faster a Key West sunset. Anyway, not much drama in the pimply world of video store clerks. Maybe humor, but didnt Kevin Smith drain the concept?

3. Bank Tellers

The need for bank tellers has decreased with the rise of ATMs and online banking. Shucks, there’s even an app for depositing checks now. Still, maybe one can fantasize a suspense in the blahzay behind-the-scenes world of banking. Just maybe.

4. Travel Agents

Not much need for a travel agent in the digital world, although there could be a story here. A romantic comedy, with a little suspense. Think My Life in Ruins meets a John Grisham novel. The ensemble characters would make this one interesting.

5. Non-Profit Organization Staff

Non-profits continue to face hard times due to the recession. Charitable donations are down and endowment funds (sans the almighty Knight Foundation) are still in recovery from the inconsistent stock market. Imagine a science fiction / fantasy project starring a granola eating ex- non-profit worker who drops out of society (Babylon) to pursue his own utopian (Jah) village somewhere in Malyasia.

6. School District Employee

The recession is devastating all sectors of the economy, including education. Most local colleges, like FIU and MDC have been on a hiring freeze for a couple of years already. Easy to imagine a drama starring a laid off teacher collecting unemployment left alone with his kid after his wife splits. He’s drinking and down in the dumps when his life long dream of being a scientist or an inventor pays off when the big corporation buys out his patent.

Bonus: For some reason I find this the funniest of all the Courage Wolf pics. This is Baby Courage Wolf.

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