The First Commercials Ever to 10 of The Worlds Most Popular Products

Collected by chrisilluminati

You always remember your first; first car, first girlfriend, and the first time you saw something on TV and thought “what the hell is that and how can I get one?” But do you always remember the first commercial? You might think you remember the “first Transformers commercial” or the first time an ad for OxiClean popped on your screen, but it might have just been new to you. Chances are it wasn’t the first commercial.

I did some digging on YouTube to find some of the first commercials for the products we see advertised now at least once a day. I also found a couple personal favorites for things that aren’t around anymore (but we all wish they were).

Here are ten first commercials for popular products and brands.

The Transformers

Chevy Camaro


Lucky Charms


Mountain Dew



Apple Macintosh

Nintendo Entertainment System

Bonus: Happiest Penguin Ever