7 Best Android Phones in 2010

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Best Android Phones

Looking for a good Android handset? The mobile market is flooded with Android phones. But getting a really good one is tough. So here is a list of the best android phones in 2010 to help you out.

Android mobile phones

The mobile market is changing and it is changing fast. Every day, you wake up to find a new product on the stands. The coming of the Android phones has taken the smart-phone market to an altogether different level. The Android market is being flooded with loads of products daily. This has increased options for the buyers. However, it has also made purchasing a phone lot more challenging. Choosing the right Android handset for your needs can be nerve-wracking if you have little knowledge about the products.

Tips to Buy an Android Phone

Here is what you need to remember before buying an Android phone.

  • Software version โ€“ Go for higher OS versions. You can get better performance.
  • Processor โ€“ The bigger the better is the formula here. 1 GHz versions are the safest buys.
  • Keyboard โ€“ The more spaced out the keys are, the better will be your ease to handle them.

Take a look at some Android mobile phones of 2010 which have managed to tower over their competitors.

Best Android Phones in 2010

It is not every day that you buy a cell phone. So make a smart choice when you do. Go through this list to pick a product that goes beyond communication or entertainment and becomes a part of your identity. Here are some top Android phones in the market that deliver what they promise.

Google Nexus One

Weighing only 130 gms, this light handset from Google is loaded with Android 2.1 OS and gives iPhone a run for its money.

Top Features: 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 5 megapixel camera, accelerometer, WiFi connectivity, digital compass. It is a 800 X 480 pixel and 3.7 โ€œAMOLED touch screen.



This killer machine provides 4G speed and comes with HD camcorders. If you have a need for speed, this is your thing.

Top Features: Two cameras โ€“ a 1.3 megapixel camera in the front and one 8 megapixel camera at the back; 4.3 โ€œtouch screen, 4G network and WiFi internet support.


HTC Wildfire

This slim and pocket-friendly baby from HTC is a terrific solution for those who love social networking on mobile.

Top Features: Android 2.1 OS, 118 gms weight, 240 X 320 QVGA display, 3.2โ€ touch screen, 3G and WiFi internet support and 5 megapixel camera.


Samsung Galaxy i9000

The sleek Samsung mobile is sure to blow you over with its looks and performance.

Top Features: Android 2.1 OS, 4โ€ WVGA display, 1 GHz processor, Bluetooth support, two cameras โ€“ a VGA camera in the front and a 5MP camera at the back, WiFi connectivity and 2.5G network.


Sony Erricson Xperia X10

This high-end smartphone from Sony comes with an elegant design and cool interface.

Top Features: 4โ€ capacitive touchscreen, LED flash enabled 8.1 MP camera, 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, Android OS 1.6; 2G, 3G and WiFi internet support.


Motorola Backflip

This exquisite Motorola model is a winner from the word โ€˜goโ€™. With a large screen and an evenly spaced out keyboard folded beneath, this is a phone for every Android lover.

Top Features: 1.3โ€ touchscreen, 320 X 480 pixel display; WiFi and GPS support, 528 Mhz processor, Bluetooth 2.0 and QWERTY keyboard.


Motorola Droid

The most popular Android handset in the U.S, it is creating waves in the cell phone market.

Top Features: 3.7โ€ WVGA touch screen, 480 X 854 pixel resolution, 169 gms weight, Android 2.0 OS, QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth, WiFi internet support.


These are some of the best Android phones in 2010. Make a smart choice and stun friends and colleagues with a cool Android product in your palm.

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