40 Sleep Hacks: The Geek’s Guide to Optimizing Sleep

40 Sleep Hacks: The Geek’s Guide to Optimizing Sleep

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Table of contents

Section I: Hacking Sleep Schedules

1. Wake up at the same time every morning
2. Try free-running sleep
3. The 28-hour day
4. Polyphasic sleep
5. Keep a sleep log
6. Give your schedules 10 days to ‘click’
7. Reduce your sleep need

Section II: Diet

8. Eat whole foods, unprocessed foods, and raw foods
9. Eat light in the evening
10. Eat a small pre-bedtime snack
11. Drink caffeine in the morning, not at night
12. Eat breakfast
13. Control your cortisol
14. Avoid foods you may be sensitive to
Section III: Napping
15. Master the art of napping
16. Caffeine nap
17. Pzizz your way to sleep
18. Create your own nap mp3

Section IV: Dreaming and Creativity

19. Learn to lucid dream
20. Use lucid dreaming to cultivate peak performance, solve problems, and overcome fears.
21. Explore hypnagogia
22. Keep a dream journal
Section V: Sleep Environment
23. Sleep in complete darkness
24. Sleep in the cold

Section VI: Sleep Gadgets

25. Use noise cancelling headphones
26. Use a bright light alarm
27. Use a sun box
28. The SleepTracker watch
29. Use a sleep mask
30. Use an mp3 alarm clock

Section VII: Psychology

31. Use your brain’s internal alarm clock
32. Set up morning rewards
33. Write down tomorrow’s to-do list
34. Change your attitude toward sleep
35. Train your brain to wake up to alarms
36. Set two alarms
37. Maintain a positive attitude toward life
38. Wake up to euphoric music

Section VIII: Lifestyle

39. Meditate
40. Fall in love