Imgur’s best images of 2010

Collected by imgur

imgur users share the best images on the internet, and in 2010, those images were viewed over 20 billion times! Aside from providing the quickest and easiest way to share your images, our goal is to also provide as much instant image-gratification as possible. This first annual “best of” list should pretty much sum things up for the year.

We tried to pick images that quickly became popular, generated hundreds of thousands of views, were interesting, and/or somehow changed the Internet as we knew it. Enjoy!


This image, created by Sir Mitchell, was responsible for uniting the Internet together for a cause everyone could agree on. In an effort to give Conan “Coco” O’Brien the same air time that the Tonight Show has had for 60 years, people were setting this image as their Facebook profile pictures, creating desktop backgrounds with it, and overall spreading it around like wildfire.


This is Riley, and it was his birthday! It was also the time he became an Internet sensation. With close to 1 million views, he’s been seen more than most other dogs, AND he got cake. He’s owned by the Redditor moe-jito.


Wasps. Everyone hates them, but at over 750,000 views, it’s clear that everyone likes this image. Be cool, chill out, and enjoy reading it — but watch your back, they’re coming for you…


This image, created by Matt McInerney, is the only image on the list that became extremely popular without the help of Reddit. With over 1,250,000 views and climbing, it gained its popularity from being reposted on Tumblr over and over again.

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This one is without a doubt one of the most controversial images of the year. It was uploaded way back in February, and it still gets asked to be taken down regularly. But since it doesn’t violate the Terms of Service and has over 1.5 million views, it never will be. The MPAA’s not going to be happy with us after this…


This is an incredible image that tells the life story of three women. It’s beautiful and really makes you think. It’s also the second most popular album of all time, with close to half a million views.


This is a really touching commic by Enzo from After only 2 months, its been viewed over 500,000 times, and will probably put tears in your eyes. It even inspired some users of Reddit to fly home to see their old dogs.

“You never think you’re going to miss animals as much as you do. It was just nice having some creature in my life who never disappointed me. Never judged me…Man’s best friend, huh? They got that one right.” -Dr. Kelso from Scrubs.


This isn’t just one image, it’s a set of images from a holiday party. Every year when user everetthiller throws a party, he sends out photos with famous people added to the pictures. This is the most popular album of all time, and accounted for almost 2% of Imgur’s total pageviews for the month of November. People have even contacted me for invitations. Needless to say, this guy can throw one hell of a party.


This image was not only viewed over half a million times, it spawned an entire printing business! Josh from created this shirt for his girlfriend, Danielle. When he showed it to the folks over at Reddit, they fell in love with it (and her). Since then, Josh has been printing shirts, decals, and everything else as his full time job. A few months later, baby Roslyn was born and is doing great.


The #1 image of the year goes to Keanu Reeves. This image became a huge Internet meme after being released, and is one of the most popular images of all time. People were constantly creating and uploading new “Sad Keanu” images, and Imgur saw a huge increase in images uploaded during that time. A simple Google image search for Sad Keanu will bring up hundreds, if not thousands, of Photoshopped images of Keanu. Even Riley, the birthday dog (#9) was seen with him, and it’s all thanks to this image.